Fall Weather In Brooklyn

Fall Weather In Brooklyn

What to Wear for Autumn in NYC

When someone thinks of autumn in Brooklyn, shades of oranges, reds and yellows hues comes to mind along with dope outerwear and fall gear, but that's really not the reality. The truth is that fall weather in Brooklyn is all over the place. The first day that the temperature drops to a crisp 60 degrees, you get all excited to rock your favorite jacket or hoodie. You say goodbye to your "cold brew" coffee and hello to your "flatwhite" and you're out the door. 

Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn

You walk down the subway and wait for the L Train and "bam" it hits you, that lovely 60 degree weather has turned 80 degrees with all the body heat from the subway riders and lack of air flow means you're sweating. 

L train in Bedford

You finally get to your stop and head into work. Ironically some parts of your building think it's still summer and have the air conditioner on full blast! You didn't dress appropriately and only have your hoodie and can't take off the layers or add layers, so you deal with it. 

You head back home and the heat isn't working in your apartment and it's freezing, so you're lounging around in your jacket. 

So what is one to do about this "cray cray" weather? Our advice, all about the layering. Don't commit to one item but numerous items you can take off and out on! 


Our top suggestions are 

1. Coaches Jacket

2. Woven Shirts

3. Denim Jackets

Fall in Brooklyn just started so you still have time to enjoy and "layer." 

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