Brooklyn Flea Market

Everything we love about the Brooklyn Flea Market! 

Everyone loves a good bargain and flea markets are on the rise. Here in New York, we stay loyal to the ever popular Brooklyn Flea Market. The Brooklyn Flea Market was founded in 2008 and operates every weekend. The flea attracts hundreds of vendors who come to sell everything and anything from furniture to fresh food. You can find all the hidden gems at the Brooklyn Flea whether you love antiques, jewelry or vintage clothing. The flea market is open every weekend from April to October and happens in 2 different locations.

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This flea used to be in Williamsburg held on Saturdays but the organization was looking for a new spot because the Bushwick Flea was moving in and stealing customers. So now on Saturdays and Sundays the flea market is open in SOHO, New York and just on Sundays in Dumbo Brooklyn, New York. They are both open from 10 Am to 6 PM so you need to get there in the morning if you want to find the best deals before someone else gets to them. Brooklyn flea is open during the winter time but from November to March it is moved indoors to the SOHO location. It is free to go to the flea market but if you want to sell there you must complete their application process and there is pricing that you must pay ahead of time. 

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Magazines such as Travel + Leisure, Country Living and Budget Travel have ranked this flea market as one of the best in the US. Time Out NY calls this one of New York's essential pick up spots. 

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Another reason to love this flea market is because they also manage the Smorgasburg, a giant all-food market that launched in May 2011 and happens Saturdays in Williamsburg and Sundays at Prospect Park’s Breeze Hill. 

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