A Go-To Guide for Men’s Summer Fashion

Use our "Go-To Guide" for men’s summer fashion to start shopping for new men's summer clothing here at Brooklyn Cloth.
Men's Summer Clothing from Brooklyn Cloth

Summer is here! You know what that means #BKFAM. It’s time to switch your clothes over from your spring wardrobe to your summer collection. If last year’s collection isn't cutting it for you, feel free to start shopping for some new summer looks right here at Brooklyn Cloth.

A Go-To Guide for Men’s Summer Fashion

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we want you to be stocked up with the ultimate summer wardrobe. We have all the necessary garments that you will need to complete all of your already planned looks. From shorts to joggers and tees to tanks, we have it all waiting for you.


Our men’s department is stocked with all of your favorites. You are never too old to start expressing yourself through your clothing choices. We are here to help you find what styles complement you best.


Whether you need comfortable clothes to just relax in throughout the summer or if you need attire for family gatherings over the next couple of months, we have you covered. One of the great things about our clothes is that they are extremely versatile. You can wear any of the joggers, tee shirts, button up shirts or shorts to any occasion by adding the right accessories to dress it up or down. We are going to come up with five complete outfits from top to bottom for you to rock this summer.


The Perfect Beach Day Ensemble


Men's Swim Trunks from Brooklyn Cloth

Say you decide to spend the day at the beach surrounded by all of your closest friends and family members. All of your friends are probably going to be wearing the same old bathing suits that they have sported the past couple of summers. You want to show off some cool new swim trunks this summer and we’ve got you covered!


We offer various kinds of swim shorts for men. They come in all different designs for you to choose from. Some of our favorite new swim trunks are the tie-dye patterned pieces. They come in various color options including purple, multicolor, and green tie dye. All three of these swim trunks come in eight and a half inch inseams.


Trunks on the Bottom—Tees on Top

You most likely are not going to be wearing a shirt with these swim trunks while at the beach or the pool, but on your way to and from, we suggest pairing them with a solid-colored t-shirt or tank top.


Our Sand Marble Tee  or our Mint Positive Tie Dye Tee would be two great options to pair these colorful bottoms with. When working with colorful garments, we suggest pairing them with solid colors so that we are able to fully complement the colors. We do not want the look to get too busy or take away from one of the garments because it clashes with the other. Sometimes the beach can become chilly when the clouds pass by and block the sun from shining directly on you. During that time a long sleeve light tee shirt would definitely come in handy.


To finish off this look, we suggest pairing these swim trunks and solid colored top with a pair of solid white or black sneakers. If you are going to the beach rather than the pool, we suggest choosing a pair of slides instead so that the sand does not ruin your sneakers. Don’t forget to finish off this look with a baseball cap or a bucket hat. It is important to protect yourself from the sun! Be sure not to forget to apply your sunscreen throughout the day. A sunburn is not recommended with this outfit.


Graduation Party Attire


Men's Twill Jogger Pants from Brooklyn Cloth

Tis’ graduation season. Whether it be a high school graduation or a college graduation, we have you covered on what to wear. Sometimes it is hard to find a graduation outfit because you do not want to be too formal, but you also do not want to look too casual or that you don’t care about the event.


Comfort is also essential because most of the time the party starts early in the day when the sun is still blaring. We suggest that you wear a pair of khaki shorts and a button-down short-sleeve shirt. We have a couple of options for you to choose from in the shirts department to make sure that you achieve the formal yet comfortable look for these parties.


Our two options are our Blue Confetti Woven Shirt or our Black Palm Tree Woven Shirt. Both of these shirts include:


  • 100% cotton material
  • bright colors
  • button down style and collars


Both of the shirts are still fun and casual but give off a more formal vibe. If you’re not into khaki color shorts, you can choose a different color like dark blue, black, beige, or gray. You can also pair the shirts with dark blue or black jeans if the graduation party is at night or in cooler temperatures.


We suggest finishing this outfit off with a pair of low-rise sneakers like Vans or Converse.

Some extra accessories that you can add to any of these outfits to spice them up a bit and assure your trendiness would be intact:


  • loafers
  • boat shoes
  • wristwatches
  • belts
  • sunglasses


Summer Bonfire


Men's Jogger Pants from Brooklyn Cloth


Summer nights tend to get a little chilly when the sun goes down, but don’t worry, we have you covered for that event as well. Even though we are fully stocked on shorts and tank top attire for the summertime, we also have tons of joggers that will keep you warm when you are sitting around the fire at nighttime with your friends and family. We offer various types of joggers. Some have zippers, some are made of heat seal fleece, some have pockets. We have so many options that you can choose from.


