How to Dress for the Crazy Spring Weather

Have you ever walked outside, and it is a cool 40 degrees out so you throw on a coat, but then when you go out for lunch, you are dying of heat because it is now 80 degrees outside for some reason? Welcome to spring! The one season when it is like playing a game of chance to figure out what to wear. The Brooklyn Cloth fam knows how you feel, so we have come up with a few suggestions on what to wear in preparation for this weird weather.


Layering to Beat the Heat

Your first line of defense is layering. This will allow you to adjust the amount of warmth that you need depending on the day. Before you just start throwing on random pieces of clothing, let us give you a few options on how to properly layer your clothes.


One of the best ways is to throw a hoodie under your favorite denim jacket. The hoodie will keep you comfortable and warm when it is cool out. Then when it is time for the weather to warm up, take the hoodie or the denim jacket off, and you are ready for the sunshine.


One of our favorite ways to layer is by matching the Dip Dye Denim Jacket and the White Skyline Photo Hoodie. They are perfect for casual days and random strolls. Pair them with your favorite joggers to complete the fit.

Dip Dye not your style? Then the Distressed Denim Trucker Jacket is another option. It has a worn-in feel, which makes it lightweight and perfect for layering with a heavier hoodie. Plus, you can wear this jacket anytime during the summer or fall.




Shorts vs. Joggers


Another hard decision that has to be made to prepare for this weird weather is deciding whether to wear shorts or pants. If it is more of a casual day, then shorts may be your best bet, but if it’s a workday, then pants are the way to go.


On the casual short days, style your shorts with layers or a long sleeve tee. Wearing fleece-lined shorts will also give you the ability to keep warm in the morning but be comfortable during those 80-degree afternoons.


Pair your shorts with a long sleeve tee to keep you covered when it is cool out, but as the day goes on and it gets warmer, you won’t be too hot. Need some style inspo? We recommend grabbing a pair of Dusty Blue Stay Wild Fleece Print Shorts and a White Stay Wild Long Sleeve Tee.

For those who need more than just a long sleeve tee to stay warm, a sweatshirt is a great option. When you are picking out a sweatshirt to wear, just make sure that it is not too thick because that could make you super hot as the day goes on, and there is no need to sweat if you don’t have to.


Casual Friday? Work in a chill environment? Going to class and it feels like the inside of an iceberg in the building? Put on a pair of your favorite joggers. Joggers give you the coverage of pants, but they aren’t tight or super thick and restricting - this is why you will see people wearing joggers all year round. Pair your joggers with a tee and jacket or with a long sleeve tee to take on the weather and your busy day.


The Medium Wash Knit Sleeve Jacket, Brooklyn New York Print Stripe Tee, and Khaki Ankle Zip Twill Jogger Pants pair together to give you the perfect fit for these crazy weather changes.




Windbreakers and Anoraks

When spring hits, predicting the rain is always a gamble, so stay prepared by keeping a windbreaker or anorak with you. Umbrellas are great, but they are bulky, and let’s be honest you never actually have it with you unless it says it’s going to rain on your weather app. Windbreakers and anoraks fold down and can be carried easily without weighing your bag down.


You may be asking what exactly is an anorak. Well, it is a waterproof jacket that has a hood attached to it. You may not quite have this type of jacket on hand, or maybe yours is really outdated. Don’t worry, Brooklyn Cloth has the perfect options just for you.


Try the Have a Nice Day Retro Anorak with multi-color and reflective details. Or the Nowhere to go Anorak with verbiage and graphics all over. Both are perfect rainy day options that keep you in style instead of just a plain, everyday raincoat. These jackets include a ¼ zip, pockets, and have a great modern loose fit.


Beat the weather this spring season and don’t be caught unprepared. Check out Brooklyn Cloth for more dope options to stay on trend and dress for every type of weather that could randomly pop up!


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