Why is Sherpa Trending?

Why is Sherpa Trending?

There’s plenty of factors that lead into the trend of Sherpa. If you look into the major style trends of recent years, you’ll see where Sherpa fits into most of them. One factor is that the '90s trends are becoming the trends of the 2010s. Since Levi’s was big in the '90s, they’re becoming popular all over again.

Another reason for the growing Sherpa trend is that the oversized or puffier look is becoming a thing that people live for and adding Sherpa to inner parts of a jacket or even the lining helps obtain that look. “Comfy, but cute” is also a major style trend.

What is Sherpa?

To understand the rise of Sherpa, first, we must understand what Sherpa is. You may know it as a fabric made from polyester, acrylic, or cotton, but the term “Sherpa” originated from the ethnic group of “Sherpa people” (Shar meaning east and Pa meaning people), who were natives to the most mountainous regions of Nepal and the Himalayas.

The Sherpa people climb high mountains and are known for doing so. Here are a few traditional clothing pieces they wear for safety purposes, which are mainly covered in wool. The men wear robe-like pieces, while women and men wear long shirts underneath. It’s important to note that the layers were used for survival reasons. So, why is Sherpa trending?         

Sherpa In Fashion

Sherpa can be found in the lining of a coat, an oversized jacket, or the inside of a heavy coat. It’s used many different ways with outerwear to keep us warm while staying in style. As with most fashion trends, Sherpa has made a comeback and is being sold by luxury and fast-fashion retailers.

It remains a mystery as to who wore it for fashion first, but we do know who helped make it popular, and that’s Levi’s with their denim jackets. Levi’s began putting Sherpa on the inside of their denim trucker jackets in the '90s. This didn’t become a global trend until recently, however.

Sherpa may be trending now because most style trends from the '90s are coming back. The vintage look is being sold in most stores now as major staple pieces, including mom jeans, crop tops, oversized flannels, plaid skirts, overalls—the list goes on. Denim jackets are also a major staple piece in most people’s closet, so Levi’s knew what they were doing by combining the two.

Sherpa In Luxury Fashion

Sherpa gives a jacket more flavor. You don’t have to add anything for it to appear “trendy.” Sherpa alone is stylish, and there are many ways to rock it, such as the outlining of a jacket.

Luxury brands for last year’s Paris fashion week began adding Sherpa lining to coats—providing the garment with more structure. Some luxury retailers began putting Sherpa inside more than just denim jackets—giving an oversized look to all styles of coats.

Sherpa In Brooklyn Cloth

Man wearing Dark Denim Sherpa Jacket

Luxury brands aren’t the only ones that know about Sherpa and its popularity. Brooklyn Cloth knows what’s up when it comes to styling yourself in the best way possible this holiday season.

As many of us know, certain fabrics used in jackets can be uncomfortable when rubbing against your skin. Adding Sherpa to the inside of a jacket makes it more comfortable to wear. Who doesn’t like being comfortable while looking cute? It’s also a perfect way to keep yourself warm without having to wear layers for days — looking like a giant marshmallow is never cute.

Brooklyn Cloth has plenty of Sherpa based pieces to keep you warm and fly this holiday season. You can pair this jacket with a thin hoodie underneath or just a t-shirt. There are so many ways to style these jackets; you’ll never get sick of wearing them. 

Comfort and Style

Sherpa is great for everyone, but if you’re a college student, then full Sherpa pieces should be in your closet. With midterms, exams, early classes, and just days when you don’t want to do life, these pieces are perfect for you. These pieces can be worn (for women) with leggings or denim, boots or sneakers.

However you feel your comfiest. They can even be worn with sweatpants. Also, with the holiday season approaching, I know we’re all in need of stretchy clothes to wear while we gobble down our Thanksgiving dinner. With that, you also want to be comfortable during your food coma. Wearing full Sherpa pieces feels like you’re wearing a blanket the entire day and that’s #goals.

3 Ways to Style the Sherpa Look

Comfort isn’t the only reason why we love Sherpa (although it’s a big one). The beauty of Sherpa pieces is that there are so many ways to style them. Wearing Sherpa with pieces such as varsity jackets, pullover hoodies, and corduroy jackets is a vibe.

Khaki Sherpa Lined Corduroy Trucker Jacket
  • Street
  • Edge
  • Sporty

You can go for a comfy look (as I previously showed), but you can also go for a sporty, grungy, or street look with our Sherpa based pieces.

Take Your Sherpa to The Streets

A Sherpa outerwear piece such as our Khaki Sherpa Lined Trucker Jacket with any of our classic light-colored joggers and Nike AF1’s will give off a street vibe.

Sherpa Equals Edgy

For a more edgy look, you can pair our Tobacco Sherpa Lined Jacket with our classic black joggers, a dark hoodie, and Vans.

Combine Sherpa and Your Love of Sports

Biscuit Henley Neck Snap Sherpa Hoodie

If you’re into sports, or just like to look like you are, we have a Sherpa fit for you. Our Burgundy No Worries Blocked Sherpa Hoodie with any of our classic joggers (probably best with a khaki-colored one), and a pair of running/sports shoes will give a sporty look. If you’re a couch potato, nobody has to know. 

Sherpa gets you there by creating comfort on the inside of a piece but appearing stylish on the outside, such as pairing denim jackets or corduroys with your outfit. Even pieces that are strictly Sherpa on the outside are comfy, but cute because they can be paired with pieces that elevate the entire look.

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