Our Favorite Summer 2021 Look: Biker Shorts

Our Favorite Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth

Biker shorts have certainly made a comeback over the past couple of years. Some may say that we can thank the pandemic and stay-at-home orders for this comeback. Most of us did not want to get dressed during the pandemic while we were confined to our homes because we thought to ourselves, “What is the point?” Nobody is going to see us.


After a couple of months had passed and work video chats resumed, we began to feel sluggish and lazy. Clothing really does seem to have something to do with our lack of productivity. If you feel great because you look great, you will tend to be more productive throughout the day.


We still weren’t ready to throw back on our usual pair of work pants or jeans just yet so we collectively brought biker shorts back into the game of looking trendy while still feeling comfortable.

Our Favorite Summer 2021 Look: Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are a great alternative to our comfortable leisurewear consisting of sweatpants and hoodies. Although these pieces bring us ultimate comfort, wearing them all day long wasn’t helping our productivity levels. 


What Are Biker Shorts?


Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth

Biker shorts are a combination of shorts and leggings. When they were first created, they were originally used for cyclists who rode their bikes for long periods of time or those who competed in races.


Assos created the first pair of biker shorts for these cyclists in 1976. After popularity spread, an Italian designer, Armando Castelli, and his son created biker shorts for the public. When they launched these shorts, there was a line that formed quickly around the factory for consumers to get their hands on a pair. 


Although they were created for athletes, they are no longer just for individuals participating in athletics. These shorts are widely worn by individuals who are just looking for a comfortable piece to complete their regular day to day outfits. As we all know, these shorts were wildly popular thanks to Princess Diana in the 1990s.


Biker Shorts on Trend


Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth

Princess Diana was constantly being photographed wearing her biker shorts paired with baggy sweatshirts going to and from work outs. The same look is now being re-created in present time. We are constantly seeing celebrities and ordinary people walking the streets wearing this exact look. Many of us are familiar with the picture of Princess Diana stopped on the sidewalk, wearing biker shorts, holding her bag with her keys in her mouth.


This look has been re-created various times. It is often compared side-by-side to celebrities like Hailey Bieber who often wears the same type of look. Some other celebrities that have jumped on this biker shorts trend are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s fashion line, Yeezy. Kim Kardashian is constantly being photographed wearing biker shorts paired with a matching top, sports bra or baggy sweatshirt.


These leisurewear outfits are usually paired with a pair of chunky sneakers and high socks. The celebrities wearing these outfits are not usually on their way to work out though. It is interesting how something that used to be solely used for exercise and activities has evolved and is now seen as a major fashion trend for all occasions. 

Many of the celebrities that we see wearing biker shorts pair them with a matching sports bra or a baggy oversize sweatshirt. These outfits are also worn with sneakers and high socks to absolutely be on point with the Princess Diana look from the 90’s. On the other hand, we have seen influencers and celebrities wearing biker shorts differently throughout the past year.



Pairing Biker Shorts


Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Not only are biker shorts usually paired with a pair of sneakers, but they are also sometimes seen with high heels, believe it or not. Celebrities have blurred the lines of fashion with this look.


Biker shorts are a great alternative to regular athletic shorts or leggings while working out because when the weather is too warm for leggings we tend to turn to our shorts.


The downfall to wearing shorts while working out is they constantly get bunched up while running. This annoyance tends to lead to chafing which can be painful and distracting. Biker shorts fit tightly around the thighs and stay in place while you are either running or doing your normal daily workout, so chafing won’t be an issue and you can get through your workout without having to constantly stop to adjust your attire. 


Styles of Biker Shorts


Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Biker shorts also come in many different lengths. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we offer biker shorts in both 5 inches and 7 inches. The look and the length vary between body sizes and which outfit you are incorporating them into.


Depending on which ones look and feel better on your body, it may also be beneficial to own various lengths so that you can mix and match them with different tops and jackets.



Working Out in Biker Shorts

Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Exercise was the essential use for the biker short and it was the reason why they were actually created in the first place. The perfect gym outfit is an outfit that is comfortable yet practical for all of your exercises. You do not want your outfit to get in the way of completing your work out.


