TOP 5 Places in Brooklyn to Visit this Fall

TOP 5 Places in Brooklyn to Visit this Fall

Here's Brooklyn Cloth's Top 5 Places to Visit during this Fall Season 

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Bars

This is a roof top gardening which might just become a standard in the city to do in the future. Understanding that space is limited in the Brooklyn, this innovative idea is something to be experienced.

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm

A garden on top of the roof in Brooklyn? Yeah, this is very unique to say the least. The space is not enough for the farm to be producing a lot of it but makes a statement that all organic vegetables and fruits it is able to be made in a limited amount of space.

Events such as the Subway Set is also held at this amazing location. 

Subway Set at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop

One other thing that this place has is the view of the New York City Skyline. Since you are on the rooftop above other buildings, the view is panoramic of East side Manhattan. They also have a coffee house on the first for the much needed java jolt.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 

Brooklyn botanic garden is a beautiful place to spend the day away from the city and the Japanese garden is a MUST see.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden 

There were lots of activities for children, with so many opportunities to learn hands on about plants and the local wildlife. There were buckets for looking at pond water, a place to dig in the mud, vegetable gardens to learn about where food comes from, magnifying glasses to look at bugs in compost, and lots of other great activities.

 Entry is $15 a person.

 Highlights include the Japanese gardens and the Scented garden. The whole garden is well signed so you know beautiful plants, flowers, and trees you’re viewing. . Whenever there is an opportunity to touch and smell a plant, the sign will let you know. The whole garden is beautiful fragrant experience. There’s also the domes that you can explore.


Park Slope Neighborhood 

This neighborhood offers the treat of viewing the tree lined brownstone houses - an attraction of the bygone era !

Park Slope Brownstones in the fall

The line up of the these house are a treat to view and some of them still have their original oil lamps outside the entrance reflecting a glimpse of the time of no electricity here. The lively 7th Avenue and the surroundings areas here have good restaurants and the whole area is full of stores with interesting things to browse or purchase.

Prospect Park

Designed by the same architect as Central Park, Prospect Park is significantly smaller and has a slightly different feel, it is well laid out with lots of pathways for runners and cyclists, and plenty of  space to explore and walk around.

Prospect Park in the fall

Beautiful long meadows, winding paved pathways though forested areas, skating rink, carousel, children's zoo, picnic areas, lake with paddle boats & kayaks, many playgrounds, lots of benches to sit and relax, a drive for bikers, runners, walkers, strollers, music events, and more!

Brooklyn Brewery

Did someone say beer?

You can take a tour daytime, which is cool - but 6pm they open a craft beer bar in the brewery it's self! Oktoberfest is also a great time to take this visit.

Brooklyn Brewery

The tour is $15 per person for 2 hours, the first 45 minutes or so is spent in the tap room with a guide. You get a custom-made Brooklyn Brewery saison glass to keep (works for all types of beers) and over the 45 minutes you get 3 pours (this changes based on the season).

Oktoberfest at Brooklyn Brewery

The guide walks you through how to correctly smell / taste beer, and gives background on the beers you’re sampling and on the brewery itself. You're then taken to the actual brewing facilities for a quick 15-minute overview of the brewing process before heading back to the tap room for a 4th and final pour. With the remaining 45 minutes to an hour you're able to stay in the tap room and drink some more Brooklyn offerings.

Have fun exploring some of our favorite spots! 

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