What to Pack for a Winter Getaway?

What to Pack for a Winter Getaway?

When February and March hit Brooklyn, it’s so cold, wet, and windy that we wish we were on a warm beach. For our #bkfam that is lucky enough to go somewhere warm, the most important question is what to pack for a winter getaway? 


Here are our top 12 must-pack items to make your trip worry-free and fashionable. 


Joggers for Travel to and From Your Winter Getaway 

Gone are the days of dressing up for air travel, so why not be comfortable yet on point in the fashion department? Joggers pants are a great item to wear when traveling. Our jogger pants have a poly blend, which means they won’t wrinkle as much as others, and the price of two pairs for $60 means you have one pair going to your vacation and one pair going back home. Here are our favorite joggers to wear while traveling for a winter trip.


Whether you are taking off with the fam, friends, or (literally) flying solo, we know that comfortable air travel is a must. We’ve compiled our top three most comfortable jogger pants to rock while in flight.


The black snow fleece jogger pants are essential, and they have a cool snow-like fabric for a wintery effect. These joggers go with everything, so you can create an outfit with just a hoodie or a layered look, including your worn-in feel denim trucker jacket. From the Uber to boarding the plane, you will exceed your comfort expectations in this effortless outfit.


If you want to go with a more “I just rolled out of bed look,” the hustle color-blocked fleece jogger pants are your best choice. You can wear them as pajamas to bed, or just throw them on to be comfortable yet cool. Since you’re hustling to get to the airport on time, pair it with the matching hustle color-blocked hoodie for a matching set. Fashionable, yet on time!


Even though this is a winter getaway, you still want to be stylish for when you get off the plane and head to the hotel. The red savage repeat fleece jogger pants will keep you on-trend and comfortable for any long flights. We love to throw on the red savage repeat hoodie to match. Matching sets make it so easy to jump out of bed, get dressed, and leave the house.


Swim Trunks or Board Shorts

Whatever you want to call men’s swim trunks, we’re excited about these dope new styles in amazing bold designs.


A fashion hint, you don’t have to just wear swim trunks on the beach, they can be worn off the sand as well. Pair them with a clean t-shirt or a lightweight hoodie. 


When thinking about a winter getaway that calls for fun in the sun with 80-degree weather, you’ll want to break out the printed swim trunks. We pulled together our top new swim trunks that will keep you in summer mode. Go ape-wild with our banana printed swim trunks. These bottoms are fun to kick it by the pool or at the beach. They are lightweight with a breathable mesh lining on the inside and have side pockets. Plus, you can choose which color to rock. They come in pink and light blue!


You may notice that any flag print is a staple in fashion and can be worn even when it’s not a holiday weekend. All over, people love to represent their home country or a country that they are visiting. Whether you are from the USA or just visiting, these American flag swim trunks are a classic to rock. These shorts have the stars and stripes with a breathable mesh lining, so if you want to play volleyball on the beach or in the pool, we say go for it! They are easy to move around in and not too tight.



It might be cold where you are, but you’re heading somewhere warm, so don’t be one of those guys who have a “farmer’s tan” because you didn’t wear tank tops. Tank tops are great to take for a winter getaway because they are lightweight, breathable, and functional; they’ll keep you cool while looking fire! Here are our top tank tops for men.


When thinking about tank tops, some of us are always in tank top mode because we love summer more than any other season — sorry, not sorry! You want to rock a tank you can wear to any location for your winter getaway. One tank that you might like is the red, white, and blue flag tank top. This tank will be your favorite to wear at a tiki bar for lunch, the beach, or kickin’ it poolside. Show off your USA pride in style, and pair it with your favorite swim trunks or shorts for a relaxed look. Let’s face it, you’re on a getaway, enjoy the time you have before you go back to the winter weather and back to work.


We don’t know where you’re going, but we assume somewhere warm with blue skies and tropical sunsets. The USA star tank top is perfect to throw in your suitcase, no matter where you’re headed. A basic top you can match with any swim trunks if you’re walking from the hotel to the beach or hitting the bars during the day. We want to make sure that you got swag while you’re far away, so thank us later! 



Gone are the days of plain grey sweat shorts; we’ve moved on to more fashionable shorts. This season, we’ve taken our design up a notch using screen print, embroidery, and a vintage-washed feel. Here are our top three styles that you’ll want to take on your vacation getaway. 


Shorts are so important to have on a winter getaway, but if you want to leave your basic black French terry shorts at home, we get it! We would want to leave them at home too. When you’re going away in February or March, technically the spring fashion season just kicked in, so we want to make sure you got the latest colors and styles from Brooklyn Cloth. We designed new shorts in spring colors to add some fun vibes to your short’s drawer. These shorts are made of 100% poly-fleece, and they will never lose their shape or shrink in the wash. Besides the fabric content, we added verbiage to each pair so it can match your current mood while you’re out of the office.


We have the dusty black and dusty rose with good vibes written on them, as well as dusty blue with stay wild on them. Take all three pairs with you and pick which one you want to wear to match your state of mind.


We hope our suggestions help in planning what to pack for a winter getaway! Tag us @brooklyncloth #bkfam so we can vicariously live through you while we’re freezing in Brooklyn.


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