One of our favorite pairs of joggers that we have are our black core fleece cargo joggers. These joggers are so sleek looking and have many pockets to store your keys, phone and wallet in. This style also comes in black marled, camo, and black camo. We offer these joggers in various prints and colors so that you can wear them with any type of clothing that you would like. These specific joggers are a great pair to have in your wardrobe because they can be worn with so many different combinations.


Hoodies for Chilly Summer Nights

Men's Hoodies from Brooklyn Cloth


You will have the ability to choose whichever sweatshirt or hoodie you desire to pair with our joggers because everything matches the color black. Sweatshirts and hoodies should also an essential part of your summer wardrobe. As we mentioned prior, summer nights tend to get a little chilly therefore hoodies will definitely come in handy during the summer season, along with the rest of the year.


We also personally love the tie-dye trend here at Brooklyn Cloth, so we obviously suggest pairing our sleek black joggers with our tie-dye hoodies. We offer our multicolor tie-dye hoodie and our tie-dye No More Worries hoodie for you to choose from. If you end up getting warm while sitting around the hot fire roasting marshmallows, you can always wear a tank top or tee underneath.


To finish off this outfit, choose one of your favorite pairs of sneakers. However, if you are sitting around the fire, you most likely will be barefoot while cuddled up on the outdoor couch.


Fashion for Rainy Days


Men's Color Block Hoodies from Brooklyn Cloth


The worst is when it rains during the summer. We look forward to the summer so that we can constantly be outdoors in the shining sun. There isn’t much to do when it rains other than chill at home, watch movies, go bowling, or find a roller rink for nostalgic entertainment.


Although these activities probably aren’t our first choice to partake in during the summer, it is always nice to have at least one relaxing day during the week so rain might be a blessing in disguise. We want to provide our #BKFAM with comfortable options to wear while lounging around on rainy summer days.


Our knit shorts are one of our favorite garments that we offer here. They come in a variety of colorful colors that you can wear to cozy up during the rainy day. These colors include:

Knit Short Colorways

  • Terrain
  • Dusty rose
  • Soft moss
  • Dusty blue
  • Koi
  • Gold sun
  • Viola
  • Yellow
  • Dusty black sun


All of these knit shorts are solid colored so you can choose from a variety of t-shirts to go along with it.


Of course, it is summer so it is still hot out, but we always like to pair our shorts with a hoodie to stay comfortable while we cozy up at home when it is thundering outside and we aren’t able to go in the pool. One of our signature hoodies that would go great with these bright shorts would be our Dusty Rose Color Block Hoodie. This hoodie has white and purple accents printed all over it so this hoodie would go great with our viola knit shorts.


In the Office


Men's Tees from Brooklyn Cloth


We grew up with summertime being our long break from work and school. But as we get older, that is no longer a reality unfortunately. Nobody likes to go into the office on a hot summer day but most of us have to. To make work more bearable, you should dress on your a-game so that you feel great throughout the day!


Most likely, our offices all have dress codes, but we here at Brooklyn Cloth can provide you with work attire that is professional and acceptable for the office. One of our bestsellers is our twill jogger collection. We offer these twill joggers in a variety of colors that you can choose from. We actually recommend adding various colors to your wardrobe because we know that you will love them so much and will want to wear them with every top option that you can.


One outfit suggestion for these twill joggers would be the khaki twill joggers paired with a white button-down collared shirt. In the summer, we like to wear light colors to keep us from overheating. Both of these garments are light in color and in weight so that you won’t be sweating through them during your commute.

Of course, we need to finish this professional look with some accessories. Never forget to tuck your collared shirt into your joggers. We suggest wearing your favorite pair of dress shoes or loafers with this outfit to make it look even more office ready.


Summer is about wearing bright colors and having fun in the sun. We offer a variety of multicolored bright color pieces for you to choose from.


Be Daring and Be Bold


Don’t be shy to try out a new trend, even if you do not think it is for you at first. You may be pleasantly surprised when you start putting outfits together. We are always encouraging our Brooklyn Cloth family to step out of their comfort zones when it comes to clothes.


People almost always get sick of their wardrobe after a while, so why not constantly update it with new pieces that you can look forward to wearing? It is never too early to start planning outfits for special occasions coming up in the future.


Who knows? Maybe one of our pieces that you wouldn’t usually buy may become one of your favorite pieces to own and wear!

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