Selfie Kid x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

Selfie Kid x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

Ryan McKenna, also known as “Selfie Kid,” went viral after taking a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl LII halftime show. He was sitting in a special section of the stadium that was a part of the halftime performance. Ryan was recording a video of JT performing “Can’t Stop the Feeling” when Justin came right over, and they snapped a selfie together! Once he posted the photo online, Ryan said that his social media channels blew up, and he earned the nickname “Selfie Kid.”

Selfie Kid

As Ryan started to meet with more celebrities, Brooklyn Cloth gifted him with some of our favorite pieces to wear at different events. After a few months of wearing our clothing, Ryan decided that he wanted to create some of his own dope pieces with Brooklyn Cloth. He says the reason he chose to work with us is that he’s worn our clothing in the past and loves our cool, laid-back style.  

Selfie Kids Limited Edition Tees


Together we worked to create two tee shirts in black and orange, with Selfie Kid’s logo on the back. We included his phone on the front because he always has it on him — for taking selfies, of course! The side signature is his own to show that this belongs to him and feels as though he signed every tee for his fans. Ryan is so excited for these tees to drop on the website. He can’t wait to show his friends, family, and fans — and we’re pretty excited, too!

Orange Selfie Kid Tee

Even though he’s in high school, Ryan is considered a young social media influencer, thanks to his selfie with Justin Timberlake. His favorite thing about being a social media influencer is traveling for events and walking the red carpet. His favorite selfie will forever be Justin Timberlake, though his selfie with Ariana Grande is a close second.


When Ryan gets to enjoy some downtime, he likes to watch YouTube, play sports and video games while eating sushi! Recently he shared that his current favorite song is “Circled” by Post Malone, and his favorite movie is Instant Family.

He also has some tricks up his sleeve for the next few months that he is so excited to announce.

Click here to check out the Selfie Kid x Brooklyn Cloth limited-edition collaboration, available now.



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