Swim Trunks for Fun in the Sun

Swim Trunks for Fun in the Sun

Oh, Summer! The perfect time for rest and relaxation! If you are anything like us in Brooklyn, we are ready to hang up our winter coats and trade them in for our swim trunks. Are you ready? Do you have your swim trunks ready?


Where did Swim Trunks come from?


Before the days of pineapple-covered and neon-colored swim trunks, there were nylon, tight latex, and bodysuit swimwear. Attractive right? It wasn’t until the 50s that prints like the ones we wear today became popular due to a fabric shortage in the US.


Less fabric meant shorter swim trunks and no more romper-styled swimwear for men.


In the 90s, the rise of popularity for loose-fitting clothes and surfer culture led to the production of the board short. These board shorts were meant for the athletes and surfers to improve their performance.


Now here’s another question: do you know the real difference between swim trunks and board shorts? Okay, we didn’t either, so we did a little deep diving to find out.


Board Short vs. Swim Trunks

When we buy swimwear, we tend to use the name interchangeably, which doesn’t help our confusion on the matter, but let’s see if we can clear things up a little bit.


Board shorts are for our surfers out there. They tend to be slightly longer in length, so they will always hit either at or below the knee, depending on how tall you are. When you are surfing - not that those of us living in Brooklyn are pros in any way - there should be material between your knees and the surfboard to avoid any irritation or rubbing on the board. Who wants to have scuffed, red knees? Not us!


Another big difference is that board shorts tend to be made with a softer material, like cotton, and are not double-lined with mesh.


Swim trunks are normally a little stiffer, but they do dry a lot faster than board shorts because of the material used. Trunks usually have a layer of material and then a mesh lining underneath. The mesh lining is what allows trunks to be the more breathable option, because they are not going to stick to your legs when wet. No one wants swim trunks that are going to stick to your leg, that’s annoying! The double-lining and shorter design also means there is a wider range of motion, making them perfect for swimming, playing beach volleyball, or whatever beach activities you enjoy.


Trunks also tend to be more comfortable. Other than the breathability of them, the waistband consists of both an elastic waistband and a drawstring, so they fit your body type.


The Fit of Men’s Swimwear


We have all invested in that pair of swim trunks that don’t quite fit right. Or the pair that you bought when they went on sale in the winter that is now a size too small. Maybe you haven’t bought a new pair of swim trunks in years, and they are faded and outgrown, so you need to update your swimwear look. To try to help you avoid buying the wrong size trunks, here are a few tips to keep in mind before purchasing. 


Think about the waist first. You don’t want a pair of swim trunks that are going to dig into your side, nor do you want a pair that is being held up by the drawstring alone. You want your pair of trunks to fit you snug enough that you are comfortable, but the elastic waistband can hold everything up. The drawstring should only be there to adjust slightly.


Depending on if you are tall or on the shorter side, the length of the trunks is going to vary, but they say to keep it at about a 5-8” inseam. If the trunks are too long, they are going to be restricting and make you look like the trunks are swallowing you. You also don’t want trunks that are too short, where it looks like you are wearing children’s sizes.


Last is to look at the thigh part of the swim trunks. Get a pair that is not super wide to where you look like you have sticks for legs, but don’t get a pair that is so tight it looks like it is cutting off all circulation in your legs.


If you are like us and enjoy a little online shopping, but the option of trying things on is impossible, don’t worry - here are a few tips for you! This will require that you have a measuring tape at your disposal. On most US websites, a small is a 29-35” waist with a 40” hip, medium is a 32-38” waist with a 43” hip, large is a 35-41” waist with a 46” hip, and an extra-large is a 38-44” waist with a 43” hip.


To take the measurements, use a soft measuring tape and measure around where the waistband of your trunks tends to fall; this will be your waist measurement. Then measure around your hipbones; this will be a slightly bigger measurement than the waist. Once you have your measurement, find the size range that is the best fit.


Swim Trunks


Now that you know what to look for in a pair of swim trunks, go into your closet and see if yours meet the qualifications. Yes? No? Either way, you always need a new pair to start the summer off right, and Brooklyn Cloth has plenty of options to choose from!


If you are feeling something to give you those tropical island vibes, we recommend our banana print trucks in blue or pink, or our watermelon printed ones. If the tropical vibe isn’t your thing, we have a blue flamingo option. For our donut lovers out there, black trunks with all types of donuts. Who says you can’t enjoy donuts by the water?

 Blue Banana Swim Trunks

Pink Banana Print Swim Trunks

Flamingo Swim Trunks

Donut Print Swim Trunks

Our swim trunk options have an elastic waistband with a drawstring for those minor size adjustments. The waistband in our swim trunks is designed to give you the most comfort possible, and stay up without digging into your sides. They also have open side pockets and are true to size. These swim trunks have an 8” inseam, so depending on your height, they should fall right above your knee. The perfect length for any beach or pool activity!


No matter your style, the Brooklyn Cloth fam has you covered this summer. Pair your swim trunks with one of our classic tanks or tees, and you will be ready to take your look from the water to the BBQ. 


This summer season, don’t be caught sporting the wrong size or over-worn swim trunks. Check out Brooklyn Cloth to see our latest swim trunk styles and the tanks to match!

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