How Men Dress on the East Coast vs. West Coast

How Men Dress East Coast vs West Coast

There’s always been passionate conversation about How Men Dress on the East Coast vs. West Coast. Being a brand based on the East Coast, you would think that we would have strong opinions that the East coast is always on point but we wanted to show you some of the differences between east coast vs. west coast men’s style.


One factor that impacts style is weather. If you’re living in Los Angeles, you most likely wont own a down jacket or parka. In the east coast, especially New York City, everyone has at least one all-weather outerwear that will keep them warm from their apartment, to the subway, to school/work.


East Coast Styled Outfit: Joggers, Beanie, Boots, Jacket

   The Joggers

Its all about layering in the West Coast, especially where the temperature can change by 20 degrees in certain parts. This means a really good denim jacket. You can layer it underneath a leather jacket or parka or put it over a hoodie or tee.


Another factor is TRANSPORTATION. The West Coast relies on automobiles to get almost everywhere. This means that it could be 95 degrees out and because you drive, you can still wear your favorite joggers or denim, because you’re pretty much going from your home to your destination with minimal outside exposure. In the east coast, when the temperature drops, you are bundled up, with your thick jacket, your beanie, your hoodie, your heat-tech pants, your joggers and good but dope boots.


FOOTWEAR: we all love dope shoes but when you're in the east coast, you have to take into account salt, rain and sleet that can have an impact on how good they look. Waterproof, rainproof and all weather can still look good and keep your feet nice and dry, 

In the West Coast, shoes are more year round where can be wearing slides or sandals in the middle of October. 


No matter your zip code, it's your style and you define. 


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