Men’s Swim Trunks to Keep You Looking Cool this Summer

Men's Swim Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

The summer is a time to get outdoors, enjoying the warm weather, and make a splash! Fashion is laid back and focused on comfort, keeping cool, and looking good. Whether you are spending your days sitting poolside with a refreshing drink or playing volleyball on the beach with your friends, we have you and your wardrobe covered.


All you need is a great swimsuit, sunscreen, and some flip flops to be ready for your favorite water activities! Our swim trunks will keep you looking trendy with one-of-a-kind prints, styles, and shades.

Men’s Swim Trunks to Keep You Looking Cool this Summer

All our bathing suits are extremely colorful and will help you to show off your summer glow. If looking and feeling good this summer is your goal, we suggest choosing an eye-catching set of trunks that do the job of a head-to-toe outfit when it comes to style.


The Best Men’s Swim Trunks


Men's swim shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

There are endless styles of swim trunks available to men, from knee length board shorts to the returning short shorts. Ours come in different lengths, but one thing remains the same. We have an array of colors and designs, including:


Men’s Swim Trunk Designs

-   Tie Dye

-   Ombre

-   Graphic prints

-   Fruit patterns

-   Bold patterns


Men's Good Vibe Club swim shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

Make Swim Trunks a Versatile Summer Outfit

Even though most of the time you’ll be rocking your suit shirtless, there will be times you want to pair it with more clothing. We want you to feel inspired to create outfits with pieces that you already own, but we also have great recommendations for making your trunks appropriate for a quick lunch between body surfing sessions.


When dry, swim trunks can easily pass for regular men’s shorts. If you choose to wear them to a pool party or on vacation to the beach, you likely want to arrive with a top and shoes that can easily be removed for fun in the water.


Tops that Pair with Trunks

-   tees

-   tanks

-   short sleeve button up shirts

-   hoodies


Keep in Casual

Because of the casualness that bathing suits tend to give off, the setting that you will probably be wearing this outfit in will most likely be accepting of wearing button down shirts unbuttoned.


Bathing suits can be worn in both a casual setting and in a more formal setting. Of course, not as formal as a black-tie event, but there are more formal events where you can wear a bathing suit like a graduation party or a beach party on vacation.


If pairing with a t-shirt or tank, we like finishing the look with a good slip on sneaker and hat.  A favorite pairing of ours is the men’s blue Aloha Print Volley swim shorts with either our Dusty Blue Drip Tank Top or our White Streaky Print Tee, depending on how much muscle you would like to show off.


Men's navy Popsicle swim shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

If it gets chilly towards the end of the day when the sun starts to set on the beach feel free to throw on a hoodie or a long sleeve tee to keep you warm. If you are in and out of the pool in the backyard or at the beach you are most likely going to be barefoot but if you want to finish this look off with a pair or shoes feel free to wear a pair of slides or sneakers.


Jazz it Up

On the other hand, if you want to wear a bathing suit in a less casual setting like a party or restaurant, we can definitely help you with some ideas on how to dress up your trunks. One of our fun bathing suits that can be dressed up are our men’s Green Tie Dye swim shorts. This bathing suit can even be worn as a pair of regular shorts during the summer.


You can pair either this particular swim suit or one of your own swim trunks with a button down shirt like our New York Long Sleeve Woven Shirt. Wear this button down buttoned up halfway or completely unbuttoned for more of a laid-back look. Any button up short sleeve shirts would go perfect with a swimsuit.


To finish off this look, we recommend pairing these outfits with accessories like hats and sunglasses. A fedora style hat would definitely cap off the button down and swim trunks outfit. It gives off a beachy and tropical look and will make you feel like you are on a vacation on an island anywhere in the world even if you are just hanging out in your own backyard. A stylish pair of clubmasters or aviator sunglasses would give it an extra touch of style as well. Don't forget to finish this look off with a pair of boat shoes or sandals that you can easily slip on and off throughout the day!


Go for the Bold Choice

You don’t have to play it safe with your swim trunk design. Liven things up with bright colors and patterns you wouldn’t entertain for daily wear. We love a bold, bright suit!


Festive Men’s Swim Trunks

-   Watermelon Swim Trunks

-   Popsicle Swim Trunks


Men's popsicle swim shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

Each of these printed trunks relate to summer vibes. While wearing them you can fully immerse yourself in all things summer. The Popsicle swim trunks come in both aqua and navy so you can choose which shade of blue suits you best.


All of these styles can be paired with any of our t-shirts or hoodies which can be worn during the chillier days on the beach. Some of our favorite hoodies that go great with these graphic swim trunks include our men’s White Legend Worldwide Hoodie or our men’s White Brooklyn Graffiti Doodle Hoodie. Both of these hoodies also have original graphic designs all around them.


Bathing suits don’t get worn as often as our other clothing, so we tend to hold onto them for a while. Although most of us are guilty of this, let us assure you, it is important to continue to upgrade and revamp your summer wardrobe every so often. The popular trends are constantly changing, and we want to keep our #BKKAM in style. The best is yet to come is a saying that many people live by, and it applies to clothing as well.


Don't forget to express yourself through your clothing even with something as casual as a pair of swim trunks. Our goal here at Brooklyn Cloth is to provide our #BKFAM with the best, most comfortable clothing all year around!

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