Comfy and Cute

Comfy and Cute

Do we have any 90s babies out there? How about anyone trying to embrace the 90s fashion trends, rocking their best neon and crop tops?


In the past few years, the 90s vibe has made its way back into style, with the cropped hoodie being one of the most popular staples.


The Cropped Hoodie Trend

We all have our go-to crop top that likes to make an appearance when the bitter winters finally disappear, and the summer heat graces us with its presence. You know that crop top you are always pictured wearing, but you don’t care because it makes you look great! That reliable crop top is what led to the even more desirable cropped hoodie.


For those days that dressing up doesn't sound like a good idea, but you still must look good, cropped hoodies are the go-to option. Hoodies are one of those staple pieces that have never gone out of style. It's just been redesigned into dresses or cropped just to stay on-trend. But if we are honest, cropped is our favorite! There are just so many ways that it can be styled, and for so many different occasions.


It started as a trend in the gym and for casually hanging around the house. Nothing fancy, but oh-so-comfortable. That is, until celebrities and models like Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Bieber decided to turn them into a basic street wear style. From there, even designers were incorporating them into their collections, and soon it grew in popularity.


Magazine articles and fashion blogs began featuring the trend saying that it is the next best thing in fashion. It was and still is an essential to have in your closet.


Let's be honest - who doesn’t love a good, comfortable top that you can wear anytime and anywhere? We certainly love them!



How to Wear a Cropped Hoodie

So, it’s a hoodie - that means I can only wear it in the winter, right? That’s your first mistake. Embrace the cropped hoodie trend year-round!


Style them with joggers or ripped jeans, throw on a pair of sneakers, and you are ready for those days when the weather has a mind of its own. If you happen to live in one of the states where it is cold until April and just a hoodie won’t do, throw on a leather or jean jacket, and you are good to go!


When the heat hits, pair your favorite high-waisted shorts or skirt with your stylish sneakers, and you’re off on whatever adventure awaits. Or pair them with your favorite biker shorts or leggings; this way, you don’t get too hot. Plus, cropped hoodies tend to be light and made of a slightly thinner material, so there is less of a chance of overheating when summer comes around.


A cropped hoodie is one of the few items in your closet that you can wear from day to night. From sitting on your couch to dinner with the girls, or from the gym to running errands. That’s assuming you have changed or washed the hoodie - we don’t give you permission to wear your smelly workout clothes longer than needed. 


Cropped Hoodie Options

Now that we have inspired you with all these possible outfit ideas, you may need to stock up. Instead of taking scissors to a random hoodie in your closet, Brooklyn Cloth has some comfortable but stylish options ready for you to rock!


Try on our monochromatic purple, grey, or pink cropped hoodies on for size, and we are sure you will instantly love the trend. Each hoodie has a drawstring in the hood to adjust the size to your preference. They are loose and lightweight, perfect for taking it from day to night. Match them with your favorite jeans or joggers - we recommend a pair of matching jogger pants - to complete the look.

Women's Purple Ombre Hoodie

 The cropped hoodie led to the rise of the matching hoodie and jogger set. You know the set that you always throw on, because it matches and there is pretty much no thought required. Matching sets started as a popular outfit at festivals and were originally designed to be cuter and more fun than laid back and casual. Until the last few years, when joggers and hoodie sets emerged as the new fashion trend.


If matching pairs are your style, don’t worry, we gotcha covered!


For each of our wonderful cropped hoodies, we have a pair of joggers to match – the pockets are colored, so you know which one is the matching pair. These joggers are lightweight and stylish, good for when you just need to throw them on and go. They have an elastic waistband with a drawstring for you to adjust when needed. If you don’t want to match your hoodie to your joggers, then mix and match for a whole new look.













All three cropped hoodies are perfect for every season and pair with anything from leggings to shorts, depending on your personal style.


During the summer, after the sun sets and it starts to get cool by the beach, throw this hoodie and a pair of your favorite shorts on, and you are ready to watch the sun set over the water!


How to Care for Your Hoodie

We know that since we have introduced you to this new way of living, it may be hard to take off such a comfortable and stylish piece of clothing, but it does need to be washed at some point.


A hoodie needs to be washed at least every six to seven wears. If it smells before six wears, then wash it before, please. We want you to look and smell your best!


When it comes time to wash the hoodie, we recommend that you wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle with a detergent that will not strip it of the color. This will also allow there to be less friction for the clothes. Another tip is when washing with other clothing; put them in a mesh wash bag to reduce friction.


Whichever way you want to rock your cropped hoodie, do it in style! Make sure to check out Brooklyn Cloth to see the best and latest styles from our cropped hoodie selection. However you decide to wear it, have fun with it and do it in style!

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