Top 10 Things to Do in Brooklyn and NYC This Spring

Top 10 Things to Do in Brooklyn and NYC This Spring

With the weather getting warmer and spring upon us, it is time to replace all your winter wear with your spring fits. Say goodbye to heavy parkas and hello to denim jackets and joggers. With these outfit changes, you may want somewhere to show off your new fits.


 Here are a few suggestions for some fun ways to spend your days!


  1. Yankee/Mets game
  2. Coney Island
  3. Smorgasburg
  4. Concerts
  5. Comedy club
  6. Museums
  7. Outdoor movies in the park
  8. Pier 66 water sports
  9. Botanical gardens
  10. Explore a borough you haven’t been to yet


Yankee/Mets Game

Take me out to the ballgame! March 26 marks the opening day for baseball season, so why not go to a game. Watch your favorite team, or cheer on the Yankees or the Mets. If you don’t have a favorite team, we still suggest hopping on the 4 train and heading to the Bronx to see iconic Yankees Stadium.



Coney Island

Ride the Q-train all the way to the end of the line to find yourself in famous Coney Island. The water may be too cold to take a swim at the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everything the boardwalk has to offer. Luna Park opens April 4, so no need to delay having a little fun in the sun even if you can’t lay out on the beach. Not a ride person? Then fill up on all the food joints that Coney Island has to offer. Anything from pizza to a famous Nathan’s Hotdog.




For all of my foodies out there — and all of us who call ourselves foodies because we just really like food — Smorgasburg in Brooklyn is the perfect weekend event for you. It’s held every Saturday in Williamsburg and every Sunday in Prospect Park, from 11 am to 6 pm. Hundreds of vendors attend and showcase some of the most exciting food in NYC and Brooklyn.




Whether you are into small indie bands or the latest hit artists, there is always a concert happening in the city that never sleeps. Free concerts in the park are worth taking advantage of — the artist may be someone you have never heard of, but what better way to open yourself to new music and artists? Or check out some of the popular artists that are coming to New York and Brooklyn so you can catch them in concert.



Comedy Clubs

Laughter is the best medicine, so laugh your springtime blues away at a comedy club. EastVille Comedy Club, Comedy Cellar, Brooklyn Comedy Collective, and Broadway Comedy Club are just a few of the popular spots in Brooklyn and NYC to spend the night laughing with friends.




Look at some art, embrace culture and the past at one of the many museums that the city has to offer. The MOMA, MET, American Museum of Natural History, and Guggenheim are some of the more popular museums that we all hear about. If you want to check out a less frequented museum, visit The Met Cloisters in Washington Heights. It feels like you are standing in a castle looking at medieval art and architecture. For something a little more centered around a significant event, venture downtown to see the emotional 9/11 Memorial and Museum landmark.



Outdoor Movies in the Park

What’s better than hanging out outside when the weather is nice? However, going on a walk gets boring after you have gone on so many that you can’t keep count anymore. Rooftop movies are great for those days when you want to be outside but don’t just want to go on a random stroll. The location tends to change depending on the week, but SkyLawn Rooftop Bar at Embassy Suites off of 37th and 6th is another great place to watch a movie without sitting in a theater. Plus, they serve real food so you can have dinner and a movie.




Pier 66 Water Sports

Up here in Brooklyn and New York City, we may not have the perfect waves for you to ride, but we have the next best thing if you love water sports. All you have to do is venture out to the Hudson on Pier 66. Sailing, paddle boarding, and kayaking are all options that get you in the water without actually having to get into the water. 



Botanical Gardens

For about $15 a person, you can add a little color to your life by visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. See the flowers bloom and the trees full of leaves and color as you walk down the different paths and exhibits. If you get tired or want to stop and relax for a little while, enjoy their cafe, snack bar, or the library before continuing on.



Explore a Borough You Haven’t Visited

Some of us tend to stay in our own neighborhood and forget that there is a world outside of this one city block. And if you live here in Brooklyn or any of the neighboring boroughs, when was the last time you left your borough for longer than a couple of subway stops? Now that it’s no longer snowing, go out and explore! See what the other boroughs have to offer for food and entertainment.




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