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As we continue into the new year it’s time to evaluate the idea of sweatshirt styling to merge personal interest along with comfort. In the digital age, we are introduced to a new perspective of what fashion looks like and how to mimic the latest trends. Even when taking a blast from the past to recreate iconic looks, the sweatshirt has always been a timeless piece for everyone. Check out the latest Blog: Sweatshirt Styling Guide . 


The sweatshirt has proven to be a versatile item in our wardrobe and can be styled for loungewear, sportswear, every day, and even for a night out. In 2023, innovative fashion is at its peak, where diversity and change are welcomed, so now is time to decide how you will style your sweatshirts. Brooklyn Cloth has amazing Sherpa hoodies, fleece hoodies, crewnecks, and any more to optimize the shopping experience.


Sweatshirt styling has always been an interesting task, simply because you easily find yourself staring into your closet wondering how you’re going to style your outfit. Especially with the surge of being fashionable coming to light due to social media trends. It’s time to figure out how we style a sweatshirt.


Even Royalty and Celebrities Love a Good Sweatshirt


Mixing royalty with fashion, Princess Diana has still proven to have a huge impact on today’s fashion, with her basic sweatshirts, biker shorts, and sunglasses there has been a full circle moment even if it took a few decades to get there.


Tons of celebrities, influencers, and athletes love incorporating style and comfort when wearing a sweatshirt. Looking at Ariana Grande who brought a lot of attention to her super oversized sweatshirts and boots to have a cute and refreshing look, while also showing her fans that personal style is the most important aspect of fashion!


Choosing and Styling the Perfect Sweatshirt Doesn’t Have to be Difficult.


Sweatshirts come in many different colors, styles, brands, and sizes which can make picking out a simple sweatshirt a very a tiring task. Fashion is playful and shouldn’t become exhausting, so to assist with that struggle of indecisiveness we are going to look straight into our variety of hoodies and sweatshirts that offer different colors, fabrics, and sizes to fit weather conditions, and preference.


We here at Brooklyn Cloth are going to give you unique variations of styling an essential piece of clothing from your closet to elevate it into a new and improved outfit you didn’t even know you had! We are going to deep dive into why our fundamentals are a necessity to our closets along with introducing the background of sweatshirts. These are go-to items for any gender that gives freedom in what you buy and how you wear it.


There’s a purpose for each piece of clothing we have in our closets, it’s the idea of looking for them that can be intimidating, luckily you came to the right place to figure out the most fun and flexible parts of what makes a sweatshirt the most desirable selection you have in your closet right now. Brooklyn Cloth has come to save the day and give you the best options to integrate our sweatshirts and hoodies to the blue jeans and joggers sitting in your closet.


Origin of Crewneck Sweatshirts


            Classic crew neck sweatshirts have become a blueprint in Western fashion that will never be outdated due to its flexible styles, colors, and fabrics and its ability to be worn any time of day all year around. The origin of the sweatshirt came to be from Benjamin Russell who, in 1926, wanted to create a piece of clothing that wasn’t irritating to the skin. Thus came the sweatshirt production in 1930.


The idea of clothing was expanded once sports and fashion were the newest craze and only went up from there. Tired, rugged, and itchy styles were becoming too bothersome to handle which is why the sweatshirt came about to keep those wearing it warm, comfortable, and soothed.


Sweatshirts were known for its variety to assist those wearing them. These included keeping warm, soft cotton material, and absorbing sweat especially since the sweatshirt originated as athletic wear. The invention was a perfect contribution used to this day and has not gone out of style, but instead has been developed and raised throughout the decades. Truthfully a timeless article of clothing.


Following the development of a plain sweatshirt, came plain sweatpants that completed the set for athletes to wear. The potential led to advertisements of schools and brands to enhance the use of sweatshirts.


Brooklyn Cloth is a part of that elevation and includes many different styles and colors of the sweatshirt like our Stripe Sherpa Quarter Zip. This style has a classic hood, along with a mid-way zipper that makes taking it off and putting it on less of a hassle. 


Why Crewnecks Never Go Out of Style


            Comfort, style, and versatility are the main things we all look for when deciding on clothes to buy as the seasons change. The basics are all necessary to building your closet! Blue jeans, turtlenecks, and of course crewnecks!


We have seen that layering is the trend that never lost its touch in the fashion industry, it’s all about elevating your style in innovative ways. So why do crewnecks stay in style?


Whether you like oversized crewnecks or the styles that fit just right you can always style a crewneck. You can never go wrong with a secure crewneck along with our perfect fitting Fleece Jogger Pants to complete the everyday look we all try to perfect. These specific items encourage a sporty, yet fashionable look that’s practical for a cozy day, back to school, and even date nights!


Our Best Sweatshirt Styles


All your everyday sweatshirt needs will soon be fulfilled by Brooklyn Cloth, here we have created versatile styles to create perfect go to outfits. While having the breathable yet snug material to enhance your sweatshirt experience. Our White Yarn Hoodie has been designed to give you the “good vibe” feeling that has the soft white to naturally add stability to your closet! Our white hoodie paired with black cargo pants, black trench coat, and a beanie for a warm date outfit.


