Our Favorite Styles for Swim in 2023

Our Favorite Styles for Swim in 2023 by Brooklyn Cloth

Our Favorite Styles for Swim in 2023

The #BKfam is ready for spring/summer 2023! Are you ready to put away your heavy winter clothes and change into your lightweight and bright summer attire? We sure are ready to showcase our best-selling summer swimwear trunks this upcoming hot weather. We here at Brooklyn Cloth, offer the best swim trunks that you can spend your whole summer wearing - and not just in the water. 

With our 100% polyester swim trunks, the sun or pool chemicals do no damage to our swim shorts. Our swim trunks are a staple piece here at Brooklyn Cloth. Our stylish and trendy swim trunks are comfortable to swim in and best of all; affordable. 


How Men’s Swimwear Attire First Started 

From tank suits to boxer trunks to surfboard shorts to sunga suits and to even Speedos, men’s swimwear apparel has been evolving for many decades now. Each year is a new trend, and the swimwear industry also likes to keep up with trends. The most common fabric blends for men’s swimwear are known to be polyester, spandex and nylon. But polyester has become a very popular fabric choice for men’s swim shorts.

Not only is polyester known to be strong and have excellent resilience, but it is also known to be fast drying. Meaning your swim trunks will dry fast once you come out of the water so you will not have to wait that long to be completely dry. Of course, fast drying is important for swimwear, especially for men’s swimwear. That is why here, at Brooklyn Cloth, most of our men’s swimwear is 100% polyester.


The Best Ways to Keep Your Swimwear in Good Condition

How many years have your swim trunks lasted you? About one to two months or more? Finding just the right swim trunks is hard now a days because swimwear fabrics face a lot of discoloration from pool chemicals, the beach, the sun, the washer, etc. Especially for men’s swimwear as they are constantly under water.

It is always best to wash your swimwear after each and every use and hang them to let them air-dry. That is why here at Brooklyn Cloth, we offer the best quality fabrics especially with our swimwear collection. We care about our products and make sure our products have a long life span. We offer sizes from small to extra-large. Our swimwear collection is made of 100% polyester that will let you swim freely.


Our Favorite Swim Trunks Available

We have in stock online several swim trunks available for your already-planned beach getaway! Our swim trunks are available in many colors and best of all they have an elastic waistband for comfort. These swim trunk styles are easy to style with a regular t-shirt when you are all done swimming. Some of the top 5 best swimwear trunk styles for this summer are:

  1. Bandana Mix 7” Swim Shorts

  2. Floral Swim Shorts

  3. Vertical Stripe Swim Shorts

  4. Color Block Swim Shorts

  5. Retro Stripe Swim Shorts


Bandana Mix 7” Swim Shorts

Red Bandana Mix Print 7" Swim Short by Brooklyn Cloth

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, our bandana 7” swim shorts are very trendy and affordable. The white drawstring makes it adjustable to your waist needs. Our bandana mixed print swim shorts are one of a kind, you do not see this design in other retail stores, especially not online. The bandana mixed print is what makes it stand out from a regular swimwear trunk.

The colors of dark pink, baby pink, white, and tan all mix well together, and the several bandana prints on the trunks are all look unique. Not only are these swimwear trunks for swimming, but paired with a white or black t-shirt and even white shoes, they can become regular shorts to wear after a good swim or just a stroll on the boardwalk. Throw in a pair of sunglasses and you have the perfect outfit for the hot summer months.

Our bandana mix 7” swim shorts come in the following colors: 

  • Red

  • Light Blue


Light Orange Floral Swim

Light Orange Floral Swim Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

Floral prints are making a comeback this summer, and what’s better than a hibiscus floral print? These swim shorts are perfect for a summer in Hawaii or just about anywhere where the sun hits. Our hibiscus floral print design is very detailed and original. Our white drawstrings fit well and make it very comfortable to wear during the heat of summer.

You cannot go wrong with a floral print this summer. This summer floral is making its way back into style! Did you know the hibiscus flowers symbolizes happiness and good luck? Paired with a white or even tan t-shirt and some blue sunglasses; you might just have the luckiest summer of all time.

Our light orange floral print swim shorts come in the following colors:

  • Light Orange

  • Lavender

Vertical Stripe Swim Shorts

7" Vertical Stripe Swim Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

Don’t want colorful swim trunks and want to keep it simple? You can’t go wrong with a traditional stripe pattern! Our vertical swim shorts are a staple piece to our swimwear collection. Having a traditional stripe pattern swim trunk is a must to have in your closet this summer. Not only is this easy to style, but vertical stripes will make you look taller! 

There is just something about a vertical stripe pattern that gives that feeling that you can either dress them up or down. You can have fun with the colors available in stock, as the colors of the stripes swim trunks will stand out from the rest. Paired with a lightweight and light-toned t-shirt or even tank and your favorite go-to summer sneakers or even sandals, it can become a relaxed and laid-back look after a long day at the beach or pool.

Our vertical stripe swim shorts come in the following colors:

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Dusty Blue


Color Block Swim Shorts 

 Dusty Rose Color Block Swim Shorts by Brooklyn ClothDusty Rose Color Block Swim Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

Looks like color blocking will still be in style for summer 2023! It’s expected to be very popular this year. This bold fashion trend of mixing colors with bright and dark hues has been in since 2020 and is here to stay.

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, color block is known to be our specialty. Our elastic waistband makes these swim trunks comfortable to wear just about anywhere, not just in the pool. Enjoy our four neutral colored swim trunks this summer! Paired with one of our signature color block t-shirts, you’ll have a matching set ready for the beach.

Our color block swim shorts come in the following colors:

  • Dusty Blue

  • Hunter Green


Retro Stripe Swim Shorts

Green Retro Stripe Swim Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth 

Who said retro is out of style? Retro will always be in style at Brooklyn Cloth! Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we offer our famous and best-selling retro stripe swim shorts currently available online. In order to be considered retro, we designed out retro swim shorts with narrow yellow and red vertical lines as well as thick blue and green vertical lines. Our elastic waistband also includes and continues these colors up to the waistline, while our waistband ties are fully black.

What better way to start the summer than with retro swim shorts? Our retro stripe swim shorts are perfect for a relaxed and chill day by the pool or even for a waterpark adventure. Styled with a black or white t-shirt, it can easily become a go to outfit for you this summer. Great way to start the summer with some retro swim shorts!


Add Some Brooklyn Cloth Swim Trunks into Your Closet This Summer

Which swim trunks did you like the best? Are you going with floral print this summer since it is making a comeback or are you keeping it simple with our color block swim trunks this summer? Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we make sure we offer the best quality products to last you a lifetime. With our 100% polyester fabric, our men’s swimwear will keep you protected all summer long. No need to worry about wear and tear or any sun damage. We care about our products as much as we care about you.

Our 5 top favorite styles for this summer are available online and are ready to be shipped. Our swim trunks are available in many colors and sizes and best of all they have an elastic waistband for comfort. These swimwear trunk styles are very easy to style with either a regular simple white or black t-shirt. Add some sneakers and sunglasses in, and you’ll have the perfect outfit to wear as you take a stroll on the boardwalk this summer. 

Want to be featured on our social media? Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we love to see how you style your swim trunks from us this summer. Post your favorite pair of swim trunks by the pool, at the beach, the boardwalk or even in the comfort of your own home and make sure to tag us at @brooklyncloth and use the #BKfam hashtag to be featured on all of our social media!

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