Don't Make a New Year's Resolution

Don't Make a New Year's Resolution

So, it’s that time of year again — 2019 is coming to an end, and your friends at Brooklyn Cloth started talking 2020 and whether or not to make a resolution. It was a unanimous “DON’T make a New Year’s resolution.” Instead, be more self-aware and just have fun! 


Some of the most common resolutions people make are to lose weight, eat healthier, get more sleep, or go to the gym. Some of us are just not “gym” people, but we do like to have fun. So we thought, instead of joining a gym, buy yourself a dope new outfit, like our knit joggers with an Original Garments fleece jacket and a comfy shirt. Go outside, either on your own or with friends and explore. 


Some of us have literally taken a train to the last stop and ended up in Coney Island, got off the train, and just walked. We walked so much that we ended up back where we started. We were laughing and so in the moment that we didn’t notice we walked all the way back. 


Another option is dancing. Tons of our #bkfam lets it all out on the dance floor. But if you’re going to rock out, do it in style. Wear our matching Savage hoodie and Savage joggers or mix it up with some jogger pants and pullover anorak. It may seem silly to recommend getting a new outfit, but trust us — when you look good, you will start feeling good, too. 


For 2020, we are all in on self-care. That means making time for yourself — not with friends, or family, or your partner, but just you. When was the last time you just stayed home on a Saturday and read a book? To get mentally into your own space, you have to be comfortable, and your environment has to be comfortable. Treat yourself to a soft blanket or throw; we love this weighted blanket on Amazon, and it has tons of great reviews. 


You also need to feel comfortable by wearing some cozy clothing. For our #bkbae, we love our pink Sherpa sweater paired with “stolen from the boys” knit joggers. 


For guys, throw on our Original Garment cut and sew hoodies — in leopard print and color blocks — and a pair of jogger shorts. 


Or if you want to be “twinning,” treat yourself to our camo color block hoodies for him and her. It’s definitely a ‘gram-worthy look. 


So, as we head into 2020, don’t make a New Year’s resolution — just have fun, and the rest will follow! Happy New Year’s, #bkfam.

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