Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Guys

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Guys

Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with chocolate and flowers, but what do guys really want for Valentine’s Day? Your #bkfam started thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for guys. And here’s our top 5 ideas that we think he’d love and actually appreciate. 


We may be bias, but we are genuinely fans of Our joggers. For this Season, we’re most excited about how versatile our jogger pants are. Dress them up for date night or at home while you Netflix and chill.

 Why do we think this is a great Valentine’s Day gift for guys? It’s super comfortable, it comes in both twill and knit fabrics, the fit is amazing because it’s not too tight or too lose, it’s called True Fit. You can dress up or dress down joggers which means it’s has more than one purpose. And the price is so good for 2 joggers for $60. Your Valentines will think you spent tons on this gift. 


Let’s face it, we pretty much live in our hoodies and this Valentines Season, we’re introducing some new styles you’re going to gift your Valentines. 


 We’ve been working on the fit of our hoodies and gotten tons of feedback from our #bkfam. We’ve improved the quality by using innovative fabrics. The shoulder has a bit of a drop so it’s not too tight for the guys or gals that want a comfy casual feel. The little details like ribbed arms and hoodie graphics or logos makes it more elevated. 


Who else wears shorts not just for the gym but at home? We know, Shorts in February? But our #bkfam in California, Florida, and other year round states have to wear shorts year round, so might as well gift them dope ones. 

 For this Valentine’s Day, we are loving our poly-fleece shorts with different sayings and graphics on them. These basic shorts got an upgrade with fun sayings! So, pick the pair that describes your man this can be how he is or an inside joke that only you and he understand. Either way he is going to want to live in these all the time, just make sure the restaurant he chose to take you out to allows him to wear comfy shorts because we can’t lie he literally will want to wear these all the time.


Shorts are a great Valentines gift for any guy because it’s so versatile. He can wear it at home, Chilling on the weekend, or when at school or working out. We’ve worked on the fit of our jogger shorts where the leg opening isn’t too tight or too loose but fits just right. For the guys that have “CrossFit” legs, knit joggers are going to fit amazing. The elastic waist hits the right location and it’s super comfortable. 


For many of us, it’s still cold in February so why not give your Valentine a jacket. Jackets are a great item to gift to guys for Valentines Day because the perceived value is so much more than a t-shirt. For this season, we are loving these top 4 jackets.

We have quite a variety of jackets for men that you browse through to find the right one for your man. Our top 4 are the tobacco hooded trucker jacket, black medium blue hooded trucker jacket, White head up in the cloud’s graphic denim jacket and the doodle denim jacket. If he’s into a more basic look to layer with his favorite hoodie the tobacco hooded trucker jacket pairs well with any jogger pants and top. The black medium blue hooded trucker jacket is another essential piece that he might like to pair with his hoodie and jogger pants for a great date night out to dinner or a movie. The trend of denim jackets has changed, and they now have graphics and cool sayings on them to bring out your personality and what you can relate to. The Head in the Clouds denim jacket is a great gift idea for him on Valentine’s Day because it’s all about photography that has photos on it of skylines. The idea is that the white jacket acts as a blank canvas and you tape your photos that you take to a wall. Another top favorite is the Doodle Denim Jacket that has everything related to New York, even if your man is from California, he can still rock this because California is kind of like the west coast New York. This jacket shows doodles that were inspired from the Brooklyn Cloth design team taken from what makes New York so special.   


Experience gifts 

Finally, it’s always great to open a present during Valentine’s Day but take it up a notch and turn it into an experience. If your guy loves music, concert tickets would be great gift. If he’s into gaming, don’t just give him a game you bought at Best Buy, package it into a thoughtful box, that has the game, a great pair of joggers, a cool t-shirt and a personalized note. 

The point we are trying to make is that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and kindness and friendship, so whatever gifts your thinking of gifting, if it comes from the heart, it will be appreciated.

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