Top 5 Men’s Winter 2023 Styles To Wear Now

Top 5 Men's Winter 2022 Styles To Wear Now by Brooklyn Cloth

Kings! The winter season is quickly approaching. You know what that means #BKFAM. It's time to retire your fall clothes for your winter collection. You can't walk into 2022 the same way you stepped into 2021. So, you have to take this opportunity to spice up your day-to-day winter wardrobe.


There are so many options and possibilities to dress up or dress down with our warm winter looks. So, whether you want professionalism in your look or are looking for maximum comfort in a laid-back casual outfit, we got you covered!


We have everything you need for the winter with incredible styles and exceptionally comfortable options.


Our men's collection has everything you need and more. We want to help you find the style that makes you feel the best, whatever that may be. So, check out our Sherpas, hoodies, long-sleeve tees, sweatpants, joggers, and jackets.


Top 5 Men’s Winter 2022 Styles To Wear Now


Navy Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jacket

Dusty Rose Color Block Hoodie

Black Camo Stretch Ripstop Double Knee Cargo Jogger

Navy Tie Dye Graffiti Happy Face Fleece Hoodie

White Tie Dye Dad Sweatpants


Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jacket by Brooklyn Cloth


Navy Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jacket


What could be more of a winter essential than our Navy Sherpa-Lined Corduroy Trucker Jacket? I mean, check out this look! This jacket will quickly become your go-to jacket as you are running out of the house, with its highly comfortable worn-in feel that makes you feel like you've had it for years.


The temperatures are slowly on the decline, so make sure you get yourself right. However, you really can't go wrong with this choice of outwear. If this color isn't for you, we offer this style in various shades for you to choose from. You can wear this with more of an academic, casual look for a more business casual look, or even in a preppy way. You can also wear it dressed down for a more casual or grunge look. You can achieve all of these looks depending on what you pair the jacket with.


We here at Brooklyn Cloth love to provide you with various pieces. Our favorite part about that is seeing how our #bkfam styles and wears our pieces. Each time we see you wearing our pieces, the look is so unique, we get inspired.


This jacket turns your clothes into a complete outfit the moment you put it on. Just throw it on over your favorite shirt or hoodie and pair it with virtually any pair of kicks.


Without a doubt, it can be complemented by a pair of sneakers, boots, boat shoes, or your beaters. We suggest pairing it with one of our pairs of twill cargo joggers and a graphic tee. For those colder days, try throwing it over a hoodie to give you some extra warmth.



Color Block hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth


Dusty Rose Color Block Hoodie


There is something sentimental and almost serious between a guy and his favorite hoodie. It is such a special bond. There is nothing more comforting than coming home from a long day of work and changing out of your business clothes and throwing on your over worn everyday hoodie.


HOODIE SZN is here, and we have another daily piece ready for you to try this winter season. It's a must that you try our dusty rose color block hoodie.


Once you rock this hoodie, you will be pleasantly surprised and won't ever want to take it off. We guarantee it.


Like all of our hoodies, this hoodie is SUPER soft and cozy; you can be sure to be comfortable wherever you are and however you are wearing it. Brooklyn Cloth hit it off with the design for this hoodie. Color block has always been a popular design for decades now. So, we decided to hop on the everlasting trend and provide you with different color options in this style. This style also is offered in a dope hunter green shade. Green is the trending color this winter season, so definitely invest in this hoodie to be right on-trend.


Pop-out with a calm, casual vibe. You can style this with some slip-on, trainers, or sneakers. Details include original designs across the chest and arms, an attached hood with drawstrings, and a front kangaroo pocket; and it is made from 100% polyester fleece and features a modern fit.



Men's joggers by Brooklyn Cloth


Black Stretch Ripstop Double Knee Cargo Jogger


This new type of cargo jogger is a must-have for a renewed winter wardrobe. You should be getting the most out of your pants, and that is why we innovated and made these stretchy, rip-resistant, double-knee cargo joggers.


The stretch and ripstop fabric add a great deal of durability to the jogger, which means they will get you through every and any activity you want to partake in! In addition, you will get the most out of your pants, not to mention the utility you get from the cargo pockets and the secure fit you get from the cuffs and drawstring waist.


These joggers are also very versatile, wearable for many different occasions. Whether you're just popping out on the town or going on a hike, these Black Stretch Ripstop Double Knee Cargo Joggers are an essential basic for any outfit. You can wear them with any color tee, hoodie, or a denim jacket with no problem, and they look clean and show off any sneaker you pair with them.


White Tie Dye Hoodie


The white tie-dye hoodie passes the winter vibe check, and the tie-dye gives it a sudden pop, a hoodie that speaks, not screams.


The hoodie includes a deep blue tie-dye pattern with a white undertone. This hoodie would look great with blue jeans or a pair of khaki joggers.


Don't forget when browsing this hoodie; there are different ways to rock it. You can rock it oversized with a larger size, or you can rock a more fitted look. So which style do you prefer, your hoodies, oversized or fitted? We here at Brooklyn Cloth love them both, depending on how you want to style the rest of the outfit.


Warning you may not want to take off this hoodie due to extreme and desirable comfort Brooklyn Cloth is not held responsible if this hoodie becomes part of your personality.



Tonal Grey Tie-Dye Dad Sweatpants by Brooklyn Cloth


Tonal Grey Tie Dye Dad Sweatpants


Looking great and feeling great is sometimes synonymous, especially when talking about these sweatpants. Looking this cool is bound to send you a rush of confidence. So, start your day off with some momentum and pop out of the house with style in our Tonal Grey Tie-Dye Dad Sweatpants. These sweatpants are perfect for the winter season. The tie-dye isn't too loud, yet still fits into the never-ending tie-dye trend. We love to rock tie-dye every month of the year. The grey in these sweatpants screams winter vibes.


Feel free to pair these sweats with a grey hoodie to make it a semi-matching set. We definitely recommend wearing matching sets, but they aren't for everybody. One of our hoodies that would look great with these sweats would be our open your mind tie-dye hoodie. These matching tie-dye pieces definitely would look great if worn together.


You can finish off the look with your favorite pair of slippers if you are wearing this fit around the house on your day off. You can also pair it with your shining white air force ones. Finally, throw on a warm jacket to wear over this fit on the super cold days. It will tie this winter wonderland fit together.


Brooklyn Cloth’s Guide To Winter Styles


We hope that this guide to winter styles from us here at Brooklyn Cloth has been helpful to you when changing from your fall wardrobe over to your winter. We want everybody in our #BKfam to be fully stocked with the trendiest yet most comfortable pieces for this upcoming winter season.

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