Top 10 Fun Fall Activities in Brooklyn

Top 10 Fun Fall Activities in Brooklyn

Fall is upon us. Do you have any plans? Here’s a list of fall to-do’s with your friends, family, significant others, and even yourself! From tours to movies to trying new food, this list will give you the fall of a lifetime — all in Brooklyn, New York.

 Our top ten picks around Brooklyn:

  1. Brooklyn Grange
  2. Botanic Garden
  3. Ghost Tours
  4. Green Meadows Farm Pumpkin Picking
  5. Outdoor Movies
  6. Halloween Harvest
  7. Atlantic Antic Festival
  8. The Chocolate Room
  9. Pumpkin Pie at Juniors
  10. Autumn Harvest Dessert Tasting


  1. Brooklyn Grange

If you want to feel like you’ve left the city — without actually leaving — go to the Brooklyn Grange. It’s a rooftop farm in Sunset Park. This event is perfect for family outings, picking fruit, or even if you just want a cute aesthetic pic for the gram. The Brooklyn Grange is free and offers farm tours, a farmer’s market, live music, cold drinks, and giveaways. This event is open from 11 am to 4 pm, which gives you plenty of time for activities. If you’re not interested in participating in activities, no worries! Enjoy the fresh air and waterfront views while listening to music or chatting with friends. This is a rooftop event like no other!



  1. Botanic Garden

Add some color in your life by going to the Botanic Garden in the fall. You’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world. The prices and times vary depending on age and date, but you’ll pay no more than $15 per person for entry. Along with seeing the beautiful autumn leaves, there’s also an outdoor café, snack bar, and library. Enjoy nature by reading a book and sipping on your pumpkin spice latte. We’re not in Brooklyn anymore!



  1. Ghost Tours

There’s no better way to get in the spooky fall spirit than to take a Ghosts of Brooklyn tour. There are several haunted tours you could take in Brooklyn—on the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights, and at the Green-Wood Cemetery. The tours taking place in Green-Wood and Brooklyn Heights are $30 each person, but if you want a free alternative, just go to the haunted tour on the Brooklyn Bridge. Not only are you getting a ghost tour on the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s also a great sightseeing opportunity. During this free tour, you will hear the stories of haunted spirits. To make this experience even more mysterious, it begins at night (7:30 pm) so bring a jacket for this chilling event!



  1. Green Meadows Farm Pumpkin Picking

Need another cute picture for Instagram? Go to the Green Meadows Farm in Brooklyn and pick some pumpkins with your friends or family! Your $9 admission fee includes a walk around the pumpkin field, a pumpkin of your choice, a haunted house, hayride, and many other fun fall activities. At Green Meadows, you won’t be having a cow, just milking them along with visiting other friendly animals. This farm is only open during October weekends, so don’t miss out on your chance to get the full fall experience.



  1. Outdoor Movies

What’s spookier than watching a spooky movie inside? Watching one outside! Brooklyn has showings for different genres of film, so if you don’t want a scary film, you have others to choose from. There are different locations all around Brooklyn as well, so you can choose one closest to you. On September 23rd on the rooftop of 153 Morgan Ave., there will be a free viewing of the film What We Do In The Shadows. This is a mockumentary horror comedy and a perfect way to kick off fall. Picnic tables are first come first served, but you can also make yourself at home by packing blankets and your own snacks. Be sure to register before attending!



  1. Halloween Harvest

Who said Coney Island was only fun in the summer? Head over to Luna Park for plenty of fall fun. At the Halloween Harvest, there’s so much to do, including face painting, riding ponies, watching magic shows, painting pumpkins, and even going on a few rides. The activities begin on September 28th and continue every weekend until October 27th.  After a day of fun (or a day of funnel cakes), try any of the yummy dining options Coney Island has to offer!



  1. Atlantic Antic Festival

September 29th is the annual festival on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. With over 500 food and crafts vendors, you’re bound to have fun. This festival cuts through four neighborhoods and spans ten blocks. You can relax and enjoy the music, pig out with food from around the world, and do some ultimate shopping. This street festival will bring you closer to the community, and you’ll leave fun fall with memories.



  1. The Chocolate Room

If you love fall and you love chocolate, be prepared to fall in love with The Chocolate Room. Sip the best hot chocolate you can imagine while taking a chocolate bus tour. During this 4.5-hour-long tour, you’ll also receive exclusive chocolate samples, and the bus will even stop along the way for pizza. Pizza and chocolate? Now that’s a deal!



  1. Pumpkin Pie at Juniors

My favorite thing to do year-round is to eat delicious food, but fall is known for pumpkin-flavored options. Everyone should try a piece of Juniors pumpkin pie cheesecake. If you’re having guests over or you are the guest to a Halloween or Thanksgiving gathering, pick up cheesecake to share with your crew. You won’t be-leaf how good it is!


  1. Autumn Harvest Dessert Tasting

What better way to prepare for fall than to actually taste it? This tasting consists of six fall-themed dessert courses and includes beverage pairings for each yummy dish. Bring your friends and family along to experience a mouth-watering good time.




With so many attractions, it’s impossible not to enjoy autumn in Brooklyn. There’s an unlimited amount of fun waiting to be explored. Get out this holiday season and have a blast!

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