Our Top Sherpa Styles: When to Wear and How to Style!

Our Top Sherpa Styles: When to Wear and How to Style! by Brooklyn Cloth

Hey #BKfam! We’re here to keep you up to date on this winter’s trends. Good news. Cozy Sherpa is STILL in!

Pandemic trends are here to stay. Even though some of us are returning to the office or embracing outdoor festivities, being comfortable is still a priority.

More and more people are realizing the comfort in fashion is something they do not want to let go of. There are so many different ways to stay comfortable and on top of this season’s hottest trends. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we love our Sherpa.


What is Sherpa?

Sherpa Lined Jacket by Brooklyn Cloth

You may be asking yourself “what is Sherpa?” Think about wearing the softest teddy bear you could imagine, but in clothing form. That’s basically what wearing a Sherpa feels like!

Sherpa is a knit fabric that is used for many things, even aside from clothing. It is known for its soft and luxurious texture. When looking at and touching Sherpa, it resembles wool and sheepskin because of how soft it is. The best part about Sherpa as a fabric, is that it is an eco-friendly alternative to fleece!

Not only will you be wearing the comfiest clothes, but you will know that you are helping the environment by staying away from fleece. Sherpa is perfect for this winter because it will keep you warm and trendy. Sherpa has been around for a while and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon!


Why Sherpa?

Sherpa is a closet essential. One reason you need Sherpa in your closet is because it will be the comfiest and warmest thing you own.

Whether you’re staying in watching Christmas movies with your hot chocolate or going out to run errands and hang out with friends, you’re going to want to bring your Sherpa with you.

One of the best qualities of Sherpa is its insulation. It is excellent at retaining warmth and preserving heat. This is because of the two sides of the fabric. One side is smooth, while the other is the furry lining creating strong insulation.

Another huge reason that Sherpa is in right now is because of the desirable oversized look. Adding Sherpa to any item of clothing automatically obtains that look while still being presentable.

Another reason why you should pick Sherpa is because no animals need to be hurt to achieve this fur-like look.


How to Style Sherpa 

Sherpa Lined Jacket by Brooklyn Cloth


Styling your Sherpa can be so much fun. Sherpa can be found in and on so many different pieces of clothing when you least expect it. When it comes to styling your Sherpa, have some fun with it and let your personality show.

Below are four different Brooklyn Cloth products that incorporate Sherpa. They come in a few different color ways, providing versatility.

These are some of our favorites and we’re here to tell you what you can do with them!


Our Top Sherpa Picks


Sherpa Denim Jacket

We love Sherpa in jacket form.

In most cases, the Sherpa is located on the inside of the jacket to provide you with that instant warmth and insulation. Sometimes, you will see the Sherpa on the outside as well to give you that teddy bear/cozy look.

When Sherpa is on the outside, it is less about the comfort and more about the look. Often times, denim jackets are the jackets you will see with Sherpa in them.

Here at Brooklyn cloth, we have you covered.

The Dark Denim Sherpa Jacket and the Light Wash Denim Sherpa Jacket are the perfect combination of sleek and comfort.

The Medium Wash Denim Sherpa Jacket is a wash that is in between the dark denim and light wash, providing you with more of a variety. The denim on the jacket gives you the versatility to dress up this outfit.

To finish this look, you can pair this with denim jeans. If you are one of those people that do not believe denim on denim works, it is OK. You can also pair this jacket with joggers or sweats depending on the occasion.

This is the perfect sherpa outfit for a regular fall/ winter day. Your warmth will be ensured from the second you put this jacket on.


Sherpa and Corduroy

Sherpa lined jacket by Brooklyn Cloth

Corduroy meets Sherpa in our Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jacket.

At Brooklyn Cloth, corduroy is one of our favorite fabrics to match with our Sherpa. Corduroy is a ridged cotton fabric that gives the garment a fuzzy feel that is perfect for the Fall and Winter. Not only is there Sherpa on the inside of the Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jacket, but there is Sherpa on the collar as well for a fun finish.

Corduroy does a fantastic job of pulling together an outfit that was missing something before.

This jacket can be paired with one of our graphic tees and a pair of joggers and you’re ready to go! Joggers that would match our Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jacket are our Tobacco Stretch Ripstop Double Knee Cargo Jogger.

This has to be the most durable outfit you will own between our joggers and our Sherpa. Our ripstop joggers take on the utility trend that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping, and the double knee addition to the jogger adds more strength as well. Joggers that cannot rip, paired with a jacket that will not fail to keep you warm… there’s nothing more enticing.


Sherpa Zip Up Jackets

Sherpa is all you need!

After addressing Sherpa paired with denim and corduroy, it’s time to talk about a strictly Sherpa jacket. At Brooklyn Cloth, we offer the Original Garment Sherpa Jacket in a few different color ways.

The original Garment Sherpa Jacket comes in ivory, navy, camo, and leopard. If you consider yourself as more minimalistic, the ivory and navy are perfect. If you want to have some fun with your Sherpa, the leopard and camo jackets are a great option.

