Our Picks for your Fall Wardrobe

Our Picks for your Fall Wardrobe

Fall in New York City is the time to break out those big hoodies and gather around the rooftop bar campfire with your pals. Whenever it reaches 73 degrees or below, who isn’t ready to throw on their fleece joggers and an oversized Sherpa hoodie — sounds delightful, right? Maybe roast some marshmallows while you’re at it! If this sounds like the perfect fall day for you – fleece joggers, a Sherpa hoodie, and golden marshmallows, just keep on reading, friend.

At Brooklyn Cloth, we know our fall lovers can’t wait to switch out their summer wardrobe for some autumn pieces. We believe in creating trendy streetwear and serving up those “Pinterest-IT-Boy” looks.

This fall, we’ve got a Biscuit Sherpa Pullover Hoodie — sounds cozy, right? This pullover will give you that warm and cozy feeling you’re looking for during cuffing season. The biscuit shade of the pullover looks tasty enough to eat, and will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. This modern fit, polyester pullover is accentuated with plush Sherpa on the outside, which makes cuddle weather even more cushy. This piece also has drawstrings and kangaroo pockets, which is a great way to store your graham crackers and chocolate bars to make another s’more – mmm. Pair this pullover with our Exclusive Brooklyn Cloth Marl Beanie to draw more attention to your fashion style.

Biscuit Pullover Hoodies Sherpa


Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. “Brooklyn Cloth, what am I to ever pair this sexy Sherpa pullover with?” Look no further than our Camo Savage Fleece Jogger Pants. Sounds like a killer combination, right? These stylish camouflage joggers will keep you looking fierce on the outside, while your legs are snuggled by the fleece lining on the inside. Remain savage, friend. These joggers are perfect for going to the pumpkin patch in Brooklyn on the weekend and taking Instagram pictures. Details of this staple piece include camo print all over and “Savage” – which you are – on the leg. We’re just trying to help you rep the person you are and let your pals know that you’re the most savage one at the jack o lantern carving contest. These joggers come with two open side pockets, a long heat seal zipper, and an elastic waistband — just in case you had one too many warm apple cider donuts at the farmer’s market. You can also pair these joggers with a simple white tee that reads, “We Was Kids,” throwing it back to your stress-free feels as a kid, which is just how we want you to feel on your nice fall day.


We Was Kids Hoodies



We don’t know about you, but when we think of going through a corn maze, we imagine wearing a nice Sherpa jacket. Maybe a trucker style jacket that is a nice, warm brown color. Luckily, we turned that thought into reality and this fall we have a Tobacco Sherpa Trucker Jacket (no cigarettes are used in the making of this jacket because we believe in pink lungs and fresh air). This relaxed-fit jacket with fuzzy Sherpa all over is a great hoodie to keep you warm while riding on the hayride. Details of this jacket include Sherpa all over – you ask, and we deliver – with polyester lining. Our modern fit trucker jacket includes a relaxed shoulder fit and two nice size pockets to easily fit you and your partner’s hand as you mosey through the corn maze together. Pair this with our Black Moto Twill Joggers with ribbed moto detail.


Tobacco Sherpa Trucker jacket


Jogger Pants

Sorry, what was that? You said you are looking for more pants this fall? Well, you asked for it. How do Tobacco Side Zipper Pocket Twill Jogger Pants sound? Good? Let me tell you more then. The color of these bottoms is suitable for any fall occasion and makes these pants a real statement piece. They may even be a conversation starter. “Hey, rad pants. Can I have your number?” she/he asks while swooning over your stylish pants. Take your new girl/guy out in your new Tobacco Jogger Pants (again, no cigarettes were used in the making of these) and go for a nice walk around Central Park. Go feed the ducks, they may like your new pants too. Details of these pants include a side zipper pocket on one side, as well as an elastic waistband with drawstrings, and elastic ankle cuffs. Pair this with our Forget Me Not Long Sleeve Tee to really accentuate your look and provide a subliminal message to your newfound lover. Sounds pretty dope, if you’re asking us.


Now, when we think of fall, we think of one thing – layering. That word gives us goosebumps. We have various styles of jackets this fall, including our Light Wash Hooded Denim Jacket, which is a great way to complete any look. This light wash denim jacket adds a little something-something to your everyday look (hint, check out the sleeves). The sleeves of this jacket are knit, with the addition of a knit hood. Details of this modern jacket include metal buttons, drawstrings, and two-sided pockets. Pair this jacket with our Oil Slick Print Tee, so that when you’re Black Friday shopping and get a little hot, you can rip off that jacket and still look stylish while shopping for your discounted Keurig.


At Brooklyn Cloth, we believe in delivering you stylish merchandise that will keep you looking rad and feeling fresh all day. Most importantly, we as a brand are just trying to do you one good. We want to provide you with affordable and dope clothing, so that you can be ready for any event, like apple picking on a brisk Sunday afternoon, while you’re sipping on apple cider. Get your denim jacket and joggers out, it’s fall dude.

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