What’s the Best Clothing to Buy for Working Out?

What’s the Best Clothing to Buy for Working Out?

So, we’ve put on a few pounds this holiday season. We couldn’t help it — the cookies, the homemade food, the office parties, the Chrismukkah parties, and holiday lunches made us do it! But now it’s time to commit to being healthy and consistent working out. 


We started talking about this at our offices and asked how are people working out? What’s the best clothes to buy when working out? Here’s our top ten workout-friendly clothes pieces that we think will make you look good while sweating. 


Jogger Shorts

Jogger shorts are a great workout item because they’re lightweight, breathable, and wash well. If you don’t want to look like you work at a gym or CrossFit box all the time, our jogger shorts have your back. They can be worn pretty much anywhere. The fabrics we chose aren’t your basic solids; it’s all about texture, the look, and the feel.


Men's Jogger Shorts

Graphic Tees and T-shirts

You can go with a poly-blend workout tee like Nike or Under Armour, or you can be fire and rock one of our tees. Because they have a poly/cotton blend, they breathe well, and won’t stain under the arms- you know what we’re talking about. Here are some of our tees that we think can keep up with your savage workout.


Jogger Pants 

If the city and streets are your gym, then you need to have at least two good pairs of knit jogger pants. It’s a good thing our Brooklyn Cloth joggers are two for $60. Here are our favorite knit joggers that are comfortable yet move so well that you’ll easily get a runners’ high while looking good.



Part of working out is getting in a good sweat, and wearing one of our hoodies will get you there faster. Our hoodies are great because the fit isn’t too tight or too loose; it’s roomy enough on the shoulders and arm holes, which means ease in movement. Here are some of our favorite hoodies.

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