Gender Neutral Styles for Adults

Gender Neutral Styles for Adults by Brooklyn Cloth

Who says that clothes must be gender specific? Not us! We encourage our #BKFam to mix, match, and share clothes with their friends and family of all genders.


Gender neutral clothing is not meant to strip gender norms away from the garment. Its goal is to make styles socially acceptable for anybody and everybody to wear without it being labeled as one gender.


We offer a variety of gender-neutral clothing here at Brooklyn Cloth. From hoodies and joggers to t-shirts to outwear, we can't wait to see how all of you style these pieces and make them your own!


We have created a list of some of our favorite unisex pieces and looks that can be worn by all genders. The pieces from all different categories and would look trendy on all genders. Some of these categories include…


-          graphic tees

-          joggers

-          sweat pants

-          hoodies

-          denim jacket


 Gender Neutral t-shirt by Brooklyn Cloth


Graphic Tees for Everyone


Some of our favorite graphic tees that can be styled various ways by every gender, include our Sand Allover Marble Print Tee, our Mint Worldwide Positivity Tie Dye Tee, our Black Luxury True Tie Dye Tee, and our Black Printed Space Dye Tee.


T-shirts can be worn all throughout the year. They are worn while lounging around, under a jacket or blazer during the fall and winter, to the gym to workout in and can even be paired with a pair of jeans for a night out.


The outfits created with t-shirts are endless. All these tee shirts that we have listed are extremely unique in their own way. If you are going for a casual look, feel free to pair them with a pair of our joggers or knit shorts to achieve ultimate comfort.


If you pair one of these tee shirts with a nice pair of jeans, feel free to rock this fit out to dinner or out in the town on the weekends. If you need some extra warmth or just want to add a little more spice to the outfit, feel free to throw on a light jacket like a windbreaker or a denim jacket on top of the tee. This outfit can be finished off with a pair of nice sneakers or boots.


Joggers: A Stylish Fit for All Frames


Some of our favorite pairs of joggers that all genders can rock in so many different outfits include our…


-          Black Diagonal Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants           

-          Black Marl Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants                   

-          Black Stretch Ripstop Double Knee Cargo Jogger      

-          Light Grey Speckled Streaky Fleece Jogger Pants     


All these variations of joggers can be worn with so many different pieces, creating a variety of different outfits. Our Diagonal Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants come in black, black marl, white and black, dusty rose, sand and white.The deep pockets on these joggers are great for running errands or hitting the gym because they will hold all your personal essentials.


Our Stretch Ripstop Double Knee Cargo Joggers come in a variety of colors and prints including camo and black camo. This popular print can be worn with a solid-colored top. If you are going out for the night, feel free to pair these joggers with a black top and a bomber or denim jacket to finish off the look.


These joggers can also be worn with a hoodie for a more casual look. A hoodie that would go great with the solid-colored black joggers would be our black tie dye hoodie. If you want more of a pop of color, try pairing our white tie dye hoodie with the joggers instead. A pair of black Vans or Converse would really make this outfit come together.


Our light grey Speckled Streaky Fleece jogger pants are a more comfortable choice of jogger pants to wear. These comfy joggers are extremely perfect for lounging around and relaxing on the weekends or after a long day of working. They can be paired with a tee shirt or a hoodie. During the cooler months, think about adding a vest to this fit right over the hoodie.


 Gender Neutral Matching sets from Brooklyn Cloth


Sweatpants Deliver Comfort for All


Similar to our joggers, our sweatpants are another trendy and comfortable option for you to rock while either lounging around in your home, working from home, or while out and about. They can be transformed in so many ways into casual and formal outfits.


Some of our favorite sweats include our…


-          Tie Dye Dad Sweatpants                             

-          2.0 Sweatpants                                                             

-          Marble Sweatpants                          

-          Graffiti Smiley Sweatpants


 Tie Dye Dad Sweatpants


Our tie dye Dad Sweatpants come in a variety of colors for you to rock. These colors include tonal grey, dusty rose, white, sand, and multi. These comfortable and simple sweatpants are a great staple for everybody to add to their wardrobes. You can rock a matching set with these sweatpants. Choose a matching tie dye hoodie to wear with them. If that is too much tie dye for you, feel free to pair these sweatpants with a solid colored tee shirt or hoodie.


