Men’s College Essentials

Men’s College Essentials by Brooklyn Cloth

Men’s College Essentials

Fall semester is right around the corner! You all know what that means, #BKfam! It’s time to start upgrading your college wardrobe for this upcoming fall semester. It will be here before you know it and we all know how stressful it can be to pack for college. You are moving into your home away from home for eight months of the year, how do you know what to bring with you?


We are here to help you figure that out. You need to make sure that you have all the essentials and clothing that you will want for every weather condition and event throughout the year. Let us here at Brooklyn Cloth help you with your packing and make it a little bit easier for you and your family to tackle.


Consider the Climate

 Let's start by thinking about where your college is located. Is it warm all year round or is each season’s weather drastically different? Will you need shorts for the entire year or just for the first and last couple of weeks? Will you need layers of jackets and hoodies to survive the freezing winter?


No matter what your situation is, Brooklyn Cloth has you covered. We are fully stocked in each clothing department so that you have everything that you will want to wear from the second you step onto the campus in the fall until the moment you are packing your car back up to come home for the summer in May.


Some of the essentials that we believe that you need to keep you comfy and trendy during your college experience include joggers, sweatpants, shorts, T-shirts, and hoodies. We have created a list of our favorites from each of these collections that we suggest you bring with you to your second home for the next eight months.


Our Favorite Wardrobe Staples for College Men


Men's hoodies and joggers from Brooklyn Cloth



Men's Joggers


Joggers are a great piece of clothing that will come in handy no matter what the weather may be. Even if it is super warm during the daytime, it tends to cool down at night so you will definitely be happy that you brought them along. During the wintertime, we guarantee that you will wear them way more than you think. There's nothing like rolling out of bed and running to your 8 am class in your pajamas or comfy clothes in the middle of the winter. We promise you won't regret this purchase.


One of our most popular lines of joggers is our Heat Seal joggers. Within this collection we offer two different styles. These styles include our heat seal fleece jogger pants and our diagonal heat seal fleece. Both come in various shades for you to choose from. The colors for the heat seal fleece jogger pants include black, white, black marl, black-and-white, and white-printed space dye.


Men's Fleece Joggers 


The diagonal heat seal fleece joggers are offered in black, white, sand, black marl, heather grey, dusty rose, and black-and-white. Because these joggers are solid colored with either a black or white lining around the zipper, we suggest pairing them with a patterned shirt like our white world wide icon tiger hoodie to add a little bit of design to the outfit. Finish this fit off with your favorite pair of moccasins or sneakers for a comfy look.


Men's Sweatpants 2.0 


Our sweatpants 2.0 are another choice of bottoms you can wear when the weather is chilly. This specific style of sweats come in so many colors for you to choose from, like sand, dark cherry, soft moss, French navy, forest green, and burnt orange. This colorful selection of sweats will add that pop of color that your college closet was looking for.


Men's Shorts 


Men's shorts from Brooklyn Cloth



For those of you who are going to college in warmer locales and need an abundance of shorts, we have got you covered as well. Whether you only need a couple of pairs or a whole new selection, we have it all.


We offer various patterns and styles of Men’s shorts for you to choose from. We have both simple, solid colored shorts like our white side stripe zip pocket fleece shorts or a more flashy and colorful shorts option like our black oil slick print fleece shorts. Both of these styles can be worn with graphic tees and hoodies depending on what look you are going for.


Some of our most popular styles:


- printed space dye slant zipper pocket shorts

- space dye zip pocket shorts, our print fleece zip pocket shorts

- side stripe zip pocket fleece shorts


We suggest pairing these shorts with a unique graphic tee like our blue hype print vertical stripe tee or a hoodie like our sand open your mind hoodie to spice up the outfit a bit. If you are conflicted because of the weather, feel free to throw a denim jacket over your graphic tee.





Men's t-shirt from Brooklyn Cloth


Tees may be the most essential part of your wardrobe when in college. Most of the time while you are away at school, you are relaxing in the dorms with your roommates or learning in the classroom. Both of these settings require chill and relaxed clothing so that you are comfortable while studying for your test or playing video games in your room.


Luckily for you, we definitely have you covered in the comfortable T-shirt department. We offer a variety of all different types of tees for you to choose from for you to keep you stocked through the school year. Some of our favorite T-shirts include the allover marble print tee, worldwide positivity tie-dye tee, straight hem tee, luxury true tie-dye tee and our printed space dye tee. All of these shirts are extremely versatile and can be worn in various settings if paired with the right pieces.


If you are going for a chill vibe, opt to wear these tees with a pair of comfy shorts that you can relax in. You can match this outfit with a pair of your favorite sneakers or slides if you need to run to the dining hall for a quick meal or to pick up a care package from your parents in the mail room.


During the fall and winter, we suggest throwing on a corduroy or denim jacket to keep you warm as you go from building to building throughout your school day. Some of our favorite outerwear pieces include our navy sherpa lined corduroy jackets or our knit sleeve denim jackets, which come in different washes and various sleeve color choices.


Men's Hoodies 



Men's hoodie from Brooklyn Cloth


Who can live without hoodies? Certainly not us here at Brooklyn Cloth. We basically live in our favorite hoodies no matter what season it is. A favorite hoodie can offer the warmth and comfort of a hug, even when it is warm outside. We have a variety of hoodies for you to choose from that can become your new favorite hoodie.


Some of these hoodies are simpler than others while some have unique doodles on them created by our talented design team here at Brooklyn Cloth. We hope that you find your new favorite hoodie within our list of our favorite hoodies from our diverse collection.


Some staple hoodies that you definitely need in your college wardrobe include the following…

  • Color Blocked Hoodie 
  • Time Is Now Doodle Hoodie 
  • Legend Doodle Hoodie 


Even if it is out of your comfort zone, try rocking a matching set while walking around the campus. We guarantee you will love how it looks. Our legend doodle hoodies have matching shorts with the same designs and colors to create the ultimate matching fit.

  • Open Your Mind Hoodie


This hoodie comes with matching T-shirts and matching joggers so that you can also have a matching set during the winter months as well as the warmer months.


All of our pieces of clothing here at Brooklyn Cloth can be transformed into both casual and formal outfits. If you are going for a stylish outfit to go out in, try one of our tees with a pair of twill joggers or either black or blue denim jeans. If you are going for a more casual outfit that’s still on-trend, try rocking our matching shorts and hoodie or T-shirt sets as well as our jogger and tee sets. With the more formal outfits, feel free to finish the look off with a pair of boat shoes or combat boots. With the more casual outfits your favorite pair of sneakers will do.


College can be stressful enough without having to call a brand-new place your home. You are about to experience a whole new endeavor, and we want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident while doing so.


When you walk into class on the first day, we want everyone to compliment your trendy outfit. You are going to go from being the trendsetter of your hometown to the trendsetter of your new college campus. Just make sure you are OK with your roommate borrowing your clothes, because they are going to want to. We wish you the best of luck for this upcoming semester!

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