Paisley (Bandana Print) Is Still A Fall Trend

Paisley Print Fall Trends By Brooklyn Cloth


Electric Blue Paisley Print from Brooklyn Cloth

Paisley (Bandana Print) Is Still A Fall Trend

Paisley, also referred to as bandana print, was extremely popular during the summer months this past year. We saw this print on tons of different styles of shirts, jackets, pants, and even sneakers.


As we transition into the fall and the winter months, we do not want to say goodbye to this paisley print just yet. Paisley is definitely still going to be a popular trend during these upcoming fall and winter seasons.


For many years, we only saw Paisley print really on bandanas that we would wear on our heads, our necks, or tied around arms or legs during themed parties or Halloween. However, this past season this print became so popular that it was hard to find a shirt that didn’t have this pattern!


The History of Paisley


If you’re not familiar with Paisley or, as some call it, bandana print, it is an “ornamental design with curved teardrop shapes.” It was originally introduced in Islamic culture in south Asia. It then spread to the rest of the world.


This design was originally used as the focal design in the headgear of Iranian kings. This design signifies real sovereignty and nobility. This symbolic pattern is often incorporated into Iranian wedding attire in silver and gold threads.


In the mid-18th century during Napoleon's expedition tour to Egypt, he brought a cashmere shawl with this paisley pattern to France as a souvenir; it then spread through Europe and became extremely popular. In Britain, this pattern is represented in Celtic arts. This pattern earned its name because of where it was produced in Paisley, Scotland. There were 6,000 Weavers creating these shawls.


This design is a very high-class piece of clothing to wear. However, during the industrial revolution in Europe, the shawls were then manufactured at extremely fast rates which made them lose their high-class status as they became popular within the middle class.


This print then traveled west and was used on bandanas for cowboys and bikers. It was then adopted by the hippie era and was a signature piece during the rock ‘n’ roll era. It was extremely popular because The Beatles influenced this pattern as well.


Paisley Today


Paisley Print by Brooklyn Cloth


When traveling to different states or events we seem to dress certain ways because of the vibe society has given to each location. For example, New York City gives off an edgy vibe. In California, we get a beachy vibe. In Nashville, home of country music, we tend to see more prints and flannels because people like to adapt to the culture of the city. Nashville is a perfect place to wear this paisley print. We also tend to see this paisley print worn to country music concerts no matter where they are located.


Even in the television show “Nashville,” the main stars, Juliette, Rayna and Jessie, have been styled in this iconic print throughout the seasons. Even though it started off only seen on extremely high-class pieces, this print is now seen in so many different styles, both formal and informal.


Our Bandana Styles


We here at Brooklyn Cloth have so many different styles of Paisley that we want to share with all of you for all ages. Paisley print is a gender-neutral print that we offer for all men, women, and kids. We want our entire Brooklyn Cloth family to be rocking this print all year around. Even though it was such a hit this past summer, we want to continue seeing everybody wearing it. By wearing it all year, it will help to remind us of the sunny days during the summertime as the weather gets colder.


This print was originally a popular trend in the ‘70s. However, this past summer it was the top print overall and it’s search percent increased by 121%. Not only have we been seeing people actually wear bandanas as shirts and on their hands, but we have seen this print being incorporated in so many different styles. We have seen this print on patches sewed onto jeans, on blazers, skirts, and even sandals.


This past Halloween, one of the most popular costumes we saw all over social media platforms were ‘70s disco dancers. The dresses that these individuals were wearing to portray this costume also featured the paisley print. Even though all of these dresses were bright color choices, the design of them still represented this popular pattern.


We want to share with you some of our favorite styles of bandana prints that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth.


Let's start with our shorts. We offer our bandana shorts in so many different colors for our #BKFAM to choose from. These men’s knit shorts can be worn to really any event. They have “forever young” embroidered on the left leg of the shorts along with the paisley style print all over the shorts.


Bandana Print Matching Sets


These Sand Forever Young Bandana Shorts are offered in black, dusty rose, navy, red, sand, and white. These trendy shorts can be made into a matching set, which we will get to. You can also wear them with a simple top if you really want to show off the detail of the print on the pants. Even though the winter months are approaching, you can still rock the shorts while just lounging around the house or while hitting the gym. Even though the weather is changing to much colder temperatures, shorts will definitely still come in handy this upcoming season.


Paisley for Kids


For our younger kids, we offer our all over bandana print joggers. These joggers will definitely put your younger kids right into this popular trend. These All Over bandana print joggers are super trendy and your child will definitely be the most stylish in their class.


