Repurpose Your Wardrobe into Wow-Worthy Halloween Costumes

Repurpose Your Wardrobe into Wow-Worthy Halloween Costumes by Brooklyn Cloth

Welcome back to school #BKFam! We hope that all of you had an easy and exciting return to your school or campus! For some of you, this may be your first time back on a campus in over a year. You know what that means! Your Halloween costumes have to be extremely clever this year to make your debut back on campus even more extraordinary.

Repurpose Your Wardrobe into Wow-Worthy Halloween Costumes

Halloween will be here before you know it! We have seen all of our favorite stores begin to transition from their summer décor and apparel to fall decorations. At Brooklyn Cloth, we are beginning to do the same. As much as we hate to say goodbye to all of our favorite summer looks, we are so excited to share our fall designs and pieces that we think would be a perfect fit in your closet.


Creating Trendy Halloween Costumes from Your Everyday Clothes


We take pride in our clothing being extremely versatile here at Brooklyn Cloth. We love to share the various ways you can wear all of our clothing pieces, and that goes for Halloween costumes as well as your everyday wardrobe. We have a couple of our pieces in mind that we believe would fit great into some specific costume ideas.


The following examples are just a couple of the costume possibilities that can be created using our pieces. We can't wait to see what you, our creative #bkfam, come up with for this Halloween!


Our 8 Top Halloween Costume Ideas 

  1. Crayon

  2. Marble Statue

  3. ‘80s Baby

  4. Hiker

  5. Hippie

  6. Soldier 


Crayon Costume by Brooklyn Cloth


 1. Easy Crayon Halloween Costume


Another costume idea we came up with for incorporating our clothing into your Halloween costume is a Crayola crayon. You can dress up as a colorful crayon two different ways using our pieces. The first look requires your favorite pair of pop-colored joggers or our 2.0 sweatpants. Both of these sweatpants come in a variety of colors for you to become your favorite crayon color.


We love our pair of burnt orange 2.0 sweatpants or our dusty blue pop color joggers for women. We suggest finding a top that is the same color as your bottoms so that your whole outfit is a solid color, just like a crayon.


A top that would match our burnt orange sweatpants would be our original garment Brooklyn label tee. To match our dusty blue joggers we suggest our Self Love Circle Embroidered crew neck from our self love set. You can pair this set with a solid color pair of sneakers so that it doesn't take away from the colors of the set.


Marble Costume by Brooklyn Cloth


 2. Marble Statue Costume


How cool would it be to dress like a statue this Halloween? This costume idea is not one that we see too often so why not be original and go for a marble look this spooky season. Not only will our marble collection make for a dope Halloween costume, but you can rock any piece from it all year with various outfits. Marble is a very popular trend right now, so having these pieces, regardless of your Halloween costume, will come in handy.


For a classic statue look, choose from our white marble collection’s shorts, joggers, T-shirts, and hoodies. The pieces that we recommend you have for this look include our white allover marble print tee and either our marble white marble savage joggers or our white marble print fleece shorts, depending on the weather.


Our marble collection also comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from if you do not want to go with the white statue look. We suggest finishing this outfit off with face paint and a solid pair of matching sneakers so that you can move around easily while trick-or-treating, running through a haunted house, or dancing at a costume party.


Hiker Costume by Brooklyn Cloth


3. ‘80s Throwback Costume


Let's bring the ‘80s back this Halloween! The decade was full of bright, comfortable clothing pieces that are still worn today. We are seeing a major comeback from clothing that was worn during that era, including biker shorts and scrunchies. Ladies! If you want to pretend we are right back to the ‘80s feel free to throw on your brightest pair of biker shorts over a leotard or a tank top.


Leg warmers, chunky sneakers, jean jackets, workout suits and a scrunchie really make this costume pop. Ladies often wore their hair in high ponytails or curly with a small section held up by a scrunchie. A great pair of our biker shorts that would fit this costume would be our 5-inch inseam sage biker shorts. Our biker shorts come in various colors and two different lengths, so you can choose the biker shorts that are the best fit for your costume.


‘80s Throwback Costume by Brooklyn Cloth


 4. Hiker Costume for Halloween


A hiker is another simple and easy Halloween costume that can be pulled right from your own closet. We have a bunch of versatile pieces that you can wear to complete this look outdoorsy look. The pieces best suited to this Halloween costume can also be worn during the fall season as well as to any event.


Some pieces of our collections that would be perfect to make up this outfit include our joggers and our sherpas. Some specific pieces of these collections include our tobacco side zipper twill jogger pants and our multi-desert stripe polar fleece shirt. You could also turn to our ripstop joggers and our sherpa cord jackets. These pieces can be paired with a wool hat, some hiking boots, and--for full effect--a walking stick. Halloween aside, think about how cute and trendy these outfits would be for apple picking and pumpkin patchin’ this fall.



Hippie Halloween Costume by Brooklyn Cloth


 5. Hippie Halloween Costume


Dressing up as a hippie is a popular costume choice that we see each year. This fun costume replicates how individuals dressed in the ‘70s. This can be a fun costume to wear for Halloween because of how bright and colorful it is!


Lucky for you, BK fam, we have you covered for this costume with all of our colorful tie-dye options. Some of these pieces include our Tie-Dye Cotton Candy Hoodie and our Multicolor Tie-Dye Hoodie. You should definitely pair these outfits with some accessories like peace-sign necklaces and tattoos, flower headbands, and circle sunglasses.


You can also pair the tie-dye tops with flare jeans, and finish the ensemble with a suede vest and a pair of fringe suede boots. You can also add some boho feathers in your hair or on your jewelry to complete this ‘70s look. Make sure that you throw up those peace signs when you pose for pictures in these outfits. Bonus tip: make Woodstock the location for your Instagram posts.  



Soldier Costume by Brooklyn Cloth


 6. Soldier Costume


Last but not least, another Halloween costume that you can easily achieve with some of our pieces here at Brooklyn Cloth is a soldier. We provide you with so many pieces of clothing that we offer in camo print. Along with our regular camo print in a green shade, we also offer many clothes in black camo print so you have the option of choosing that shade, too. Some of the specific clothing choices that would make this costume come together include our joggers and tops, like the camo Core Fleece Cargo Joggers paired with our Camo Straight Hem Tee. We suggest pairing this outfit with combat boots and a matching camo hat.


Halloween Costume Inspiration


We hope that this guide to incorporating our clothing into your upcoming Halloween costumes inspired you to start thinking about what you want to dress up as for the holiday. Halloween can be a stressful day for some because they have trouble coming up with a fresh Halloween costume idea.


We hope that this guide has given you some new ideas that you haven't seen before with staples from your wardrobe. Although it can be challenging to come up with a Halloween Costume idea, remember to be original for this holiday. We constantly see the same costumes being worn over and over again each year. We want our #BKFAM to be unique and creative while dressing up for Halloween this year.


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