Biker shorts are the perfect combination of leggings and shorts because you will not be sweating with your full leg covered. You also will not have to worry about your biker shorts riding up too much because they tend to stay in place.


You can do a casual look and pair of biker shorts with a baggy T-shirt. If you are aiming for a sleeker look, you can pair your biker shorts with a matching sports bra or a fitted workout tank top. The sneakers that you choose to wear obviously depends on what type of workout you are doing that day. If you are focusing on strength and training with weights, it would be a good idea to wear sneakers with a flat bottom like converse or vans. If you are doing more cardio or running, a classic running sneaker would be a great option to pair this outfit with. Either low or high socks work well with these ensembles.  



Biker shorts are also great for working out because many of them have pockets. We all know how handy pockets come in when running down the block because you have to hold your house key and your phone, but you do not want to have your hands full.


Working out is a daily activity for many people, so it is essential that you feel your best while doing so. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we want to help you achieve that perfect exercise look with our biker short collection. 


Biker Shorts as Athleisure


Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Athleisure gives you the perfect combination of comfortable and cute, allowing you to run errands or hang around your house. Biker shorts fit into this trend, providing you with another option for your athleisure collection.


Pair your biker shorts with an oversized t-shirt and tie off the tee for a more fitted look to create an easy outfit for every-day wear. We also love to see a  matching sports bra or cropped top with a zip up sweatshirt. Perfect the look with platform sneakers, like Vans or your favorite Converse.

If you really want to pull in the 90’s, grab some high socks and throw your hair in a scrunchy!


Best Biker Shorts

Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Biker shorts are available in a variety of fun prints and bright colors. Easily mix and match a variety of our pieces to make your look great.


You’ll find styles from Brooklyn Cloth that are great for day or night! So much more comfortable than tight jeans, you’ll love the fit of our biker shorts that give you the perfect stretch and breathability.



Biker Shorts for Work and School


Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


We know this may sound alarming, but again, it all comes back to what you pair your biker shorts with. Grab a solid pair of biker shorts and pair with a trendy blazer, we love the oversized blazer look, and you’ll be ready to present this month’s best numbers or your presentation for an A plus.


Cardigans and button-down collared shirts are another option to pair them for a chic, easy look. Close-toed high heels or flats are a great final accessory.



Going Out in Biker Shorts

Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


If a celebrity can do it, so can you! Pair them with crop tops, oversized outerwear like jackets or blazers, and some fun jewelry to accessorize. We recommend the 7-inch length for your nights out, but that’s a personal preference.


This is the time to brighten things up with a neon top or a fun animal print! Throw on some booties, sneakers, or really anything you want—with biker shorts, everything works.


Biker Short Prints


Making the final decision of which biker shorts to add to your wardrobe can be difficult. We recommend changing back and forth between some solids and some prints to give you options for your every day. If this is your first pair of biker shorts, try something solid to get started and then go crazy, think of it as your first pair of black leggings.


Popular biker short options we offer:
  • Tonal tie dye
  • Lavender
  • Dusty Rose
  • Light Gray
  • Sage
  • Black
  • Camouflage
  • Leopard Print


All of the solid color biker shorts can be paired with whatever top you would like. Some options can be T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, or sports bras like we mentioned before. You can even pair it with a fun print top because it won’t take away from the solid color biker shorts.


If you like having simple outfits like two solid color pieces, try adding a fun-colored shoe to spice up the outfit a little bit.


Your Biker Shorts, Your Way


Women's Biker Shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Whether it be an athletic outfit, a leisure outfit to wear as you lounge around the house, or even a going out outfit to wear as you take on the city at night on the weekends, there are so many options and ways to have fun and be creative with these outfits.


We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new styles within this biker shorts trend because you may like it better than the original ways that they were being worn. Who knows? You may even start a whole new trend for other fashionistas.


You can never have too many pairs of biker shorts, so don’t forget to stock up on all of the various prints and shades that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth to our #BKFAM.



Don’t forget to stay comfortable and trendy while hopping on the trend. We can’t wait to see what you come up with and where this trend leads you and the fashion industry next!


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