4 Ways to Wear Our New Sweatpants

5 Ways to Wear Our New Sweatpants by Brooklyn Cloth

As summer comes to a close, we are beginning to get back into Fall mode. The decor in the stores is changing from pool floats to Halloween costumes and from sunscreen to candles. While we are sad to see summer go, many of us are excited for this transition because of the best part: the Fall clothing. Of course, we love our shorts and our swim trunks here at Brooklyn Cloth, but we absolutely adore our sweatpants and hoodies as well as all things Fall.

5 Ways to Wear Our New Sweatpants

Of course, sweatpants can be worn all throughout the year no matter what the weather may be. During the summertime we saw a ton of outfits incorporating sweatpants and joggers into them. During the nighttime the weather often began to cool so we were used to changing from our shorts to sweats. But now, with the weather changing, we see sweats becoming an essential part of our wardrobe.


As the fall comes around, we will see a ton of sweatpants and jogger outfits being worn and styled in all different ways. Some may not think that sweatpants can be styled in a trendy way, but we are here to prove those individuals wrong.


We have created a guide to help you gain more knowledge on how to style sweatpants in five different ways.


2.0 sweatpants | brooklyn cloth

Brooklyn Cloth Sweatpants 2.0

Our new collection of sweatpants, Sweatpants 2.0, is full of colorful and comfortable sweats for you to choose from. We hope that you decide to wear this style all year round. Our 2.0 sweats come in a variety of colors for you to mix and match your wardrobe with. The colors include…

2.0 Sweats Colors

Burnt orange


Dark cherry

Forest green

French navy

Hunter green




Soft moss



The difference between our sweatpants and our joggers is the fit of them. Our sweatpants 2.0 are a unisex style that can be worn by any gender. We suggest everybody tries the fit of these comfy sweats and pairs them with tops from all collections, not just the collection of one gender.


Men's T-shirt and sweatpants from Brooklyn Cloth

Look 1:

 The second look that we have in mind for you to rock this fall season is a step up from the t-shirt and sweats look. This look is a bit more put together and can be worn to class or while running errands with your friends over the weekend.


This look includes a pair of our 2.0 sweats and a hoodie. The hoodie and sweat pant combo has always been extremely popular and we have so many options for you to choose from to create your own sets.


A pair of our sweatpants and one of our hoodies that would look great together include the hunter green sweatpants and our hunter green color block hoodie. This hoodie is made up of a variety of different colors. It has just the right amount of hunter green in it to match the sweats while still not overpowering the other colors.


Another set that would be worn great together include our dark cherry sweatpants and our white time now doodle hoodie. This white hoodie is full of unique graphics all throughout the piece. The color of the designs on the backside of the hoodie would match these sweatpants perfectly, creating the perfect set for you to rock this season.


 Men's Matching set from Brooklyn Cloth

Look 2:

The third look is our favorite, matching sets. Matching sets are made up of a top and a bottom that are the same color and have the same designs. Because we love matching sets so much here at Brooklyn Cloth, we suggest you fill your closet with them for this season. You won't want to wear anything else, and we can promise you that.


Some of our favorite matching sets include our Elemental jogger and hoodie set. This set comes in three different colors including… 


  • Black
  • White
  • Sand


This Elemental set is a unique set that has designs and graphics printed all around the hoodie and the sweatpants.


If you want to mix and match this set with a different pair of bottoms, feel free to coordinate them with a pair of our sweatpants 2.0. You can match these hoodies with the sand-colored pair of this collection. The neutral color will match all three of these hoodies. Feel free to pair this matching set with your favorite sneakers, preferably Air Force Ones. Because of their simplicity, they will match whatever outfit you choose to wear.


Another one of our favorite matching sets include our soft moss sweatpants 2.0 and a crew neck sweatshirt from our women's collection. This soft moss fleece jogger crew set is a perfect set to mix and match with our sweatpants 2.0.


As we mentioned earlier, feel free to pair these outfits with a pair of your favorite sneakers or moccasins. You can also add accessories or another layer to these outfits. If the weather isn't warm enough for just a hoodie, add a vest to the outfit. You can also finish this look off with a pair of your favorite sunglasses or a baseball cap or bucket hat.


Denim jacket from Brooklyn Cloth 

Look 3:

Finishing off your sweat pant look with a trendy jacket is another way to style these sweatpants 2.0. During the winter, walk around the city or from class to class in a comfortable but also trendy and stylish way.


Pairing a pair of comfortable joggers or sweatpants with a cool jacket is the perfect way to do so. The jacket you choose obviously depends on the temperature and the weather of the city you are in.


If it is the beginning of the fall season, a jean jacket or a windbreaker will suffice but if it is the middle of the winter with a chance of snow definitely layer up and top the outfit off with a heavy puffer jacket or fur coat.


Some of our popular jean jackets that would look dope paired with a pair of our sweatpants 2.0 include our black True Doodle Denim jacket or our light wash denim jacket for a lighter color look. If the season is in between temperatures, try a Sherpa lined denim or corduroy jacket to get the warmth of a winter coat but also the lightness of a jean jacket.


Another lightweight jacket that you can pair with these sweatpants is our windbreaker. The detail on the camo and black nowhere to go anorak jackets would match perfectly with our mustard-colored sweatpants 2.0.


The jacket you choose obviously is dependent on the weather and the style that you are trying to achieve.


 Matching set from Brooklyn Cloth

Look :

Last, but not least, our most formal way to wear sweatpants is with a pair of boots or high heels, believe it or not. This may sound bizarre but, trust us, it is the newest trend.


We continue to see influencers and celebrities strutting down the streets in a pair of casual, comfy joggers tucked into a pair of chunky boots or rolled up above a pair of strappy high heels.


This look may be a bit out of your comfort zone, but we recommend you continue to try new trends. The sweatpants and heel trend is constantly being worn with oversized jackets such as trench coats or puffer jackets. Celebrities are also pairing their matching sets with heels and chunky jewelry to tie the whole look together.


Men have even been seen wearing a comfy pair of joggers paired with a blazer or a sweater to the office and especially while working from home. These formal outfits are perfectly finished with a pair of sneakers, boat shoes, or loafers. During the wintertime, feel free to finish off this office-acceptable, comfy look with a long peacoat and a scarf to dress it up even more.


 Matching set from Brooklyn Cloth

Get Creative with Your Sweatpants

There are endless amounts of ways that you can style your sweatpants. Our sweatpants 2.0 are the perfect addition for you to add to your fall and winter wardrobe this season. Whether you want to change into a more comfortable outfit after a long day at work or you want to wear a casual and comfy outfit to your tiring day full of classes, these sweatpants are the perfect pair for you to own.


Sweatpants are such a staple in everybody’s closets no matter how young or old they are. This comfortable piece of clothing is needed to help everyone unwind after a long day or a long week in the office. We can assure you that by wearing these sweats you will feel ultimate comfort and will get the most out of your day.


Don't forget #BKFAM to step out of your comfort zone and always add your own spin of style to these outfits that we suggest for you to rock. We encourage you to use these recommendations as a guide to help you try and style new trends but always want you to add your own accessories to the look to make them yours.


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