What is GORPCORE and How Do We Wear It?

What is GORPCORE and How Do We Wear It?

GORPCORE is taking over the streets. Our favorite style icons are seen wearing it everywhere. It’s taken NYC and the streetwear game by storm. But what does GORPCORE mean and how can you get in on the trend?


What is GORPCORE and How Do We Wear It?


The GORP in GORPCORE stands for “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts.” And if you’re not a hiker, that's an expression for trail mix. This style incorporates nature-inspired pieces that are worn during outdoor activities, such as hiking. It has a mix of utility and safety components that are completely in style right now. It also plays with colors and prints traditionally associated with those activities, such as neon yellow, orange, and camo.


GORPCORE has become mainstream in both men’s and women's fashion, especially in urban areas. But this streetstyle is so easy to recreate, it can be taken everywhere.


Celebrity GORPCORE Sightings


Models, artists, and actors are all kick-starting this trend. A$AP Rocky is known as a style icon of our decade. He’s been photographed wearing neon orange fleece zip ups and fanny packs. Frank Ocean is wearing bright puffers in the front row at Fashion Week. Justin Bieber was spotted wearing cargo utility pants.


These celebrities always look effortlessly cool and stylish. Plus, they’re showing how this style can really be worn anywhere (even fashion week) and become iconic. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we’re helping you recreate that GORPCORE look on your own!


Best Outfits to Capture the GORPCORE Aesthetic


At the core of this trend is our love for the outdoors. And with the new season comes unforgettable memories. No matter where you are on the globe, there’s always beauty around us outside. These clothes are inspired from our love for nature that we know you share with us.


This style was taken straight from the outdoors and brought into the city. And since we’re a NYC brand, we’ve pulled inspiration from off the streets to deliver you some easy essentials and how to wear them to get the GORPCORE look! We’re making it super easy for our #bkfam by giving you different ways and pieces to mix and match to achieve the look!


  • The Ripstop Jogger
  • Utility-Inspired Outerwear
  • Cargo & Camo
  • Nature Graphic Hoodies


Let’s explore this trend together!


The Ripstop Jogger


These brand-new Double Knee Ripstop Joggers are the #1 must-have. We’ve created these joggers in multiple different styles and colors so you can customize your look! These are versatile for creating casual and cool looks. Most importantly, they are THE THING that’s gonna give you the GORPCORE look we’re striving for.


Ripstop is a special woven fabric that’s essentially resistant to any wear and tear. This makes these joggers perfect for any adventure. Whether you’re skating, hiking, or exploring nature, you can count on these to hold their own wherever the day takes you!

To elevate these into the perfect streetwear look, we recommend you wear these with a pair of sneakers, a graphic tee, and a baseball cap. If you have a utility jacket or vest, you can wear it over to add layers. For a simpler (but equally stylish) look, wear these joggers with a neon yellow or orange oversize hoodie to achieve that effortless style.


Utility-Inspired Outerwear



Outerwear is another way to easily achieve a cool GORPCORE look. Not only can these pieces be used for practical purposes, but they’re super stylish, as well! Our favorite ways to build a GORPCORE-inspired look are Anorak Jackets and Sherpa Zip Ups!


This Multi Tue Dye Ying Yang Jacket is the perfect way to get into GORPCORE! The bright colors of the jacket embody what this trend is all about. Not only is it stylish, but this jacket is perfect for your outdoor adventures. It has waterproof properties to keep you dry and protected. The pullover is super easy to use as a layering piece.


All our favorite celebs are wearing these bright, neon jackets. We recommend you pair these with our Black Camo Stretch Ripstop Double Knee Jogger to complement the look with a playful neutral.


This White Sherpa Full Zip Jacket is another way to get the look! A warm zip up is great for bundling up in the chilly weather. Similar to A$AP Rocky’s fleece zip up, this sherpa takes it up a notch! This can be worn with a pair of our joggers. It gives that utility, outdoors aesthetic that aligns with the trend. It’s also such a comfortable way to put together a look!


These outerwear jackets are essential for putting together a GORPCORE look. We’ve been seeing everyone rocking puffers, fleeces, and windbreakers!


Cargo & Camo

What are two things that scream GORPCORE? Anything cargo or camo! The E-Waist Ripstop Cargo Shorts are the simplest way to pull off the trend. Camo has been making a major comeback in streetwear and elevates your looks! And cargo aligns with the utility aspect that is on-trend with the GORPCORE look. Plus, these are super easy elements that most people can pull from their closet! GORPCORE is all about playing with these different elements and combining them.

 We recommend these new Camo Elastic Waist Ripstop Cargo Shorts. They are cargo and camo perfection. This combination can be paired with an oversized black or neon hoodie. They come in so many colors so you can really customize the look:


  • Black
  • Camo
  • Dark Teal
  • Hunter Green
  • Khaki
  • Mustard
  • Tobacco


Most importantly, these are also the ripstop material that is going to stay strong and durable! These woven shorts are built to hold up against the forces of nature. No matter what the activity, these are stylish, comfortable, and strong!


Nature Graphics


What better way to embrace nature! This Love Nature Fleece Hoodie shows off your love for the outdoors. The new spring/summer collections features a variety of different nature-inspired themes that really go with the GORPCORE look. The graphics are super cool and give it a streetwear edge. In a GORPCORE look, the clothes usually have different logos, images, or graphics to add extra detail to the outfit. So, this hoodie is a great way to incorporate that!


This hoodie pairs perfectly with one of our Ripstop Joggers and your favorite pair of sneakers. The black hoodie can be worn with our hunter green joggers to give it an outdoorsy feel! If you’re looking to elevate the look, accessorize it with a fanny pack or beanie!


Enjoy the Outdoors in GORPCORE styles

Whether you’re wearing these new styles for your outdoor activities or just to channel A$AP Rocky’s style, these styles are the perfect way to hop on the trend. We’ve given you all the elements essential for GORPCORE: ripstop joggers, utility-inspired outerwear, cargo & camo, and nature graphics! From what it is to how you wear it, we have you covered!


Now that you know what GORPCORE is, we want to see how our #bkfam wears it! This style plays with a lot of different elements, so building these looks can be a lot of fun! The best part of this style is how much you add on to your outfit.


You can layer these pieces with different items: such as an oversized puffer jacket or vest. You can wear it with your favorite beanie or baseball hat. You can also pair it with a chunky or high-top sneaker!


We hope you take inspiration from these pieces and really create your own GORPCORE inspired look. Get creative with it!


This trend perfectly aligns with what we believe in over here at Brooklyn Cloth. Our clothes are sustainably sourced from recycled yarns and polyester to donated textile scraps. We not only take inspiration from nature, but we try our best to take care of it as well! This step is just our little way of being a part of a bigger change!


Whether you’re in the concrete jungle or exploring the nature outside of it, our clothes are durable and comfortable for your next journey. We want to see our #bkfam outside this summer! The memories you make in our clothes are important to us! Tag us in your GORPCORE-inspired looks on Instagram. We can’t wait to see your next adventure!

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