Winter Trends for Guys

Winter Trends for Guys

Winter Trends for Guys

Who’s ready for winter fashion? We know we are here at Brooklyn Cloth! We want to make sure that all of our guys in our #BKfam are fully stocked on the latest winter fashion trends for this upcoming season.


How to Transition Your Wardrobe From Fall to Winter


As you know, Brooklyn Cloth is known for its comfortable and trendy outfits for all occasions. With fall is coming to an end, winter is ready for action. We have so many different outfits and pieces to share with you. However, we understand how overwhelming it can be to shop for a new season when you still have so many different pieces to wear from the last.

 Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket

No worries, though! we offer so many pieces in each collection that you can mix and match your favorite pieces from each season. You can style short-sleeve T-shirts with a pair of joggers or a hoodie with a pair of shorts since we highly recommend layering in the winter. 


Many of our clothing pieces here at Brooklyn Cloth are versatile, so you do not need to fully change over your wardrobe with the seasons. Of course, we do encourage you to add some new styles and trends to your current collection to keep up with the ever-changing trends.


We here at Brooklyn Cloth can provide you with all of the most popular and fashion-forward styles. We want our Brooklyn Cloth family to be as fashion-forward and trendy as they possibly can this upcoming winter season.


Why Do I Need to Know About Winter Fashion?


Winter clothing is extremely comfortable and gives off very warm and cozy vibes. There are so many activities that you can do this winter so we want to make sure that you are fully prepared with your clothing choices for each and every one. We know that all of these winter festivities will end up being posted on Instagram, so why not look your best while participating in winter fun with your friends and family?


We know how busy you may be with the start of the school semester and with work starting to pile up again after the holidays, but don’t let the need to go shopping and add more clothes to your closet stress you out. We here at Brooklyn Cloth are a one-stop-shop for all of your winter clothing needs.

 Black Elemental Hoodie

We are here to provide you with a guide to the most fashion-forward winter pieces and outfits that you can rock this upcoming season. We want to make sure that you look and feel your best during whatever winter activities you enjoy. We also want you to be prepared with winter looks to wear during the work and school week.


We know that the winter weather can be a little misleading because of its inconsistent temperatures. We offer a wide variety of shorts, joggers, hoodies, and jackets for you to choose from, so you’ll be prepared for fluctuating temps. We will also show you how to style each and every one of these pieces in both casual and more formal ways.


Winter's 5 Hottest Trends for Men


  1. Comfort Clothes
  2. Bright Colors
  3. Graphics
  4. Tie-Dye
  5. Tech Fabrics


Some of the top five trends for guys to wear this winter include our graphic pieces such as our hoodies and joggers, our pop of color pieces such as our 2.0 sweatpants that come in a variety of different colors, our tech fabrics, and our ripstop joggers.


We have created outfits that incorporate all of these new exciting trends for you to get some inspiration from and create an outfit with your own spin. Feel free to mix and match the pieces that we style with some of your own pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.


A Focus on Comfort


Let’s start off comfy. We have tons of different matching styles and individual pieces within our hoodie and jogger collections for our guys to rock this winter. Some of the sets that we absolutely adore for our men include our tie-dye collections, our Open Your Mind collection, and our marble collection.


One of our favorite pieces from the Open Your Mind collection is our Black Tie-Dye Sweatpants.

Another set that would look great together from this collection would be our Dark Teal Open Your Mind Sketch Short Sleeve Tee. This tee would also pair great with our Solid Open Your Mind Sweatpants that are offered in multiple colors, including teal tie dye, black tie dye, and sand.

 Add A Pop of Color

 Although winter is full of neutral, warm, and cozy colors, we would love to add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe. You may stand out, but who doesn’t like being the center of attention?


Our 2.0 sweatpants are offered in a variety of different colors for you to choose from that will definitely add some color to your closet. The sweatpants are solid colored, so they can be paired with pretty much any top, from T-shirts to hoodies to jackets. These comfy sweatpants will definitely come in handy throughout the winter season and even into the spring.

 Our extremely popular 2.0 sweatpants will definitely offer you extreme comfort and coziness during the colder days of this season. These sweatpants are offered in mustard, soft moss, sand, hunter green, forest green, dark cherry, burnt orange, tobacco, French navy, red, and camel.


An outfit that would incorporate our burnt orange 2.0 sweatpants to provide you with that extra pop of color this winter would be the sweats paired with one of our light wash denim jackets.

Under the jacket, feel free to throw on a simple T-shirt, like our White Printed Space Dye Tee. Our light wash denim jacket will really bring this outfit together. Add your favorite pair of sneakers and accessories like a bucket hat or baseball cap to bring this trendy winter outfit together.


