The Summit Arts Weekend hosted at Powder Mountain X Brooklyn Cloth

The Summit Arts Weekend hosted at Powder Mountain X Brooklyn Cloth

The Summit Arts Weekend hosted at Powder Mountain. 

This hosted weekend took place at the beautiful alpine location of Powder Mountain in Utah. The weekend was a series of presentations, conversations and installations all circling the topic of Art and it's relationship to the Environment in a age when humans responsibility and stewardship of the Earth is paramount.


A group of approximately 300 different leading social entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators gathered at the mountain in mid February for a time of discussion and sharing ideas on these pressing issues. The tone of the weekend was both causal and inspiring as people gathered for meals and talks in the majestic Sky Lodge at the top of Powder Mountain over 8,000 ft above sea level.


Some of artists and presenters included leading creatives exploring the relationship between their work and the natural world through exploration, investigation and conservation. The painter Zaria Forman (Instagram @zarialynn) presented her body of work examining glacial ice and her recent innovation by NASA to join a group of scientist studying recession of ice in Antarctica. Also the snow artist Simon Beck (Instagram simonbeck_snowart) was present to create a massive drawing on the side of the alpine slope by walking out the pattern with snowshoes. Simon's work highlights the monumental and ephemeral character of patterns and forces in nature. In addition members of the team at Space X gave a presentation about how technology in the field of space exploration creates new opportunities to have better understanding of global climate issues.


During the weekend the generous support of Brooklyn Cloth MFG provided the opportunity promote the activities of Summit Arts as gift bags were handed out to the guests including high profile figures such as Jesse Williams and Ricky Lake along with the CEO's of major companies such as WeWork and TOM's shoes.

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