Why Denim Jackets are making a comeback

Why Denim Jackets are making a comeback

I want you to take a moment and think about your closet. Think about it. I’ll wait.


Denim Jacket for men by Brooklyn Cloth

What did you see? A white button-down shirt you probably wear to all your job interviews, or maybe that shirt you only wear while playing video games on Sundays while eating Cheeto’s that reads, “My favorite Aunt got me this shirt from Jamaica.” Underneath all of those distressed band t-shirts and mismatched socks are your forsaken favorite pair of denim jeans. Lately, you have been pairing these loyal bad boys with your denim jacket because who doesn’t love a little 80s denim-on-denim flair? That’s right, we said it. Denim on denim. Yea, we get it. Some people still have a bit of PTSD from that oh-so-wonderful fashion statement Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake made back in the day on the red carpet (see photo below and prepare for an overflow of denim inspiration).


Killer style, right? Well, who would have known that denim-on-denim would make a comeback? Throw on your beloved jagged jeans, friend. Put on your jean jacket staple piece - we know you love wearing it - with your beaten and bloody punk-rock band-tee. At Brooklyn Cloth, we are jumping hot and heavy on the denim jacket bandwagon. We are strapping on our seatbelts and will be launching our own custom denim jackets. If that entices you, keep on reading to be amazed and wow-ed.


One of our most iconic denim jackets is our Distressed Denim Trucker Jacket. This simple staple piece will accentuate any outfit and can be sported all year long. Pull up to those football games with this piece draped over your shoulders like a real 50s champ. You’ll have all the ladies and fella’s swooning over you left and right. Details of this modern fit denim jacket include metal buttons and two side pockets. If you are looking for a “bad boy image,” throw on some gladiator sunglasses, put your hands in the pockets, and strut down the street. Bad boy image, right there. You’re welcome.

Denim jacket


PS- These jackets are 100% cotton because we are trying to supply you with the goods. Again, you’re welcome.

PSS- We also have this jacket in another shade – our Light Stone Wash Denim Sherpa Jacket

 – to keep you stocked on fresh jacket options.

 Light Wash denim jacket

If you’re looking for another denim jacket option to keep you cozy during those chilly months, but with a super classic vibe, check out our

Light Wash Denim Sherpa Jacket

or Heather Grey Hooded Denim Jacket. Details include knit sleeves and a knit hood – comfy!

Light wash hooded denim jacket


Want a new look? Something that nobody else will be wearing? Check out our 

No need to feel so pessimistic. It's a new year so try and be a little more optimistic with our Medium Wash Not the End of the World Denim Jacket. Sometimes the world might feel like too much but just remember that you made it through. Details include screen printed graphics all over, metal button front, two side open pockets, sits at the waist and modern fit. 


Yo yo yo to all our New Yorkers out there! Looking to rep your city in a more *tasteful* way? Rather than wearing a “Big Apple” shirt from an I Love New York store, check out our New York Patch Denim Jacket. Details of this 100% cotton denim jacket are embroidered patchwork, including an apple with a man figurine running, with “New York Welcomes You” on the back. Also, as a little gift to you from us, check out the collar and sleeve cuff. Just throwing in a little extra style for you, dude.

New York Denim Jacket



If you’re more of a Borough bro instead of a Manhattan man, we’ve got a jacket for both because we aren’t choosing sides  — our Brooklyn Checkered Denim Jacket. Details of this modern fit denim jacket include a Brooklyn embroidered patch, as well as a checkered panel that goes beyond the back & sleeves. Also, on this jacket are metal buttons and two side pockets. No matter if you’re chilling in Manhattan or hitting the streets in Brooklyn, we are proud to say you now have the get up for any occasion in the city.

Brooklyn Denim Jacket


Okay, dude. So, what do you think? Thoughts? If you’re liking what we’re styling, check out our site for more styles. I mean, we know you need a denim jacket for the fall, so take a little look and see what’s tickling your taste buds. What is raising the little hairs on your arm? What is making you go “ooh” and “ahh, I like that?” Bottom line is, denim is back, and we are on top it! We are mixing the 90s with modern-day vibes and boom, you have a fire jacket.

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