Original Garment by Brooklyn Cloth

Original Garment by Brooklyn Cloth

When we first launched our brand in 2011, our goal was to bring trend fashion to menswear. Our co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Daron Jacob recently shared his vision with WWD, “I’ve always loved the challenge of making things marketable that touch many people, cross different demographics, price points, and distribution channels. Our lives are constantly evolving, and we thought our brand will continue to evolve as well.” We love the idea of continued evolution, and we’re proud to introduce a web-exclusive capsule we call Original Garment by Brooklyn Cloth. 

Original Garment Collection by Brooklyn Cloth  

The idea behind this capsule is to make great staple pieces that fit just right, feel like you’ve had them forever and they’re buttery soft, while also being able to offer it to all of our #BKFAM. Basically, they’re looks to live in.


We’re known for our joggers and we’ve spent years focusing on how we can improve the fit, the length, and how they lay on your waist, hips, and backside — all while keeping it comfortable and on-trend. For this collection, we’re going old school, offering two styles of Original Garment sweatpants. 


But wait, did we just say we’re known for joggers, yet we’re calling these men’s bottom pieces sweatpants? It’s because they are sweatpants with a true definition of what sweatpants are. 


What are Sweatpants? 

Sweatpants are defined as loose, warm bottoms with an elastic waistband and drawstrings, usually worn when exercising or as leisurewear. They are made from a thicker, soft material, such as 100% cotton because it absorbs sweat. Sweatpants were created to induce sweat as you worked out, but now you can wear them as a fashion piece when you’re on the go.


Original Garment Sweatpants

Up first for Original Garment are our grey sweatpants. We chose the color grey because it reminds us of being in middle school and high school, rocking our favorite sweatpants with Vans or the latest Nike kicks. We paid close attention to the details of these men’s grey sweatpants and are proud to include:  


  • Relaxed fit 
  • Hangs on the waist and doesn’t fit too tight or too loose 
  • Width of the pants fits guys that have more muscular legs 
  • The leg opening has comfy elastic ruching that’s not too tight or too loose — it’s exactly what we loved with our old school sweats
  • Side pockets, great for cell phone storage
  • A back pocket that’s not too big
  • The details of the Original Garment logo — subtle, yet visible


The second sweat-pant design is Tie Dye. We’re big fans of the Tie dye Print, and we use it in many of our designs. 

Our graphics designers hand drew these patterns and worked with our mill house to create the fabric. We added a little statement that’s subtle unless you want people to notice it. 

Bleached Tie Dye Dad Sweatpants

Bleached Tie Dye Dad Sweatpants

White Tie Dye Dad Sweatpants




Limited Edition Tees 

As we considered which t-shirts to create, our team discussed what makes us love a tee. What makes it a great tee? Is it the weight of the tee? Some really like light-weight tees, while others prefer a thicker, “more street wear” weight. While we were talking, we noticed that two of our team members were wearing the same exact t-shirt. We found out that they constantly wear this tee shirt style, and even though it’s not too thin or too thick, it’s just the right fit. A little boxier, but still fits any body type. So, we bribed our Marketing VP to give us his tee (he had all the colors), and we worked closely with a mill house to create our very own fabric, made with durable heavy jersey material. We added a drop shoulder for a more relaxed look. That’s how the Original Garment tee was born. 


Just like the very popular Netflix show, “Orange Is the New Black,” we love how this Orange Brooklyn Embroidered tee color makes us feel — happy! The color isn’t too neon or too subdued, which means any skin tone can wear it. We wanted to offer a great pop of color t-shirt that had a subtle logo, and since we’re Brooklyn Cloth, we had to show love for Brooklyn. The orange tee shirt is also a timeless color, so you can wear it year-round. Pair it with comfy shorts or swim trunks during spring and summer, then layer it with a denim or Sherpa jacket with joggers during cooler seasons. That pop of color will make you stand you, in a good way. 



Our Cream tee shirt was a difficult decision — we love the classic white tee, but we wanted to be a little different. The color is just the right shade of cream for all skin tones, where it won’t wash you out if you have a lighter complexion.


Men's Cream Tee Shirt


Brooklyn Cloth Men's Cream Tee


We couldn’t launch a capsule without amazing hoodies. Our Original Garment hoodies come in three different colors. There is the Navy Color blocked hoodie, which is our more basic of the three hoodies. The navy, white, and black color combination makes it a perfect staple piece that pairs with pretty much everything. The camo print color block hoodie with the orange stripe has more of a street wear feel for when you walk out of your apartment. For a walk on the wild side — because we are part of the concrete jungle, after all  — the leopard color blocked hoodie has an elevated, yet fashion-forward feel. You can dress this hoodie up for work or a date night, or keep it casual for school and relaxing around your apartment.


How Do the Hoodies Fit? 

Since we started the line, we were thinking about the fit of the hoodies and how people like to wear them. We noticed that we got the most feedback from customers about the fit and how they like the baggy or oversized look of these hoodies. They have a drop shoulder for a relaxed look, and the body of the hoodie is oversized and longer in length than most. If you want a hoodie with streetwear-inspired vibes, this is it.


Sherpa Jackets 

Even though everyone’s already thinking about the warmer months ahead; in Brooklyn, we’re still wearing jackets, and what better outerwear piece to showcase than Sherpa. It’s such a versatile transitional piece that can take you from cold winter days to cool spring nights. 


White Sherpa Zipup

Made with recycled polyester double-sided shearling fleece, our fabric provides easy-wearing warmth for any cool-weather vibes thanks to a fuzzy, soft to the touch exterior and a smooth (nothing itchy here) interior. 


How Does the Sherpa Jacket Fit? 

The Sherpa jackets fit true to size; they are meant to fit like a North Face jacket. The sleeve cuffs come right to your wrist, and the jacket sits exactly at your waist. To give you a relaxed fit in the shoulders that doesn’t feel heavy when you’re walking, we designed these with a drop shoulder, which is also on trend for 2020.


You can shop our entire Brooklyn Originals collection available now.


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