A Simple Guide to Styling Men’s Shackets

A Simple Guide to Styling Men’s Shackets

A Simple Guide to Styling Men’s Shackets

Autumn is fast approaching, and as the leaves fall, it’s time to bring out your seasonal wardrobe staples. With countless activities ahead of you, from tailgates to holiday gatherings, there’s no excuse not to dress your best! Luckily, one item can pull together any outfit, no matter the occasion. At Brooklyn Cloth, we’ve designed a wide variety of men’s shackets so you can elevate your look every day. 

 Whether rocking a flannel shacket with jeans for the pumpkin patch or searching for a specific color to complement your favorite camo joggers, we’ve got you covered. Haven’t heard of a shacket before? No worries! Join us as we dive into everything there is to know about this versatile clothing item, learn about different designs, and find inspiration to dress up your own with our style guide for men’s shackets. 


What is a Shacket?


Shackets are a blend between a shirt and a jacket. They are designed with the silhouette of an oversized button-down but are made with a heavier material to keep you warm. Versatile, multi-functional, and forever stylish, these shirt jackets are essential for any man’s fall wardrobe. 


Important Elements of a Shirt Jacket


As the design of a shacket mimics the original style of a dressier button-down, most men’s shackets will feature these key elements:


Pockets—both on the chest and at the sides.

Buttons—sometimes replaced with a zipper for more casual styles.

Collars—just like a shirt.

Cuffs—found at the end of the sleeves to give a professional cut.

Hoods—only found in laidback hooded shacket styles.


Who Wears Shackets?


Short answer—anyone! Men of all ages can sport the chic shacket look. Whether you’re a high schooler who loves wearing plaid in the fall or in your 60s retiring from your job, men’s shackets are a timeless top layer for many men’s outfits. 


What Time of Year Can You Wear a Shacket?


Shackets can be worn from the earliest days of fall through the beginning of the warmer days of spring! While they aren’t meant to be worn alone on the chilliest days of winter, this lightweight jacket is your best bet on any day when the weather fluctuates. Remember that there’s a shirt jacket designed for every time of year, from heavier, sherpa-lined pieces to lighter, flannel shackets. 


When Did Men’s Shackets Become Popular?


If you haven’t noticed, shackets have dominated fashion trends the last couple of years—but why? Besides the fact that they make an easy transition piece for any time between fall and spring, there’s been a boom in wearing these stylish pieces.


Originating in early 20th-century military and workwear styles, these versatile shirt jackets quickly became an everyday staple in wardrobes across the globe when fashion companies began designing ones for daily wear for the average person. Nowadays, you can’t walk through a store or shop online in the fall without seeing them.


Both women and men rock this item throughout the year, influencing the world around them to do the same. Whether you saw a plaid shacket in Vogue or your best friend wears them, feel inspired to find a shacket you love and become a part of this fad—because it’s not going away anytime soon! 


3 Reasons to Own a Men’s Shacket


If you don’t already have a couple in your closet, it’s time to buy one before the fall! Here are three reasons every man should own a shirt jacket they love: 


  1. Show Off Your Style 


The shirt-jacket combo is the introduction to menswear fashion, and with endless styles at your fingertips, you can personalize your look to represent your style. Discover different materials, textures, colors, and cuts, and compare them to the rest of your wardrobe to pick one that will tie your outfits together and make you feel like your best self. Find one you’ll be excited to reach for when dressing in the morning and show off your style with a men’s shacket. 


  1. An Accent Piece for Any Outfit 


Shackets can be worn with all your favorite fits, whether you’re dressing up for date night with your girl or grabbing lunch with coworkers. When unsure how to complete your look, grab your favorite plaid shacket for the perfect outerwear.


Are you running errands but want to look put together over your laundry-day sweatpants? Throw a classic shacket on top and feel confident in your vibe. No matter what outfit you wear, from graphic T-shirts to timeless sweaters, a shacket gives you a stylish push. 


  1. Wear It for Any Occasion


Shackets are the best for layering through fall, winter, and even spring, so there are countless occasions to throw one on! When a hoodie won’t cut it, or you’re in the mood to feel a touch dressier, men’s shackets can elevate any look. From a casual outfit with jeans and your favorite men’s shirt to a nice date night fit, shackets can be worn for any reason—as long as you learn how to style them. 


Places to Wear a Shirt Jacket


Spoiler alert—you can wear a shacket to just about any activity:


House parties

Sporting events

Happy hours



Date nights

Office parties


Our 5 Favorite Men’s Shacket Styles


We told you there’s a style for everyone, didn’t we? Take a look at our five favorites and decide which is right for you: 


  1. Flannel Shackets


Flannel shackets are a favorite for their relaxed fit and cozy pattern. With the same double-breasted pockets, collar, and buttons down the front as a typical man’s shirt, a flannel shacket is a casual introduction to the latest men’s fashions. Enjoy the soft flannel material as a staple in your closet and feel warm all season. 


Flannels can be worn independently or thrown over as a lightweight top layer for an easy, layered fit that’s perfect for fall and winter fashion. Many fall patterns and colors lend themselves to being matched with the rest of your colder-months wardrobe, making it the ideal top layer whenever you need extra warmth and style. Whether heading to the farmer’s market with your girlfriend or meeting with family for a hike, a plaid shacket gives you a classic look that never fails.


