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Grab your blue and white face paint, guys. Your Brooklyn Cloth beanie will pair nicely with your half blue and half white painted face to the big Giants game this fall. Who doesn’t want to kick back and relax while double-fisting two solo cups of beer? Sounds delightful to us. Brooklyn offers some of the best breweries around, so grab a cup at the tailgate with your buddies. Here are some of the top ten best Brooklyn beer brands to pair with your burgers and chicken wings.


  1. Brooklyn Brewery

Yo, chuck me a cold Pilsner. That’s right — Brooklyn Pilsner is one of the most refreshing golden lager beers, and it’s brewed right here in Brooklyn, New York, by the pre-prohibition brewers at Brooklyn Brewery. This German-style Pilsner has a 5.1% alcohol content with a crisp snap and delightfully fresh aroma. Pilsner first made its appearance back in the 1840s in central Europe and is typically brewed using German two-row barley malts. It’s an extra-smooth beer, thanks to being fermented at cool temperatures.

Besides Brooklyn Pilsner, Brooklyn Brewery also ferments Brooklyn Lager, Defender IPA, Bel Air Sour, among others.  If this tickles your taste buds, you can request a tour of the brewery to learn more about their process for creating beer. If you consider yourself a beer connoisseur (which we know you are), you can even request a private event at the brewery. To learn more, check out their website or head on over to Instagram for a further look.


  1. Other Half Brewery

Pre-game for that Halloween party with Other Half Brewing’s HDCD Triple Mosaic Dream. This smooth and 15lb/bbl pop charge beer with 10.5% alcohol content gets its high “hop” density from hand-picked T-90 Mosaic Pellets, Mosaic cryo, and its very own Mosaic hop product to add some extra zippiness to your drink. This beer is not just an accessory to make you look good, but you’ll also feel good too with all that flavor contained in that oh-so-stylish can. Get your Shakira wig ready, cause your hips won’t lie with this IPA. Check out their website for a deeper look and to purchase merchandise, such as tee-shirts, hoodies, beer glasses, and a snazzy ole broccoli hat.


  1. Coney Island Brewing Co.

Maybe you’re going as someone other than Shakira. Okay, no problem. How about a merman? Lace a long puka necklace around your neck and pair this with a Mermaid Pilsner brewed at Coney Island Beer Co. Holding this pilsner will only add to your aquatic and eccentric Halloween look. The Mermaid Pilsner is a light-bodied beer that’s as crisp as the ocean air. There’s an addition of rye malt to this pilsner, which adds a little spunk of spicy to the balance of fruity and floral aroma. At 5.2% alcohol content, this beer will have you shaking your tail all night long. Attend some of their monthly events to meet some other local mermaids and mermen, at their Brewer Night or Nightmare in Coney Island, or even request a tour to sample a few other popular beers, such as their Beach Beer or Coney Island Lager. Check out their website or their Instagram to learn more.  


  1. Grimm Artisanal Ales

Alert! Alert! Tasty beer, alert! Grimm Artisanal Ales has been brewing up some favorites for the past five years. This hot spot has become the “it” hang out place with a brewery and taproom. Their best brew —Tracery — a Saison de Coupage with a 6% alcohol content, is brewed barrel style. This hoppy and funky fresh beer is the perfect beverage to quench your thirst. So, with that said, if you just so happen to be chilling in East Williamsburg, take a stop by this brewery for a taste! Request a tour and scope out their 7,500 sq. ft. brewery with natural light and plants. Taste some of their 10+ draft beer lines, wines, and ciders, and even some delicious food. Check out their website or their Instagram to learn more.


  1. Six Point Brewery

Serve up some serious spooky vibes with the Hazy IPA by Six Point Brewery in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This hoot-of-a-beer has complex hops, juicy and tropical notes, as well as a candy-like aroma. The Hazy IPA has a 5.4% alcohol content to have you ready to enter any haunted house this fall. If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, head on over to the brewery for weekly events, store merchandise, or tours. To learn more, check out their website or head on over to Instagram for a deeper look.


  1. Threes Brewing

Remember the good old days when you and your family were driving around in the car, and you would just repeatedly say, “Are we there yet?” Well, throw it back to the old days when life was easy and sweet with Threes Brewing’s Are We There Yet IPA. This beer encompasses flavors including fresh-squeezed orange juice, hop candy, and a fruity aroma thanks to the inclusion of strawberry-mango and imported stone fruit. This triple dry-hopped 10.3% alcohol content beer will have you reminiscing about those long family car rides. *At Brooklyn Cloth, we do not encourage drinking beer while driving* 😊 This local brewery hosts private events, like weddings, if you just so happen to be thinking about popping the question. You can also go to some of their in-house events or check out their Instagram to stay up-to-date about this Brooklyn brewery.


  1. Transmitter Brewing

Grab your tote bag and metro card. Head on over to the Transmitter, the Urban Farmhouse Brewery, specializing in teaching you about all things yeast and hops. Try their popular S2 Orange Lemongrass Saison with a 6.3% alcohol content. This ginger lemongrass and orange Saison is the perfect beverage to strike up a conversation with your in-laws on their feelings toward Greta and climate change. If you’re a real beer lover, join their CSB program to try some of their current brews produced from local farmers. Check out their website or their Instagram to learn more.


  1. Strong Rope Brewery

Who doesn’t love to have a nice cold beer with their turkey and cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving? If so, Strong Rope Brewery is brewing up some of the most popular beers in Brooklyn. Try out their Lazy Lollygagger with a 7.1% alcohol content. This beer is a strong blonde ale with aromas of cherries and lemon-thyme. Strong Rope Brewery is a family run business looking to support other New York producers and most recently decided to only use 100% New York ingredients for their beverages, including beer, wine, cider, and spirits. For further information about upcoming events or to join their Mug Club, check out their website or visit Instagram for a deeper look.


  1. Bridge and Tunnel Brewery

Head on over to the local farm to chuck some corn and milk the cows while sipping on your Ol’ Gilmartin Milk and Oatmeal Stout. Bridge and Tunnel Brewery created this Silver Medal Award Winning 2019 New York State Brewers Association Craft Beer to have you ready to kick back and relax after picking those tomatoes from the vine. This 5.8% alcohol content beer has the sweet “silkiness” of milk stout, with chocolate malts and flaked oats. Check out this local brewery for events, merchandise, and to sample other brews, like their Urban Style Milkshake IPA or Passion Fruit Pale Ale. To learn more, check out their website or head on over to Instagram for a further look.


  1. Folksbier

Bike through the mountains and watch leaves turn before your very eyes with a crisp beer from Folksbier. Try Brooklyn’s best brew, Recurring Dreams. This beer is double dry-hopped with tropical aromas, and a velvet and refreshing aftertaste. If you’re looking for other exquisite options, stop on by their tasting room, so you can bring an assortment of beer on your hiking trip. For further information, check out their website or their Instagram page.


Whether you’re heading to a Halloween party as Shakira or a mermaid or looking for a delicious beer to pair with your Thanksgiving trimmings, take a stop at one of these ten Brooklyn local breweries. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. At Brooklyn Cloth, we think your taste buds deserve nothing but the best when cracking open a cold one.

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