2.0 Sweatpants


Our 2.0 sweatpants are a simple pair of sweatpants that everybody needs to add to their closets to wear throughout the entire year. They are available in a range of colors, from neutral to bright. These colors include mustard, soft moss, hunter green, sand, forest green, dark cherry, tobacco, burnt orange, French navy, red, and camel.


Owning these sweatpants in a bunch of these colors can be beneficial because you can match any top you already own or want to purchase with at least one of these joggers if not multiple. Try rocking these sweatpants with a multicolored hoodie since the sweats are solid colored. A perfect top for these sweats that would match a couple different shades would be our popular Multicolor Tie Dye Hoodie.


Marble Sweatpants


We offer a variety of pieces of clothing that come in our unique marble prints. Having a wide variety of marble prints means that you can create matching sets. These marble sweatpants can be worn with a marble hoodie or t-shirt, depending on the weather.


These sweatpants are offered in both sand and yellow marble. Feel free to pair the sand marble sweatpants with our sand Allover Marble Print tee or our sand Drip Marble Print hoodie.


Graffiti Smiley Sweatpants


These are another one of our favorite style of sweatpants that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth and are so excited to share with you, #BKFam. These solid-colored heather grey shorts are accompanied with smiley faces running down the leg of the pants. These smiley faces can bring you some extra happiness throughout the day when you wear them. They will also remind you to smile more frequently which we often forget to do. Feel free to pair these sweatpants with a black hoodie like our dusty black drip square hoodie.


Everyone Loves a Good Hoodie


As our Brooklyn Cloth family already knows, hoodies are an essential part of our collections. Some of our favorite unisex hoodies include the following pieces…


-          Dusty Rose Color Blocked Hoodie                                 

-         White Time Now Doodle Hoodie                                    

-         White Legend Worldwide Hoodie                                   

-         Burnt Orange Nature Tech Blocked Hoodie                 


All these hoodies are extremely unique and have their own charm. Our Color Block hoodies are a very popular piece that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth. This style is offered in a variety of different color schemes so you can match them with so many different options.


Our White Time Now Doodle Hoodie and our White Legend Worldwide Hoodie are very popular pieces that are designed with unique graphics throughout the hoodies. They also have different pops of colors incorporated all around the fabric. They can all be worn with a pair of jeans, shorts, or joggers depending on where you decide to rock them.


Our Burnt Orange Nature Tech Blocked Hoodie, which is also offered in mustard and dusty black, is another perfect hoodie to have because of the various colors. Having many colors on the hoodie gives you the option to pair it with a whole bunch of bottom choices.


 Gender Neutral denim jackets from Brooklyn Cloth


Stay Warm and Be Cool in a Denim Jacket


Last, but never least, our denim jackets are another one of our favorite categories here at Brooklyn Cloth. We feel that some fashionistas only think that denim jackets can be worn during the cooler months, but we believe that they can be worn all year round. Some of our favorite styles of denim jackets that we offer here at Brooklyn Cloth include our…


-          Black True Doodle Denim Jacket           

-          Lavender Medium Wash Denim Jacket             

-          Sherpa Lined Corduroy Jacket                        

-          Medium Wash Knit Sleeve Denim Jacket                     


All our denim jackets are the perfect piece to add to any outfit to finish it off! Whether it is the middle of the winter and you want to add a jacket over your sweater or you want to wear a jacket over your t-shirt and shorts during the summer while you are out to dinner, we have the perfect jacket for you!


We offer a variety of different washes that our jackets come in. From light wash to dark wash or black denim, we have every style that you could imagine. We offer jackets with knit sleeves in different colors as well as jackets with graphic designs and words printed all over them. During the cooler months don't forget about our Sherpa lined denim jackets as well as our Sherpa lined corduroy jackets for the cool days.


Step Out of the Box with Brooklyn Cloth


We want our Brooklyn Cloth family to feel both physically and mentally comfortable in everything that they wear. We hope more than anything that our clothes do just that for you!


It is never too early to start preparing for the next season so why not stock up now on jackets and sweatpants for the fall and winter?


Gender neutral labeled clothing may have its own section in clothing stores and on websites, but always keep in mind that any piece of clothing can be worn by all genders. Feel free to rock any piece of clothing that intrigues you and make it your own!

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