Top 10 Beach Vacation Looks

Brooklyn Cloth Top 10 Beach Vacation Looks
Top 10 Beach Vacation Looks 

Brooklyn Cloth Shorts and Swim

It’s time to prepare for some beachy getaways because summer is here! Get some nice breezy swim trunks before you hop on a flight to a beach vacation. Brooklyn Cloth has 10 different looks for beach wear ready for you to pick!

What Is Coastal Attire for Men?

        Coastal or beachy looks for men revolve around the following elements: lightweight fabrics, nautical colors, and swimwear. Coastal attire is all about capturing the relaxed and easygoing vibe of summer while still looking put-to-together. Always incorporate your personal style into the mix to ensure comfort and functionality are in line.  

        Men’s swim trunks are, of course, one of the top picks. They are versatile summer outfits because they can be worn as both swim shorts and regular shorts. Swim trunks come with multiple colors and designs to help you, the model, grab attention. Plus, our swim trunks are high quality, so you can rock them all season long (and beyond).

         But be aware of formal coastal events like weddings. During these occasions, we need more than just swimming trunks. We’ve still got you covered. For dressy summer events, we recommend long pants such as trousers or chinos paired with a lightweight jacket or button-up shirt to complete the smart casual coastal attire. However, at the end of the day, beach wear is made to be mixed and matched to suit your style and the specific circumstances of your coastal adventure.

What Are Some Smart Summer Clothing Pieces?

  • Swim trunks
  • Linen shorts
  • Oversized button-up shirts
  • Baseball caps
  • Graphic tanks or T-shirts
  • Chino shorts

What Colors to Wear for a Beachy Look?

         What serves beach-vacation vibes better than a vibrant color scheme? Opt for maritime colors shirts and shorts because they will make you glow. Also, we suggest light colors because they reflect the sunlight better than darker colors to keep you cool.

-   Tie-Dye
-   Ombre
-   Graphic prints
-   Fruit patterns
-   Bold patterns

Should Men Wear Shirts at Beach?

            Again, this is your mix and match! Whether you wear a shirt or not is all up to you. You decide what is most comfortable for you and your coastal adventure. Some think a shirt at the beach is an extra layer of sun protection for your body. But others might think they are more comfortable going shirtless at the beach. No one is wrong. Personal comfort level is your best guide. You be your own boss.

What Should the Shirts and Shorts be Made of? 

            Who wouldn’t want to put on a lightweight and breathable shirt and shorts on a hot summer beach day? Our swim trunks are stain resistance, light, breathable, and elastic because of polyester.

             Though men’s swimwear is known to be a blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon, we stick with ultra-soft, quick-drying polyester. This way you do not have to wait that long to be completely dry. On top of that, polyester is also known to be strong and resilient. It is known for its durability.

             Our swim trunks are a staple piece here at Brooklyn Cloth. They are stylish and trendy and are comfortable to swim in. The sun or pool chemicals do not damage our swim shorts. As an added bonus, polyester has relatively stronger UV protection than other fabrics.


LOOK 1 – Floral Swimwear

           Why are floral designs favored so much for men’s swim trunks? Because the pattern has stood the test of time in fashion! Plus, it adds a fun and lively element to swim trunks. Florals are often associated with a playful and lighthearted style which is great for beach or poolside activities.

 7' Tonal Floral Swim Shorts

          The goal is to keep you looking fresh. You can pair it with any tee or tank. Or you can just go without a top. You will rock with the swim trunks either way. The 7’ Tonal Floral Swim Shorts come with side pockets, so they’re stylish and functional!


LOOK 2 – Tie-Dye Swimwear

            Who can turn down a cool tie-dye swim trunk? Tie-dye patterns are known for their vibrant and bold colors. It can be found in a variety of color mixes and patterns, ranging from bright to subtle and muted tones. This means you can be creative with the selection process and be unique with your swim trunks. You don’t even need a top because the tie-dye itself is eye-catching enough for the beach.

7' Tie Dye Swim Short

             Tie Our 7’ Tie Dye Swim Short is perfect for any beach getaway or a nice day at the pool. The tie-dye looks even better in the water, and they are super comfortable! This series of swim trunks comes in four colors: green, lavender, aqua, and orange. Add this pop of colors to your summer wardrobe fast!


LOOK 3  -  The Airy Feel

            If you want something that will wick away sweat quickly, grab a mesh-Iined shirt or shorts. Mesh lining fabrication will save you from lots of trouble; it is designed to dry quickly, prevent excessive sweating, minimize friction, and improve hygiene. The soft and airy mesh fabric will make you feel refreshed every second you have it on.

Brooklyn Embroidered Patch Mesh Short

           Of course, the mesh top goes best with a mesh bottom. We recommend a vertical stripe air mesh shirt with a quarry mesh short.

            Striped shirts are well liked by men for beach wear. The design is appropriate for almost all events at a beach. Stripes stand out with both bright and colorful solid colors. For your bottom, grab a mesh short with a simple design such as an embroidered patch. The short should be toned down because you do not want to overwhelm your entire outfit with too many colors and graphics.


LOOK 4 - The Attention-Grabber Look

           Bold graphics are welcomed at the beach because they are more likely to turn heads. A shirt featuring colorful brushed florals will get you all the attention you need. But sometimes graphic shirts require darker color to present the look and, remember earlier, we said that dark colors are not good at reflecting light but absorbing the sunlight. In this case, make sure the shirt’s fabric is breathable.