For cold winter nights, this jacket is a perfect layering piece. You can wear a shirt underneath and a big jacket over it. The Sherpa in this jacket is perfect for remaining close to your body to provide you with that insulation of heat.

This jacket is perfect for outdoor activities because of the intimate fit of the jacket. Something to add on to this outfit could be some joggers and a beanie to top off the outfit!

With the Camo and Leopard patterns, a solid color for the pants would work well to create contrast between the pattern and solid color. With the solid colors, any bright color can enhance this outfit. You can even do patterned joggers to add some fun to your outfit. The flexibility of this outfit is endless.


Sherpa Lined Joggers

Sherpa inside your pants! What’s better?

The answer is nothing. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we take pride in our joggers and make them to suit our customers in the best ways possible. Aside from how durable, and comfortable these joggers are, they now have Sherpa in them as well.  The joggers look like normal joggers, and the surprise is inside.

Our Heather Grey Go Outside Sherpa Lined Jogger is the perfect way to upgrade your wardrobe. If you are someone who lives in your joggers like the rest of us, Sherpa in your joggers is the perfect add on.

The grey joggers have embroidery near the left pocket providing the joggers with a pop of color. For these joggers, we have them paired with a fun, grey, orange, and blue, color-block hoodie to bring out the orange on the joggers. These joggers are chic, comfy, and fun.

Another way you can wear these joggers is paired with our Dark Denim Sherpa Jacket. An additional pair of joggers that have Sherpa lining are our Black Camo Sherpa Lined Joggers that come in two color ways. One being black camo and the other being regular camo. These joggers will have you fooled. You almost think there is no way that Sherpa is in them. The slimming fit that the joggers provide make the sherpa unnoticeable.

The camo provides a fun pattern that goes perfect with solid tones and layering pieces. They can be paired with a graphic tee, a hoodie, and even our Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jacket with more Sherpa. There’s no such thing as wearing too much Sherpa!


5 Fun Facts About Sherpa

  1. Where does the word Sherpa come from?

The word “Sherpa” originated from the Sherpa people of Nepal. Sherpa fabric resembles the wool-lined clothing worn by the tribe.

However, it is different than what the Sherpa people wear. It is made of pure cotton, a synthetic fiber like polyester, or a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers. The word Sherpa has evolved and now in the garment industry refers to a lining that is large and fuzzy with a soft and bumpy texture.


  1. Sherpa gets rid of moisture

Due to the high amount of cotton in Sherpa, it actually wicks away moisture even though it provides insulation and warmth. It is a quick-drying material, making this a perfect material for people of all ages.


  1. Sherpa is more light-weight than fleece

Sherpa comes across as a material that is heavy because of the fabric and warmth it gives off, but it is actually light-weight making it a more desirable and versatile material.  


  1. Sherpa lining is warmer than Fleece

Sherpa lining is seen to be the warmest option available when it comes to the comparison of Sherpa and all the different types of fleece.


  1. Sherpa is NOT made from wool

Sherpa appears to be made from wool. However, it is not. Sherpa is made from cotton or polyester fabric. The side of Sherpa that is textured is intended to make it look like fleece from sheep. Sherpa is perfect because it looks like it is made from animals without actually being with animal products. It is a win-win situation.

No matter what you are doing this winter, Sherpa is the perfect way to stay warm and stylish.

From the ski lodge to the slopes, to school and work, Sherpa is an essential for the upcoming season.

Not only is it eco-friendly and sustainable, it is super affordable, not to mention absolutely adorable.

Sherpa is such a versatile wardrobe essential that will upgrade every outfit while providing you with the most comfort. Sherpa is not only versatile because of the different qualities it has, but it is also versatile in the type of end uses you will see Sherpa in.

Whether it's in your favorite blanket, sweatshirt, jacket, or joggers, the Sherpa will never disappoint.


Sherpa Gift Guide 

Men and Women's Sherpa by Brooklyn Cloth


Picture this: You’re snuggling up during the holiday season, snow on the ground, while jamming out to your top 10 favorite holiday songs on repeat, life is good. What do you see yourself wearing? 

This image in your head is actually right around the corner and will be here before you know it. Any Sherpa clothing is the perfect gift for your son, daughter, mother, father and even grandparents.

Opening boxes of Sherpa clothing on Christmas morning or the first night of Hanukkah is sure to be a hit!

Imagine opening up a teddy bear, but in this case, you can wear it and look your best at the same time!

Brooklyn Cloth is here for all of your holiday shopping needs. For your significant other the Original Garment Navy Zip up Jacket is perfect. This comfy yet cute jacket is the perfect jacket to have a #twinning moment with that special someone.

This jacket is a perfect gift for your parents as well, to make sure they’re comfortable and warm this winter! This jacket looks great on both men and women. When thinking about shopping for your brothers or sisters, the perfect Sherpa present is the Sherpa Lined Joggers.,

These joggers will definitely be put to good use, so you won’t have to worry about that! Anything Sherpa this holiday season will have your loved ones smiling. The holiday season is meant to create memories you will hold on to forever and we’re here to help.

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