Picking the Right Pants for Any Occasion

Picking the Right Pants for Any Occasion

Picking the Right Pants for Any Occasion 

 Discover your Perfect summer pants, a style guide for every occasion with Brooklyn Cloth!


What’s up #BKfam! Summer is here, and the city is buzzing with excitement. The sun-kissed streets are filled with laughter and adventure, as everyone embraces the season of fun. Weekends are packed with plans to hit the beaches, rooftop parties, and music festivals, while weekdays are reserved for happy hours and catching up with friends at the trendiest spots in town. But amidst all the excitement, do you ever find yourself staring at your closet, wondering what to wear?


Fear not, because today, we're here to be your style saviors, guiding you on the perfect pants to rock for every occasion. Brooklyn Cloth has got your back, or rather, your legs! So, let's discover the ideal pants for every adventure that awaits you this summer.


Our 4 Go-To Pants Styles and When to Wear Them


  1. Carpenter Pants and Utility Pants
  2. Chinos
  3. Corduroys
  4. Stretch Pants


  1. Carpenter Pants or Utility Pants - Errand Day Essentials: 

Got a busy day of running errands ahead? Carpenter pants and utility pants are your ultimate go-tos! With their multiple pockets designed for practicality, you can stash all your essentials – keys, wallet, phone, and more – without the need for a bulky bag. Stay organized while conquering your to-do list in style. Need to pick up groceries, drop off dry cleaning, and visit the post office? Carpenter pants and utility pants have got your back with their rugged charm and ample storage capacity!


Carpenter pants and utility pants are all about practicality, and our Utility Canvas Carpenter Pant takes it to the next level. Crafted from sturdy and long-lasting materials, these pants are ready to withstand whatever challenges you encounter during your errand escapades.


From spacious front and back pockets to utility pockets with secure closures, you'll have plenty of room to carry all your errand essentials. Keep your hands free as you slip your grocery list into one pocket and your phone, wallet, and keys into the others, making your errand-running experience smooth and efficient.


Also, who said practicality can't be stylish? Our Utility Canvas Carpenter Pant effortlessly blends comfort and style. The relaxed fit ensures ease of movement, allowing you to navigate the city streets with grace. Whether you're hopping on the subway or walking to your destination, these pants will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Plus, the classic khaki color pairs well with any outfit, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.


  1. Chinos - Nailing the Date Night Look:


Ah, the excitement of a date night! To sweep your special someone off their feet, opt for our dashing Chinos. These pants effortlessly elevate your style, making you look put together without appearing too formal. Say hello to Brooklyn Cloth's Drawcord Stretched Twill Chino, your secret weapon for nailing the date night look.


First things first, let's talk about the versatility of these Chinos. The drawcord feature adds a modern twist to the classic chino design. Whether you're aiming for a relaxed, casual vibe or a slightly more polished appearance, these chinos can effortlessly adapt to your style preferences.


One of the best things about the Drawcord Stretched Twill Chino is the perfect balance it strikes between looking put together and feeling relaxed. The tailored silhouette and premium twill fabric exude sophistication, ensuring you're ready to impress your date without feeling overdressed or uncomfortable.


These chinos aren't just reserved for date nights; they are a true multitasker! Take them for a spin on a casual day out with friends or a laid-back weekend getaway. Pair them with a crisp shirt or a trendy tee, and you're good to go for any occasion that comes your way. Dress them up or down – the choice is yours!


New York City Date Night Refs


When it comes to date night in NYC (in your chic chinos), the options are endless. Start your evening by taking her to the newly opened chic and beautifully decorated restaurant “Alligator Pear” in Midtown to experience the charm of New Orleans and the flavors of the South. Alligator Pear, a nickname for the avocado, does indeed serve alligator! The gators are sourced from a local farm in Louisiana. So if you or your date have not tried the “chicken of swaps”, here is the place for you. *Bonus* Science says if you try new things together, you are more likely to bond better and connect to each other on a deeper level.


Afterward, head to "Osamil Upstairs," a snug, stylish bar that serves innovative cocktails. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan's bustling K-Town, which is only a 15-minute walk from Alligator Pear, this hidden gem offers a unique experience with its eclectic menu and trendy decor. The laid-back atmosphere and cozy setting are a perfect match for your Drawcord Stretched Twill Chino, ensuring you both have an unforgettable evening.


