The Top 6 trends You Need To Wear This Summer

Summer Trends

Suns out, sunnies on and vacay mood on your mind? Us too! Spend your summer in style with the top 6 summer fashion trends for 2018. 

Trend 1: Stripes 

It’s no longer just for your “where’s Waldo” Halloween costume. Stripe tees, double stripes, single stripes and little details like embroidery are what makes our Stripes collection more elevated.

Navy Striped T-shirt for Men

 Navy T-shirt from Brooklyn Cloth

Trend 2: Tie Dye

We’ve all done it when we were at school or summer camp, tie dying our hanes t-shirt. We’ve taken this trend and applied it to the unexpected. From our woven shirts, poplin shorts and graphics, we’ve got the the right tie dye for you!

 Low Lives T-Shirt

 Blue Tank Top for Men


Trend 3: Checkered

Vans has done it for awhile and now you can rock some checkered hoodies, joggers or Jogger shorts with some of your vans!

 Men's Pullover Hoodies

Men's White Shorts

Trend 4: 90s fashion

Who would’ve thought the 90s would make a comeback but it did. Here’s some clothes we love that are 90s inspired yet modern, and of course perfect for summer.

 90's Fashion clothes

Light Weight Jackets

Trend 5: Mesh

Mesh fabrics had been used on basketball courts and workout and now it’s found itself on the summer collection. Mesh is breathable, doesn’t shrink and looks good all the time. We’ve added details like Side zips, color blocking and fashion silhouettes to our mesh collection

 Mesh T-Shirts for Men

Trend 6: Graphics

It’s just a staple to rock some graphics. But did you know that our graphics are exclusive to us and you can’t get it anywhere. #limitededition

 Wolf Graphic T-Shirt

Here’s some of our favorites


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