            For a summer shirt, you want the fabric to be one of the following: rayon, linen, or soft poly-blends. These fabrics are lightweight and breathable. Most importantly, they trap fewer odors so feel free to sweat. Graphic button-up shirts pair up well with chino shorts or less colorful swim trunks. The graphics are colorful enough. 

             The Navy Paisley Vertical Stripe Swim Short is a to-go trunk with graphic shirt. The paisley design gives creativity. The navy and white combo is versatile and can match with any bold graphics. It also helps mute the vibrant and not overwhelm the entire look. This swim trunk ensures comfort because it is made with polyester and mesh lining. Both materials are fast to dry and breathable. Though it is a regular fit, you can still adjust the waistband; the trunk comes with elastic drawstring waist.

 Brushed Florals Rayon Shirt  ;  Navy Paisley Vertical Stripe Swim Shorts

LOOK 5 - The Oversize Button-Ups

            Beach vacation is considered an outdoor activity. In other words, you want something that eases mobility, and this must be loose-fitting clothing. The Oversized Paisley Rayon Shirt is a top choice for this element. Not only is the shirt fashionable, with boldly printed paisley, but also perfect for layering. Sometimes loose short sleeves are designed to give space to fit a basic T-shirt.

            You would want to do some layering because coastal weather is unpredictable. A light button up shirt over a white tee comes out to be both trendy and comfortable. Add a monochromatic colored short to complement the top. Make sure the shorts are also wide and lengthy; a 7’ inseam short is considered a comfortable length. Less than 7’ inseam will not be aesthetically appealing since the oversized shirt elongates your upper body and make your short look like it is halved.Oversized Paisley Rayon Shirt - Cream ;  7" Inseam Triple Needle Short

LOOK 6 – The Beach Wedding Look

            Beach weddings are dressy occasions, so we need something that would fit into the more formal coastal attire category. Smart casual is a perfect option for this event because this dress code will secure comfort and style. It strikes a balance between casual and professional looks. However, always check the wedding invitation for the event’s official dress code. Then you can start incorporating your own ideas.

            We recommend a collared shirt paired with chino pant to level up your casual beach wear. A solid color adds to the formality. Take a look at the navy jacquard collar shirt; it features a quilt-like pattern that adds texture to the outfit, making it looks sophisticated and stylish. Get a black chino pant of a classic regular fit because it is versatile and ideal for both casual and formal events. Material wise, look for both breathable and stretchable fabrics such as cotton and spandex.

Jacquard Camp Collar Shirt  ;   Drawcord Stretched Twill Chino

LOOK 7 – The Nautical Style

Beach wear can be seen in nautical colors a lot because navy blue, white, light blue, and shades of khaki or beige are colors of the surroundings. Plus, these colors are bold and eye-catching. Nautical colors evoke a maritime feel. For this reason, nautical colors are a big part of coastal attire characteristics. Nautical charm can come in various forms; navy blue or striped swim trunks, crisp white short-sleeved shirt, white chinos, and many more. 

            This Floating Flowers Rayon Shirt comes in coastal blue only and the bold print features vibrant floating flowers. Not only is the color a great choice for beach vacation, but also the design. This shirt gives an oversized fit with short sleeves, which is perfect for warm weather. Finish your outfit with one world canvas carpenter shorts. These shorts complement the shirt very well due to the light color. Also, the canvas fabric used in the shorts is breathable and stretchy, great for a beach day.

Floating Flowers Rayon Shirt  ;  One World Canvas Carpenter Short

LOOK 8 – The Sleeveless Slay

            Sleeveless clothing may be your favorite if you want tan lines, as they expose your arms and shoulders to the sun. Do remember to apply sunscreen to exposed skin to prevent sunburn from the harmful UV rays.

            Depending on your preference, you can pair your tank with swim trunks if you are planning to spend most of your time swimming. Or pair your tank with shorts for a practical choice if you are not participating in water activities.

Flag Print Jersey Tank  ;  Red White and Blue Americana Stripe Swim Shorts

LOOK 9 – The Cool Boy Look

            Denim may not be the first pick for beach vacations because it us heavier. But it is a big helper during cooler weathers and evening outings. Evenings can be quite chilly, especially when you are near the beach. Coastal weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Pack a lightweight sweater or jacket to put on when the temperature drops. Layer a denim jacket over a thin tee or tank top to keep warm while looking cool.

            Our Good Times Ahead Nylon short is a perfect match with any denim jacket. The short has a classic design with a modern twist, which makes it versatile for any wardrobe. Finish the outfit with a beanie to add a touch of cool streetstyle!   


LOOK 10 – The Classic

            Classic remains as classic for a reason because it is always the go-to. A Polo shirt is always a good pick for the top because you will never go wrong with this beachy minimalist staple. Plus, a Polo shirt is the easiest to pair with any bottoms; it can go with swim trunks or chino shorts. Take a look at Coast-to-Coast Terry Cloth SS Polo!

 Coast to Coast Terry Cloth SS Polo  ;  7' Inseam Canvas Carpenter Short


             Ok, the tips above are just some guidelines for you to start exploring your own favorite beach wear! We can’t wait to see our #bkfam rock with the newest trends in comfortable fabric and styles! Don’t be scared to tag us @brooklyncloth in your next IG posts. We would love to see your outfit for your beach day. Be sure to feel exciting, look amazing, and stay inspiring!

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