  1. Hooded Shackets


When you’re looking for an extra casual vibe, the hooded shacket is the go-to. With all the same appeal as the typical flannel shacket, this design mixes the typical shirt jacket with a hoodie for ultimate comfort and style. The built-in, soft hoodie gives extra protection on the colder days, keeping your head warm whether you’re styling a beanie underneath or not.


Embrace the ‘90s vibes in your wardrobe with this hooded style, from hitting the skate park to playing video games with your boys. Hooded shackets work when you want to look put together but value feeling laid back and ready for anything. Find a flannel hooded shacket in a color you love and sport it all year round. 


  1. Sherpa Lined


For those days when you need extra warmth, a sherpa-lined shacket is a must. It would look like an average flannel shirt jacket from an outside perspective. With quilted flannel on the outside, you can look chill while keeping warm all day long with the plush-lined shacket.


As the days start getting shorter and cooler, a sherpa-lined shacket is a helpful piece to have on hand. Wear it on its own over a T-shirt or sweater or underneath a thicker winter coat—the options are endless. From chopping down the Christmas tree to hitting the slopes, a sherpa-lined shacket keeps you toasty all season long.


  1. Thermal Lined


Want to stay warm without dealing with a bulky overcoat? Everyone’s experienced those odd fall days where it starts cold in the morning but warms up by the afternoon. A thermal lined shacket is designed to give you an extra layer of warmth, with the appearance of a typical thin shirt jacket during those transitional days between seasons. 


With its versatility and effortlessly cool look, a thermal-lined shacket is essential to any man’s wardrobe. Wear it buttoned all the way up as a thick men’s shirt, or leave it open over your shirt as a lightweight jacket. This option is perfect, whether you’re wearing it into the office or lounging around the house. 


  1. Brushed Wool


Dress to the nines and assemble any outfit with a single-tone brushed wool shacket. Unlike flannel designs, this style uses one main color to form a subtle pattern, making it a simple staple for any man’s wardrobe. Sturdy, soft to the touch, and subdued, brushed wool shackets are a must. 


If you’re looking for an everyday shirt jacket, look no further. From dressing for a business meeting to taking your dog on a walk, a brushed wool olive shacket goes with everything from jeans to your favorite corduroy pants. 


Considerations for Picking the Right Shacket for Your Style


Is your interest piqued, but you’re unsure where to start your search? Consider materials and colors or patterns to find the perfect men’s shacket that fits your style: 


Men’s Shacket Materials


Determining a material you’d enjoy wearing is the first step to choosing the right style. 

Do you prefer something thick and extra-soft like sherpa? Are you looking for something lighter with an everyday feel like a basic plaid shacket? Take a look at your wardrobe and consider your lifestyle throughout the year to determine which fabrics suit you best.


Shacket Colors and Patterns


When you look at your current closet, take note of what colors you wear regularly and find a shacket in a color that works with most of your wardrobe. That way, you’ll be able to put it on without thinking about it and end up with a stylish fit every time. Experiment with a classic flannel shacket, go neutral with a single-colored men’s shacket or find a black-and-white shirt jacket that matches everything. 


Learn How to Style Shirt Jackets with Your Wardrobe


After you find a men’s shacket you love, it’s time to style it with the rest of your clothing! Luckily, they go with almost everything—it’s just a matter of understanding your style and how a shirt jacket fits in.


If you’re always at a business meeting, focus on pairing it with your casual business outfits. If you’re more interested in sprucing up your weekend attire, pair it with your favorite jeans and go-to shirts. Reflect your style and personality with this versatile item!   


5 Ways to Style a Men’s Shacket


Looking for a little inspiration—we’ve got you covered. Try these five methods to style your men’s shacket for any occasion:


  1. Relaxed formal: Bring a more upscale outfit down to earth with a men’s shacket. Whether you’re wearing slacks and a turtleneck or your favorite cashmere sweater and dress pants, a classic shirt jacket can balance a formal fit and keep you warm and stylish all day. 
  2. Everyday: Give your everyday pair of jeans and favorite T-shirt an extra boost with a plaid shacket. That extra layer will keep you comfortable and help you show off your style, no matter the activities you have to accomplish that day. 
  3. Lounging: Throw on a flannel or hoodie shacket and dress up your joggers—even if you plan to sit on your couch all day!
  4. Layered: When it comes to menswear, layering is everything. While you can always wear a shacket as a standalone shirt, taking the time to layer multiple items creates a complex look that shows off your vibe. Try a ¾ zip hoodie, a cable knit sweater, or even a vest over a T-shirt, and top it off with a men’s shacket of your choice. 
  5. Business casual: Whether you have Casual Fridays at the office or your job accepts a more laid-back look, a plaid shacket is the perfect way to elevate your work outfits while keeping simple and warm, from work lunches to meetings with your boss.  

Whether you’re new to menswear or looking to enhance your current favorite outfits, shackets are the missing piece. With ultimate versatility and countless designs, you can wear a shacket on any occasion! Find a style you love, create outfits you’ll wear, and rock your newfound staple this fall and through the spring with men’s shackets. 

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