Top Five Men's Favorites from Brooklyn Cloth

Top Five Men's Favorites from Brooklyn Cloth

The Spring season is finally here! Hopefully you’ve got the spring cleaning over with already and have switched over your closet from your winter favorites to your warmer weather favorites. If your closet is looking a little empty after this cleaning, we can help you refill your wardrobe.

Men's Favorites

We want to help you create the perfect, versatile spring outfit from head to toe that can transition with changing spring weather. The clothing chosen for this outfit needs to be able to keep you comfortable throughout the day; the key is to layer your clothing. 


We offer our #BKFAM various styles to choose from to help them create the perfect outfit. We don't want the pieces that make up this outfit to only be worn with each other. We want all of them to be capable of being worn with many items in your wardrobe.


Men's Joggers from Brooklyn Cloth


 Joggers: The Most Versatile Men’s Pants


Joggers are definitely the way to go when trying to achieve both style and comfort within an outfit. Not only will they definitely be put to use this season, but they will come in handy throughout the entire year because they can be worn with basically every top option, including tees, tanks, sweaters, dress shirts, and jackets. Our twill joggers come in variety of colors for you to choose from including:



We suggest stocking up on multiple colors of these joggers because we are certain that you will adore them and want to wear them all the time with various outfits throughout the year. 


Men's T-shirt from Brooklyn Cloth


 Top It Off: Tees and Tanks


Now that we have chosen the perfect bottoms, it is time to choose a top. Layering definitely is the best way to go in the spring. First, start with an under shirt. We offer tees and tanks that can be paired very well with these twill joggers and so many outerwear options.


Tie dye is a very popular trend in society right now. We continuously see new tie dye products becoming popular, including sweat suits and sneakers. However, the classic tie dye tees are always the go-to choice. We offer a variety of tie dye styles for our customers to choose from. 


Some of our favorite tie dye style tees:


Men's hoodie from Brooklyn Cloth


Hoodies: A Cozy Classic


It's now time to choose the outerwear layers to complete this outfit. Hoodies are a staple piece to have during the spring season. They are the perfect in between when trying to decide between a jacket and a long sleeve tee.


Hoodies are beneficial to choose when the weather is looking a little iffy. We have different options for you, whether you want to wear it all of the time or just carry it for an outing in case it gets too chilly.


One of our favorite hoodies to pair with a bright tie dye undershirt is our Black Escape Control Hoodie. We suggest this hoodie because it is a solid color. Wearing a solid color with a tie dye tee is a perfect combination because your outfit will not be overwhelmed with too many bright colors. 


Men's denim jacket from Brooklyn Cloth


 Jackets: Every Guy Needs a Good One


You can alternate this outfit with different outerwear options, including hoodies or different types of jackets. You might want to be more comfortable one day, so you choose to finish off the outfit with a hoodie. Perhaps later in the week you want to wear a jean jacket over your tie dye tee to achieve a more formal look.


Similar to choosing a solid-colored hoodie to wear with your colorful bright tee, we suggest wearing our Light Wash Distressed Denim Jacket so that your outerwear does not take away from the design of the tee. Jean jackets tend to make outfits a bit more formal than hoodies do as well. This will make this fit acceptable to wear to brunch or out to dinner with your family or friends. This jean jacket also goes well with any color of Twill joggers that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth. 


Accessories: Not Just for the Ladies


Accessories! The best part of the outfit. When choosing an outfit, it is important to be careful of what you wear with it because accessories can make or break an outfit. Choosing the perfect shoe or pair of sunglasses can pull it all together or tear it apart. This outfit offers many options of shoes to choose from. Pairing this outfit with a sneaker, like a pair of converse or Air Force 1 ‘s, can make it more casual. If you decide to style it with a pair of loafers you will end up with a more dressy, formal outfit. When it is cooler outside, we suggest pairing this outfit with a beanie or adding a baseball cap on the warmer days. 


We hope that this guide to creating the perfect spring outfit will help you while you are restocking your closet after your spring clean-out.



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