We offer these All Over bandana print joggers in black, red, sand, and white for them to choose from.


Your younger kids will definitely want to match their older siblings or even you, while they see you all rocking these clothes, so definitely let them join the paisley trend with these joggers.


If you want to rock your Forever Young bandana shorts as a matching set, feel free to check out our black Forever Young men’s bandana hoodie. You may not be too keen on matching sets but trust us here at Brooklyn Cloth, we adore our matching sets and they are extremely popular in society. While walking down the street in your matching set, everybody will definitely be complimenting your fit.


If you don’t love the whole idea of a matching set, feel free to get both pieces and wear them separately to really show them both off. We also offered this print in a T-shirt form. Our dusty rose and black bandana short sleeve T-shirt is definitely what you need to wear under your jackets this season. If you have a simple jacket and really want to spice up your outfit, this print is the way to do so. Not only will you look dashing in this outfit, but you will be right on trend as well.


Paisley in Denim


Denim jackets are always a hit no matter what season it is. We have combined the trend of denim jackets and the popular trend of this paisley design and created our black Forever Young Bandana Denim Jacket. This design is absolutely unique, and we guarantee that you will love it. This jacket can be worn with so many different outfits whether you want to be comfortable and casual and pair it with a pair of comfortable knit joggers or you want to spice it up a bit and wear it with a pair of black jeans and combat boots. A chic and “punkish” look will definitely be pulled off if you wear this jacket.


We have been able to see and recognize that this trend has definitely evolved over the years since it first debuted in Iran and Scotland. Fashion is a never-ending cycle, things come and go often. Trends and patterns evolve heavily throughout their time in society.


As we can see, this paisley print started off being worn by high-class royalty; it is now being worn on casual and comfortable clothes such as joggers and hoodies. Although we are still seeing this pattern on skirts and dresses, the fact that it can be worn on hoodies and joggers, the most comfortable clothes you can own in your wardrobe, just shows you how trendy and popular these types of clothing have become in society.


This print still represents royalty and longevity though. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you feel like a king or queen while wearing your matching bandana set.


Styling your Paisley


Dusty Rose Paisley Print by Brooklyn Cloth


All of our clothes, especially our hoodies and joggers are very gender-neutral pieces. Therefore, these bandana sets and T-shirts can be worn by everyone and anyone. Even though they’re labeled in the men’s category, we suggest that everyone tries them because we guarantee that they will be a fan favorite. All of us here Brooklyn Cloth adore our bandana print pieces.


If I could wear the matching set every single day, I would. Not only is it comfortable but it is extremely trendy and I love styling it with different pieces to change up the look every time I wear it. If you have your matching set, feel free to wear your favorite pair of sneakers with it and throw on a vest if it is a little chilly for just a hoodie. Adding outerwear to any outfit is always a good idea to give it a little extra bit of style.


Although we encourage you to always wear matching sets because of how much we love them and feel that you will love them too, if you really don’t want to wear too much of one print we totally understand and have some other options for you.


First, we recommend you pick which piece you would like to style. If you want to style the hoodie we recommend pairing it with a pair of solid color bottoms, either shorts or joggers. We recommend them being a solid color so that the print of the hoodie really sticks out and the pants don’t clash with it. You could finish off this look with your favorite pair of sneakers to keep the streetwear look in full effect.


Color also matters, especially with this print. If you are wearing this print and a black or a dark shade of blue or gray, we recommend sticking with the edgy look when styling it. However, if you choose a dusty rose or our bright red color for this pattern, we recommend wearing a cheerful outfit full of color and softer pieces.


New York is often associated with an edgy chic vibe when described by either natives or outsiders looking in at New York style. As New Yorkers ourselves, we are all here for that and agree with that description.


Most of our closets are full of dark colors because that is just how society often dresses daily in this area. However, in other states and cities you may find the individuals living there dressing completely different.


However, one of the best things about New York City is that you can wear whatever you want whenever you want, and nobody will even look twice while passing you walking down the street.


We recommend and encourage our Brooklyn Cloth family to go against the stigmas associated with each city if you do not agree with them and wear whatever you want to express yourself in whichever way you feel.


We hope that this guide and information about the history of paisley has encouraged you to purchase some of your own paisley pieces yourself. We here at Brooklyn Cloth absolutely adore this paisley print and we can’t wait to see what you wear with it and how you style it to make it your own.

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