Do Jogger Pants Keep You Warm?

Do Joggers Keep you Warm

Do Jogger Pants Keep You Warm?

 With the crisp cool fall air arriving, most of us are saying goodbye to our shorts and summer apparel. Which means — it’s time for jogger pants season. The question is: do jogger pants keep you warm?

Do Joggers Keep you warm

First off, for those that don’t know, jogger pants are actually sweatpants, but they have a cooler vibe. When you think of sweatpants, your knit Hanes sweatpants from high school gym class probably come to mind. Nowadays, joggers are a staple in most guy’s closets. Jogger pants usually have an elastic waist and elastic cuffs around the ankles, and the fabric offering is more than just knits.

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we’re always striving to design innovative joggers. Whether it’s updating the fit, adding details such as contrast zippers, using patterns like space dye and camouflage, and for this season, offering cozy knit joggers.

How should they fit? Our knit joggers are cut true to size, which means the fit is not too tight or too loose. If you’re a size 32-34 waist and 32 length, you would order a size medium. But if you like it a little baggier, you can always order a large and use the drawstring cords on the waist to tighten your joggers. Its really up to you on how you want them to fit, but we want you to always feel comfortable wearing them.


So back to the question: do joggers keep you warm? Well, we think these joggers will keep you nice and toasty all winter long, while still looking dope!


Cozy Knit Joggers

Our cozy knit joggers come in two colors — grey marl cozy knit and black marl cozy knit joggers. So, what makes them cozy? We use a poly blend to create a cozy texture in the fabrics. It gives the joggers a soft, fuzzy, and warm feel to the touch.

 Cozy Knit joggers to keep you warm


Heat Seal Cozy Knit Joggers

We love the feeling cozy fabric gives us, but if you’re taking public transportation or walking to work, you may also need a way to keep your hands warm. Not to worry, we added heat seal to our pockets, so your fingers won’t freeze when you’re out and about this season. To keep your heat seal looking fresh, wash it inside out when you do laundry. The heat seal pocket can rub together, leading to damage on the heat seal. You also want to wash it at a low temperature with a mild detergent.

Cozy Knit Heat Sealed Joggers


French Terry Joggers

If you are living in a warmer climate, such as Los Angeles, then we recommend French terry joggers. What is French terry fabric? It’s a knitted terry cloth fabric that has soft piles of yarn on the inside and super soft, smooth fabric on the outside; keeping you warm while still being breathable.


We offer a variety of styles from snow French terry joggers to black marl French terry joggers. You can dress them up or style them down; it all depends on the kicks you rock.


 Snow French Terry joggers for men to keep you warm

If you haven’t seen it before, snow French terry is still a French terry fabric, but we’ve worked with the fabric to give it a snowy look and feel, hence the name snow French terry joggers.

Marl French terry fabric comes in a variety of colors, including black and gray. The fabric has been treated to give it a marled look — or as we call it, marl look and feel.

 We hope some of these suggestions keep you nice and toasty during chill months! 

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