Spring Must Haves

Spring Must Haves

Who’s ready for Springtime? We at Brooklyn Cloth can’t wait for the warmer season to come fast enough! What’s the best part about the warm weather that is soon to arrive? Wearing all the hottest new Spring must haves from Brooklyn Cloth of course!

When does Spring start?

Spring starts (March 19th), but hopefully the groundhog’s prediction is right, and Spring will come even earlier than that. There is so much to enjoy in New York once the weather is nicer out. Going for a stroll to get ice cream at Van Leeuwen’s while wearing a fun neon windbreaker. Or going skating through Williamsburg in a denim jacket with a nice breeze in the air. Taking a date to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx while wearing a pastel outfit is also fun!

Spring is the perfect time to have fun with your wardrobe and to experiment with it. It is very hard to show off your personal style in the winter because you end up covering your outfit with a huge jacket that could pass for a sleeping bag. In the Spring your jacket isn’t your whole outfit, each part of your fit’ can be seen and appreciated! So have fun with your style while enjoying the sunshine that we have all been waiting for.

What is the trend for Spring fashion?

Some trends for Spring fashion this year includes; neon/pastel colors, funky prints and fun graphics. There are so many ways to style these fun trends! For example let’s say you take a fun color blocked t-shirt pair it with mid wash jeans, and some sneakers and then you’re ready to go! Or you can take a denim jacket with a cool print with a plain white t-shirt underneath and some shorts! No matter what your style is there is a Spring trend out there for you.

We would highly recommend pairing any outfit with a pair of classic white sneakers. White sneakers are great to mix and match with almost every outfit. Nike Air force 1’s or a classic pair of Vans are both good options. They are perfect in the Spring to go with all the light colors that you’ll be wearing. Baseball hats and sunglasses are an easy way to dress up any outfit and are also functional.

What colors are being shown more for spring?

Bright colors are definitely making an appearance for the Spring. Pantone’s color of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue. With that being said, there has been different shades of blue popping up on the runways for Spring 2020, specifically cobalt blue. Other colors like neon pink, yellow and lavender have also been shown everywhere. For those who love to wear color, Spring is your time to shine. For those who wear more neutral/dark tones you can stay on trend but still stay true to your style. Some colors you can wear are tan, white and if you want to add some color but not too much then pastel is the way to go.

When should you start thinking about your spring wardrobe?

You should start thinking about your Spring wardrobe by the end of February. With Spring starting the month after that is more than enough time to start brightening up your wardrobe. Whether you are going on a Spring break vacation or just hanging out with friends outside, your new Spring wardrobe should be on your mind! Starting to compile your Spring wardrobe is very exciting because it also starts to set you up for your summer wardrobe! Warmer weather is better weather.

Here are some of our favorite must have spring merchandise:

1. Pop color poly fleece shorts 

These shorts are the perfect piece to have in your new spring wardrobe and the best part is that they are so easy to transition them into the Summer. Just switch a hoodie or long sleeve tee you would wear in the springtime and replace it with a tank or short sleeve. These shorts are comfortable, stylish and perfect for everyday. The colors that are available online are totally on trend and can fit anyone’s aesthetic. How to style Drawstring Shorts for the Spring: Pair these drawstring shorts with a long sleeve tee shirt and a pair of sneakers. Add a pair of sunglasses for an effortless look. Or for the warmer days pair the shorts with a fun graphic short sleeve t-shirt. 

2. Lightweight Jackets/ Windbreakers

Brooklyn Cloth’s windbreakers are an ABSOLUTE staple in a Spring wardrobe. Even though the weather is getting warmer there is still a breeze in the air and there tends to be a lot of rain. Don’t forget, April showers bring May flowers! Swap your thick puffer coat for one of our windbreakers and you’ll be more comfortable in the new weather change. These windbreakers are also great layering pieces. Layering is the way to go for the Spring, considering how unpredictable the weather can be.

How to style Lightweight Jackets/ Windbreakers: You can wear a short sleeve t-shirt underneath with a windbreaker on top. Add some twill joggers and a pair or Vans sneakers. (This way if it gets a little warm you can just take off the windbreaker.) Or if it is going to be a brisker Spring day you can do this. Have your windbreaker be the base and then throw on a classic denim jacket from Brooklyn Cloth. Add a pair of sweats with some Doc Martens and you are ready to go. 

3. Denim Jackets

A denim jacket is by far one of the most versatile pieces someone can have in their wardrobe. You can wear a denim jacket with almost anything! Joggers and a t-shirt? Throw on a denim jacket. A pair of sweats and a flannel? Throw on a denim jacket. Want to do a denim on denim look wi

Brooklyn Cloth’s denim jackets are not like regular denim jackets. We have so much variety no matter what kind of look you are going for. We have all different types of washes, designs and prints. Just like a windbreaker a denim jacket is perfect for the warmer weather. If it’s a little chilly outside you can layer up with one and then take it off once the sun starts shining!

How to style a Denim Jacket: As mentioned, there are so many ways to style a denim jacket. If you want to style it in a way that’s perfect for the Spring this is what you can do. You can take the ombre wash denim jacket and throw it on top of a color blocked tank top. Pair it with some black drawstring shorts plus some white sneakers and you’re set.

4. Swim Trunks 

Are you going on a fun trip for Spring break? Then you need a pair of Brooklyn Cloth’s swim suit bottoms. Look at how fun the colors and patterns are for the Spring! There is no need to wear boring swim suit bottoms to the beach. What you’re wearing should be as fun as the day you’re having.

If you are not going away for Spring break you can still put these swimsuits to good use. Just take a trip to the beach in Coney Island and take a dip or just lay out and tan. Or take a walk down the boardwalk and you can enjoy the warmth that way! That’s the great part about New York, there is something here for everybody.

How to style Bathing Suit Bottoms: Styling these bottoms is super simple. You can just throw on a tank top or a t-shirt and you are ready to get some sun. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!


Here at Brooklyn Cloth we hope you have fun in the sun this Spring in our newest trends!


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