Graphic Designs Are In

Graphic designs are another staple of this winter season. Graphic designs on clothing pieces are unique, especially here at Brooklyn Cloth. All of our graphics are designed by a talented in-house team that makes designs that are unique to our brand. The hand-drawn designs that I printed on our clothing all have special meanings that you can find described on our website within the description of each piece. Some of the pieces with these unique graphic designs include our White High Deman HoodieDark Purple Worldwide Happy Face Hoodie, and Sand Drip Square Hoodie.


White High Demand Graphic Hoodie


Many of these hoodies can be paired with various bottoms. Some of them have matching bottoms that come in a jogger form. You can also pick a pair of our twill joggers for a more formal look and pair them with any hoodies.


A very popular color from our twill jogger collection for guys this winter includes our khaki shade. This khaki color can be paired with basically any type of top, including one of these hoodies. You can even throw a denim jacket on top of the hoodie to complete the look on cooler nights.

A solid outfit would be our White Peace Rose Hoodie paired with our Tobacco Ripstop Jogger Pants with bungees and topped off with our Medium Wash Distressed Denim Jacket. This outfit screams trendy streetwear vibes that you should rock this winter.


Tie Dye is for the Cool Guys - 

Tie dye is continuing to steal the show this winter. You can rock this trend with our Tie Dye Blessed Split Hoodie Collection. This set comes in split colors, with a variety of pairings available for you to mix and match. Offered in this collection are the Blessed Split Tie Dye Sweats to match!


The hoodie and sweatpants set are perfect for the beginning of the fall, but as the weather begins to change and the temperatures drop, it is beneficial to have a set that has pants as well. Of course, you can always match the navy hoodie to a solid pair of navy or white sweatpants, but how cool would it be to rock a trendy matching set to school this winter?


We love sets because you can wear them literally all year round. And trust us, this cozy collection will be perfect for the cooler nights this winter. You will never want to take it off. Feel free to finish this outfit off with a pair of sneakers or boots, depending on the time of the year and what you were doing in this outfit. If you want to spice this outfit up a bit, feel free to throw a vest on over your hoodie or a winter jacket for ultimate trendiness.


Guys, don’t be discouraged by the tie-dye trend. Trust us, here at Brooklyn Cloth, we adore our tie dye pieces, and we would definitely love to see you rocking them this upcoming season.


Tech Fabrics for Function and Style

 Ripstop joggers are the newest addition to our Brooklyn Cloth collections. These joggers are offered in two different styles. We offer Ripstop Double Knee Cargo Joggers and Ripstop Joggers Pants with Bungees. Both of these styles scream streetwear chic. We would love to see the guys of our Brooklyn Cloth family rocking these joggers throughout the winter season.


The Double Knee Cargo Jogger style is offered in tobacco, black, and camo. The Bungee style of our ripstop jogger pants is offered in the same colors: tobacco, black, and camo. There are so many ways to style these joggers, including by wearing just a hoodie with them or a jacket of some sort if you are going for a more formal look.


A long trench coat jacket would also look very stylish with these joggers and would definitely fit within the winter trends. If you were going for the tobacco-colored jogger, feel free to throw on a black trench coat, but if you’re going for the black color, we recommend doing the opposite and going with a lighter-colored trench coat. Finish off this look with a pair of boots or loafers. This will combine a city-chic look and streetwear look to get the best of both worlds.


Stay warm this winter with a puffer vest or puffer jacket. These toasty outerwear pieces are always going to keep cycling back year after year. They are extremely comfortable and will definitely keep you warm if you are out and about on a chilly day. Definitely make sure to add one or both to your wardrobe during the cooler months this year because you’ll definitely want to wear them over your trendy hoodie and graphic tees sets. 


Trendy Clothes for Winter and Beyond


We hope that this guide to our top trends for guys this winter has been helpful for you. We hope that it inspired you to try new trends and pieces that you normally wouldn’t. Our goal here at Brooklyn Cloth is to provide you with the latest, most popular pieces so that you can feel and look your best no matter what season it is.

 Longsleeve Elemental T shirt

Although you may already be stressed out with the amount of schoolwork that you have been assigned, don't worry about revamping your closet. We have all the latest winter trends here for you at Brooklyn Cloth, ready for you to pull from our collections and into your own wardrobe.  


Of course, we want you to add your own spin to these outfits, even if it is just by adding a different shoe than we suggest or adding one of your favorite baseball caps and a pair of sunglasses.

Color Block Hoodie 

No matter where you are, we hope that you feel your best while wearing our clothes. All of our suggestions can be made into casual and more formal outfits with the right styling pieces. We can’t wait to see what our Brooklyn Cloth family has come up with and how you all choose to style our pieces. We hope that this guide has been helpful, and we hope that everybody is enjoying the start of winter.

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