The Top 10 Men’s Shorts Styles You Need Now

The Top 10 Men’s Shorts Styles You Need Now by Brooklyn Cloth

As we all know, shorts are a major staple in men’s wardrobes during the summertime. Many of you likely wear this warm weather essential in the cooler months, too. This means that it is even more important to have a large variety of shorts to choose from, no matter what the weather is outside.

The Top 10 Men’s Shorts Styles You Need Now

Our shorts collection is large, with a variety of different colors, shades, patterns, and designs. Why would you want to have just one type of shorts when you can have a variety of different types to choose from when you get dressed every day?


Our goal here is to provide you with ultimate comfort while looking trendy in your streetwear apparel. Our top 10 pairs of shorts for men include both styles and designs.



Men's shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Our Dopest Men’s Shorts

  • Knit Men's Shorts
  • Heat Seal Zip Pocket Men's Shorts
  • Cargo Men's Shorts
  • Legend Worldwide Men's Shorts
  • French Terry Men's Shorts
  • Space Dye Men's Shorts
  • Drip Happy FaceMen's Shorts
  • Tie-Dye Men's Shorts
  • Fleece Cargo Men's Shorts
  • Slant Zipper Pocket Men's Shorts

Heat Seal Zip Pocket Men’s Shorts


Our men’s heat seal zip pocket shorts are offered in both black and sand. The pockets on these shorts are deep so that none of your belongings will fall out when you are on the move.


They’re also very comfortable shorts that you can wear while just lounging around or playing sports with your friends outside on a hot summer day. These shorts can be paired with any top that you would like. It can be a tee, tank top, windbreaker, or hoodie.


We recommend pairing the sand color shorts with the men’s white legend puff print vertical stripe tee. This trendy tee shirt has the word “legend” printed across the chest of it accompanied by multicolored stripes down the shirt vertically. The sand color within the shirt will match the shorts perfectly.


Fleece Cargo Men’s Shorts


Our fleece cargo men’s shorts are another staple that every guy in the Brooklyn Cloth family needs to have in his wardrobe. Get ready for the list of different patterns and colors that these shorts are offered in. These colors include…



All four of these designs and colors are essential to your closet for the summer season. We suggest pairing any of these shorts with a nicer tee shirt or button-down shirt to wear to a more formal event because of the texture of the shorts.


Although you can work out in these shorts, we recommend wearing them to a more formal event. They would fit the dress code in a better way than other shorts we offer, but you will still have your comfort while wearing them.


The black shorts with a white button-down shirt and a pair of your favorite boat shoes or sneakers would be a great outfit that you can wear to a graduation party or a family barbecue. We guarantee everybody will be asking you where you got your shorts from.


Slant Zipper Pocket Men’s Shorts


Our Slant Zipper pocket men’s shorts also come in a variety of colors and prints for you to choose from. They are extremely similar to our heat seal zip shorts, however the zipper on these shorts is a bit different.


Instead of having the extra fabric around the zipper like the heat seal shorts do, these shorts just have a longer zipper to hold more of your belongings. They come in a few different patterns and colors:



Like all our other shorts, these shorts can be paired with a t-shirt or a tank top depending on the event that you will be attending in this outfit. If you choose to wear our white printed space dye shorts, we have just the perfect shirt for you to wear with them. Our men’s dusty teal all over marble print tee would add a little pop of color to this trendy outfit.


Knit Men’s Shorts


Men's shorts from Brooklyn Cloth



One of the most comfortable pairs of shorts that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth for men would be our knit shorts. The style of these shorts is extremely simple, yet they come in so many different colors that you can add a pop of color to any outfit that you choose to wear them with.


We suggest wearing these bottoms if you choose to just lounge around during your day off or on the weekends. The shorts can be worn while working out, but we think that they are best for a more relaxing experience.


The material makes you want to pair them with a sweatshirt and cozy up while sitting around a bonfire with your friends or family at night during the summertime. One of our favorite hoodies that these shorts can be paired with are our color block hoodies for men. We offer the color block hoodies in a variety of different colors.


Legend Worldwide Men’s Shorts


Another one of our favorite pairs of shorts that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth are our legend worldwide shorts for men.


These unique shorts incorporate specific graphic designs that are custom to Brooklyn Cloth. Our designers are extremely talented and create unbelievably spectacular graphics for you to rock when you are wearing our clothing.


This specific style of shorts comes in two different colors, both black and putty. The designs on the shorts include various sayings and graphics. The putty color is a sand like color that is printed with purple and black writing and graphics all around the shorts. These graphics and words the shorts a little extra pop of color.


The black legend worldwide shorts are obviously a black color and also have purple and white writing all over the shorts that give them a little pop of color. You can make these shorts into a set with the matching hoodies that we offer. They also have designs and graphics all over them which will match the shorts. Be a trendsetter and wear matching sets this summer.


French Terry Men’s Shorts


Our onyx marl French terry shorts are a staple of Brooklyn Cloth’s best sellers. The simple yet comfortable and trendy pair of shorts are just what you need to be your go to pair of shorts this summer.


 We love the elastic waistband and the side pockets of the shorts. We suggest pairing these shorts with a comfortable outfit being that the French Terry material is a very lounging and comfortable choice of fabric to wear.


Because of the simplicity of the shorts, we suggest pairing them with a top that is full of color to add a little brightness to your day when wearing them. If you want to go all in with the pop of color, try our Fiji hoodie that comes in both bright yellow and bright blue.


 If you were going for a more subtle look yet still want a little pop of color, try one of our tie-dye pieces like our men’s multicolor tie-dye hoodie. This tie-dye hoodie is full of soft colors so they won’t be too in-your-face when you are out in public.


Space Dye Men’s Shorts


Also on our list for top 10 men’s summer shorts is our space style print. We offer it on various types of clothing including joggers, hoodies, t-shirts and, of course, our men’s shorts.


Our space dye print can be described as a solid color pair of shorts accompanied by little speckles of a different color printed all over the shorts. Our slant zipper pocket shorts, our zip shorts, and our fleece cargo shorts are all available in this print.


The colors that we offer all these styles include white, gray, and black. Since we also offer these prints in tee shirts, feel free to make a matching set!


Drip Happy Face Men’s Shorts


Another one of our favorites includes our Men’s Drip Happy Face Shorts. This pair of shorts is offered in a white color and is accompanied by graphics around the fabric.


These graphics include a set of three drippy smiley faces on one side of the leg and a larger smiley face on the other. The smiley faces and the other graphics all around the shorts are full of color that will draw anyone’s attention as they pass by. Our creative and talented designers did an excellent job creating this smiley face that actually looks three-dimensional.


If it is a little chilly outside, we recommend making a matching set out of the shorts and accompanying them with our black, Tie Dye Happy Face Hoodie. This tie-dye hoodie is full of neutral colors so it will not be too much by wearing it with the shorts as well.


Men’s Favorite Shorts 

Men's shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


We hope that this list has encouraged you to upgrade your shorts wardrobe. We know that you all love to wear shorts and they are an essential part of your wardrobe, so why not have a wide variety of them to choose from if you are going to get such a great deal of use out of them all throughout the year?


Remember to always add your own spin and style to the outfits that we have created for you. You can use them as guidelines and of course you can rock them exactly how we suggest you wear them but we also will always encourage you, our Brooklyn Cloth family, to put your own style to the trendy outfits that you create. We want to remind you to make them one of a kind and unique to yourself!

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