  1. Corduroys - Casual and Cool:


When you want to keep things relaxed yet stylish, Corduroys are your go-to choice. These timeless pants have made a comeback, and for good reason! The texture and retro charm of corduroy fabric adds a touch of nostalgia to your look, setting you apart from the ordinary crowd.


With the versatile design of  Brooklyn Cloth's Corduroy Elastic Waist Pant, you can effortlessly dress up or down, making it the ideal choice for a laid-back day date or a night out with friends. Pair them with a simple tee for a casual look or dress them up with a button-down shirt for a touch of sophistication – the choice is yours!


In your Corduroy Elastic Waist Pant, you'll be fully prepared for fun and comfort. The corduroy fabric provides a cozy feel, while the elastic waistband ensures you stay at ease, even during the most intense arcade battles.


So, gentlemen, say hello to the relaxed charm of Brooklyn Cloth's Corduroy Elastic Waist Pant. Head over to Brooklyn Cloth and add these vintage-inspired darlings to your wardrobe. Embrace the laid-back vibes, create memorable moments with your date, and let the corduroys take your style to new heights on your chill day out!


Brooklyn Botanic Garden for a Casual Corduroy Stroll


Okay we got the fit covered, let’s see the date spots! Take your date to the "Brooklyn Botanic Garden'' for a leisurely stroll amidst nature's beauty. One of Brooklyn’s gems! After your stroll at the garden, why not add a twist of nostalgia to your day date? Head over to the "Williamsburg Barcade," a cozy and retro-inspired bar that combines the best of both worlds – craft beer and classic arcade games. Challenge your date to a game of Pac-Man or Donkey Kong, and let the good times roll!


  1. Stretch Pants - Ultimate Work-from-Home Comfort:


Who said style and comfort are mutually exclusive? Brooklyn Cloth's Stretch Pants defy that notion. Whether you're attending virtual meetings, responding to emails, or buckling down on deadlines, these pants keep you cozy without sacrificing style. The comfortable elastic waistbands and adjustable drawcord detail ensure a snug fit, making them your ideal work-from-home companions.


Brooklyn Cloth's Stretch Pants are designed with flexibility and ease in mind. The four-way stretch technology allows you to move freely, whether you're reaching for a file, typing away on the keyboard, or simply stretching during a quick break. Say goodbye to rigid and uncomfortable pants, and hello to a new level of comfort and productivity.


Virtual meetings are the new norm, and your appearance matters more than ever. With Brooklyn Cloth's Stretch Pants, you can look polished and put-together on video calls, even if you're seated in your home office. Choose from the variety of styles, such as the Four-Way Stretch Nylon Pant or the Stretch Twill Zip Cargo Pocket Pant, depending on your preference and the level of formality required. These pants effortlessly elevate your work-from-home style game.


Brooklyn Cloth offers a range of Stretch Pants to suit your individual style and needs. If you prefer a cargo-style pant with ample storage, the Four-Way Stretch Cargo Pant is a perfect choice. For a sleeker and more refined look, the Four-Way Stretch Nylon Pant is an excellent option. For stretch pants with no graphic designs, opt for the Stretch Twill Zip Cargo Pocket Pant. No matter your preference, these pants ensure you're dressed for success while working from home.


So, #BKfam, there you have it – Brooklyn Cloth's curated pants collection to elevate your style for every summer occasion. As the city comes alive with the spirit of adventure and endless possibilities, your wardrobe shouldn't hold you back.


From running errands to date nights and everything in between, we've got the ideal pair of pants to suit your unique style and needs. Embrace the charm and practicality of Carpenter pants and utility pants as you tackle your busy days. Look effortlessly suave and sophisticated with our versatile Chinos, perfect for making lasting impressions on your special someone.


For casual days out, let our vintage-inspired Corduroys elevate your coolness quotient. And when it's time to work from home or head to the office, our Stretch Pants have your back, ensuring comfort and style go hand in hand.


So, whether you're exploring the enchanting city streets, savoring delightful cuisine, impressing your date, or conquering your work tasks, our pants collection is here to enhance your experience every step of the way.


Let this summer be a season of unforgettable moments, as you create memories that last a lifetime. From all of us at Brooklyn Cloth, happy styling, #BKfam! See you out there, looking your best and conquering the world, one pair of pants at a time!

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