Our Top 5 Jogger Pants for Campus!

Every student needs a good pair of pants to be late to class in. Even the punctual students need a good pair of pants to get to school in. No matter what kind of student you are, Brooklyn Cloth has the best selection of joggers for you to procrastinate or be productive in—you choose!

Joggers Pants for campus

As a college student myself, I know the struggle of waking up after a long night of studying and not wanting to go to class. The hardest part about getting to class is waking up and getting dressed. The Charcoal Grey Knit Jogger Pants 2.0 makes the “getting dressed for class” part of the morning way easier. You’ll hardly even have to get ready. With these joggers, you’ll feel like you’ve been in your pajamas all day…just don’t fall asleep in class. They have 2 side pocket zippers and a back zipper so if you need a quick place to secure your key card, cash, or gum wrappers, these joggers got you. The Charcoal Grey Jogger Pants can be worn for more than just an early class. They can be used while going to the rec center on campus, playing videos, or running errands. Because of the stretch that these joggers give, they’re good for athletic activities. They’re even perfect for an everyday lounge fit. They’re essential for study sessions in the library or a long day of productivity. These Charcoal Grey Knit Jogger Pants 2.0 will help you get to that 4.0.


Knit joggers for men by Brooklyn Cloth

Charcoal Grey Jogger Pants

Another must-have is the Camo Savage Fleece Jogger Pants. It’s great for a stylish “no effort” look. They’ll keep you comfortable all day while keeping you on trend. The features in these joggers include a heat seal zipper on the side, 2 open side pockets because everyone loves to rest their hands, and an elastic waistband with drawstrings. These can be worn for all of the same activities as the Charcoal Grey Jogger Pants, but since the camo print gives them a little more flavor, they’re good for hang-out nights with the guys or going to the movies. They’re also perfect to wear to the cafeteria when using up the money left on your meal card because let’s be honest, stretchy clothes are the best clothes when it’s time to eat. For all of you gym rats, these joggers will suit you too. The elastic waistband will help you comfortably avoid your senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman 15. Imagine owning dope pants that are also comfortable. Now that’s savage!

Camo Fleece Jogger Pants

The Charcoal Grey Ankle Zip Twill Jogger Pants—are they joggers or are they work pants? Trick question, they’re both! These joggers have features that include ankle zippers and ankle cuffs, 2 open side pockets (because once again, we love resting our hands), knee seam cuts, and an elastic waistband with woven drawstrings. Unlike the other two joggers, this pair is more acceptable in a work environment. They’re the “going to my job/internship” version of the Charcoal Knit Joggers. Don’t be fooled, though. The zippers on the ankle cuff allows zipping and unzipping which can create a looser fit so although they’re a bit more professional, they’re still comfortable and can be worn around campus. You can elevate these joggers with a leather jacket for your internship or dress down for class with any comfy tee. They’re perfect for casual wear around campus or even for nights off campus. It’s a vibe, for sure.


Twill Joggers for men

Charcoal Grey Ankle Zip Jogger Pants

For all khaki lovers, we have a jogger for you too. The Tobacco Side Zipper Pocket Twill Jogger Pants are khaki colored joggers. This is great for students that enjoy dressing up for class or are just always on their A game. Some features for this jogger include a side zipper pocket on one side, elastic waistband with drawstrings, and elastic ankle cuffs. Similar to the Charcoal Ankle Zip Joggers, these joggers can easily be elevated or dressed down. They’re great for school sporting events. For cold sporting events like Football, a flannel, denim jacket, or hoodie supporting your schools’ team would look dope to complete this look. If you choose to wear these joggers to warmer school sporting events such as Lacrosse or Track and Field, you can push the ankle cuffs up to create a capri sort of look and pair it with a tee supporting your school. If you want the full khaki pants look, you could wear high top sneakers to hide the cuffs. Why buy regular khaki pants AND jogger pants when you can get both for the price of one? Am I right? You can style these joggers many different ways and no one will know it’s the same pair of pants and that’s what I consider living your best life.

Side Zip Joggers

Tobacco One Side Zipper Pocket Jogger Pants

Here's another trick question. Are the Black Twill Jogger Pants sweatpants? Are they just black denim? Are they joggers? They could literally be anything. Comfortable, but trendy. It’s a whole mood! Some features in these joggers include an elastic waistband and gathered elastic cuffs. They’re great specifically for the Fall and Winter seasons on campus. If your friends invite you to a last-minute hangout, these joggers are easy to pair with anything for any occasion. They’re comfortable and offer a true fit. These joggers can be worn to match any vibe. If you want to be a skater-boy, wear them with a band tee and some vans or converse. If you want to look street, wear a denim jacket and some Air Force 1’s. If you want to be a hipster, wear a flannel and beanie. The styling possibilities are endless with these joggers.

Black Twill Joggers

Black Twill Jogger Pants

            The greatest part about all of these joggers, is that they’re multipurpose. They can all be styled in many different ways and can be worn for different types of events around campus. I’d consider all of these joggers to be staple pieces. So, don’t procrastinate. Choose to be productive this semester and buy yourself joggers that’ll make you feel like an A student no matter what you’re doing!

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