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Why is everyone ordering a "Flat White" coffee

Flat White

It's been awhile now and what was once the "IT" coffee drink of the season "The Flat White" has turned into our normal hot coffee drink daily. But what's so great about "The Flat White" and did Starbucks come up with it? 

Questions like this means we had to go to the best source for answers- Google!

Googling Flat White Coffee

There's tons and tons of articles about Flat White Coffee and how it came about. From all our "Googling" we came up with these key information (so you can look super cool with co-workers and friends") 

1. It either came from Australia or New Zealand and the battle of who created it still goes on. #flatwhitemassacre -we just made that up!

Flat White Coffee Australia size

2. The original recipe for Flat White is a double shot of espresso and warmed milk and served in a 5.5fl oz cup (for those that don't know what that size is, it's a "short" on Starbucks lingo, meaning even smaller than a "tall" 

3. 2009 is when Starbucks introduced it to Australia but with their own version, 2 shots of espresso and 12 oz cup or "tall" 

Starbucks Flatwhite

4. There's a secret menu at Starbucks where you can get the feeling of authenticity and order a "short" 8oz cup 

5. Social media is taking many Instagram worthy pics of "Flat White" and how amazing  it is that they're drinking it 

Socia Media loves Flat White Coffee

So whats our take on all this? Don't overthink it and just enjoy your coffee!

Hipster Girl drinking Flat White Coffee

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