Cool designs are always going to be in, and what better way to get in on the trends than the Black Paradise Crew neck, similar to our Hunter Green Flower Service Crew neck Sweatshirt, has a modern and suave look to it along with colors that work well with anything. Open up your closet to an easy to style option like a crew neck. The best way to style this crew neck could be a pair of black joggers for the lazy day aesthetic.


Let’s talk about how these items work well with what you have in your closet. When going the streetwear route the Burnt Orange Crew Neck can be perfectly paired with cargo pants of different color varieties, black, cream, tan, brown. Along with different prints like animal or camouflage.


Our Mustard Pullover Hoodie is secure for the colder months yet adds that extra pop of color that we rarely get to see in the winter time. It makes for fun and efficient styles of clothing with a color that probably hasn’t popped up in your closet often. It’s time to embrace the bright colors to realize how versatile they really are!


Shoe Styling


            To complete an outfit, shoes matter, and for us at Brooklyn Cloth we want to ensure you have the perfect items to match your shoes. For the Biscuit Pullover Hoodie you now can wear those cream air forces that you could never find anything to match it with. If you are looking for an outfit to combat warm weather, we suggest a pair of Birkenstocks for a comfortable and cool hoodie style.


            The Sand I Am Okay Hoodie has a soft element to it with the cream colors along with the subtle crayon sketches that bring a sort of joy into wearing it. Hoodies are best paired with brown tennis shoes from ASOS or even a pair of brown boots in simple colors that match the pants and accessories altogether.



Sweatshirt Activities


            When we have the stresses and excitements of daily life, we must take time to figure out when we could wear a sweatshirt. Perfecting the look of trying but not too hard is achieved fully by utilizing a sweatshirt, so let’s look towards activities that make a sweatshirt appropriate:


Sweatshirts for Sports and Working Out


            Of course we have to use sweatshirts for what they were invented for, so the daily activity of working out at a gym, running outside, or doing home workouts the time to use your New Age Fleece Hoodie is now. This hoodie is practical and easily styled with a pair of joggers or workout shorts and running shoes.


            When it’s that season and you are ready for the next sporting event, look forward to also wearing our Soft Moss Fleece Hoodie to look fresh courtside or in the stands of the Big Game. This hoodie can be paired with distressed blue jeans and a coat on top to keep you warm in undetermined weather conditions.


Stylish Sweatshirts for Date Night


            In the most intimate moments of your life, spruce it up wearing the Cozy Red Plaid Pullover with a black trench coat, dressy pants, and black boots. Plaid is the go-to for a romantic vibe in a cozy setting like going out to dinner. To make this look more casual you can opt out for a pair of blue jeans or black joggers for a trip to the movie theater.


            Let the classic picnic be a date idea this week where you can add the Hunter Green Crew neck with overalls to have the boy next door style, perfect for an outdoor setting. Mixing your style and aesthetic depending on the occasion builds character and brings your personal style to life!


Brooklyn Cloth Raises the Sweatshirt Bar


            Brooklyn Cloth wants to continuously raise the bar on sweatshirt styling, and while we copy our latest trends, we can see how some never go out of style. Let’s integrate our past with the present to make feel good outfits for any occasion and with the styling tips from Brooklyn Cloth, we know that these looks will be monumental.


            In the ways our icons have worn simple pieces to make memorable outfits, we have adopted that mindset to build a sense of style to be proud of. Our current generation is growing, and we must have the ideal clothing choices for our daily endeavors. Whether it's back to school, going to the gym or grocery shopping, sweatshirt styling is at its peak for dependability.


Styling Your Sweatshirt for the Weather


            These lightweight materials make sweatshirts convenient for all weather types, cold, warm or rainy. The best ways to style your sweatshirt come from things you already own like a puffer coat, black boots, or puffer vest. Versatility is the goal and sweatshirts have exceeded the expectations.

In the most indecisive weather conditions, layers will always be a friend, so to enhance your everyday looks while keeping your body temperature comfortable we suggest a practical crewneck like our Hunter Green Flower Service Crewneck Sweatshirt, which has been made true to size with incredibly sung poly fleece material.

Whether you want to cover up with a thick coat, or rock just a crew neck with a comfortable pair of jeans you could make various outfits to fit any daily activity.


Wear Your Sweatshirt with Pride

            Fashion is meant to be creative and not a hassle and Brooklyn Cloth has immersed us into the experience of buying a sweatshirt and knowing how to style it with no regrets. We focus on true to fit, affordable, and versatile clothing options that are perfected to cater to your specific needs in fashion.


            You don’t want to find yourself staring off into space looking for something to wear when the answer is right in front of you. Take the chance of broadening the opinion you had towards sweatshirts, it’s time to accept them as a big part of the fashion scene.


            Brooklyn Cloth wanted to encourage the unique variations of such a go to item and make it bigger. When you think of sweatshirts you can look forward to styling it with your favorite coat, your best hat, or maybe your fanciest shoes. Regardless, you have now taken the time to get to know the best trends currently along with taking a simple outfit you may have and turn it into something you can feel great in on your day-to-day activities. In the #BKFam we pride ourselves on giving you the easiest, coolest, and most comfortable ways to style a sweatshirt.



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